Best ways to develop self belief?

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What are the best techniques you've come across to develop self belief?
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    I always do this to increase self-belief:
    keep on doing something long enough, persistently taking actions.

    That way, when you do something, you increase the self-belief, less fear. Very poewrful way for me
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    it really depends you have plenty of beliefs in yourself ..many may actually have been true when you where 5 10 or 15 years old ..maybe 20

    then there are a ton of beliefs you stole from other peoples stories of their experiences.

    the first thing yo do is treat all your current self beliefs as speed limits..not boundaries .

    when you see them as boundaries you tend to stay a safe distance within them ..and hardly ever test them .

    but speed limits ..are not treated by most drivers i know as the fastest they should go.. but the slowest .

    many of our beliefs where imprinted at a younger age ..and they where good to keep a 5 or ten or 15 year old safe .

    but at 25 or 30 or 35 and older those beliefs can cause more harm than provide safety

    "I just wanted a good job ,but i could not find a good job, So i do it myself"-Jack Ma

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    I think "hope" is the very best thing to help us "grow and have self belief"
    Without hope most of us would just give up. Hope for a better life, better health,better income,better situation for our families,better and more honorable world to live in. I could go on and on but you get the point.
    Without "hope" most of us would just go "crawl in a hole". I am not being negative in any way but rather being grateful for a world full of "hope" and opportunity.
    Let's keep seeking,thru action, a better world for all of us.
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      You don't need to develop self-belief, you are already full of this. Maybe you want to change what you believe about yourself, that's a lot easier and since you already have a large amount of beliefs about who you are, you already have the skillset for change.

      Its a lot easier than we are taught to think. And honestly does not need to involve any esoteric beliefs. Which is cool, regular everyday ideas are plenty to get this changed in your life.

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    A few things that has helped me beleving in my self and might help you.

    1)Make the best plan you can.

    2) Always follow through with your plan

    3)Stay focused and don't let anything distract you.

    4)Be organized and on top of things, feeling in control.

    In other words, Don't be a quitter. This will surely help you beleving in yourself.
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      I m agreed with you on feelings in controll.. some time its our feelings which make us compel to let down. hope is one of the most improtant element for self belief.
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    Originally Posted by dreamer123 View Post

    What are the best techniques you've come across to develop self belief?
    What do you want? I try to focus on this question. If you want to change the world, change it. If you want family, have family. If you want money, make it.
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    I think overcoming failure, setback, and adversity develops self-belief.
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    Give value to yourself
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    Developing a belief is alot like making a table... In order for that beliefe to be solid, you'll need to put some legs under it. i.e. you need some supporting facts that help hold that belief up. Once you have these, it will come naturally
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    Daily positive affirmations: keep repeating "I believe in myself" everyday untill you believe 100% (or google daily affirmations) don't stop even if you feel like you're lying to yourself
    good luck
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    nice info.
    thanks for giving such a impressive knowledge.
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      You can listen to all of the self-help tapes you can find, but not a single one of them will help you as much as you can help yourself right now.

      You need to start believing in what you are doing in order to truly believe in yourself.

      Let me explain.

      It’s called positive imaging, you see yourself as being accomplished in whatever you do and your brain will trick itself into believing that too. By the time your brain has figured out what you are doing, you already believe in yourself and you have the proof to show for it in your personal or business life.

      Imagine yourself a winner and you will become closer to that goal every day.
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    1. Recognize that you work FOR YOURSELF and not for others, company, country, family, etc.
    2. Eliminate negative beliefs ( write down all your negative beliefs on paper and then burn it! )
    3. Know that resources you have now, however small or insignificant they may seem to you, is ENOUGH to start moving towards your goal.
    4. You will NEVER become rich and successful UNTIL you begin thinking and behaving like the one.
    5. Respect yourself!
    6. Kill your negative past, it has nothing to do with you now.
    7. Don't always plow with straight line toward your goal, use turns and rounds, be flexible.
    8. Write down your life's "Mission Statement" - broad one first. Without such you can't move forward. Then write some specific ones, date/numbers tied.
    9. Don't compromise your moral principles when you move toward your goal.
    10. Your mental assets and connections produce money, not the other way around.
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    Believe in yourself and focus one one thing at a time.

    Please do not use affiliate or MLM links.

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    I try to use visualization techniques.

    I imagine what I would look like doing the things I want to be doing. So I picture my blog with a bunch of people commenting on how they are learning a lot from it. This helps me to see it as a reality and keeps me focused on what I truly want in life.

    Hope that helps
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      As many posters have suggested above, taking the right kind of action is probably the best way to boost your self-belief / confidence.

      Think about it.

      When is it that you feel really low? When you don't do anything that is moving you towards your goals, right?

      Conversely, when you put in your best effort, even if you don't get all the results you seek because of obstacles that crop up, you'll still feel great.

      That apart, we do live in a largely negative world.

      To counter that, I use a set of affirmations that I repeat once a day. Its there on my phone and my computers. I find affirmations very effective.

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        You have to have FAITH.

        Take stock of all your past successes (those seemingly insurmountable obstacles you have overcome in life) and stop over thinking things before you take action.

        Pay very little attention to other people's opinions about your personal abilities.


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    There are not secrets except to start believing in yourself right now. It is difficult though, especially if you are a doubting Thomas.

    Joseph M. Dabon
    Blogger and freelance writer. I belong to Ezine's Expert Author, Diamond, level. Visit me at

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    focus, believe in yourself and try to be the best !

    Wory Kharisma
    C.E.O Truso Design

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