Sharing Natural Abundance

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Everyone has a huge store of natural abundance that can be given away at will, and often is, to the added advantage of the giver. Every time we express a kind word or exchange a smile with another, this is the giving of that natural abundance. The gestures expressing this are many and tend to happen spontaneously if you are inclined to care about people.

I have watched my life transform while observing how much kindness I can distribute. The more I promote the more I receive. It almost spooks me out. And of course the supply is never ending because the opportunities to provide kindness are countless. Along with this seems to follow success.

This practice is a way of expressing thankfulness for all the means and powers I recognize I have come to be in possession of . And it is with an attitude of service with kindness I approach every person with whom I come in contact; day in and day out. It's a charm.
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    Very similar to the reward you get from teaching. By teaching you give the knowledge to your student. But you also receive as well. Because you receive insights and a better understanding of the subject from teaching it than you could have gotten otherwise. That truly is abundance.
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    Hey guys, new acct here (not new to the forums though) and wanted to comment on this...
    This is going to sound a little weird but sometimes I go out of my way to just be really kind to people in my life. Sometimes if I get fastfood or have a waiter/waitress thats cool, I'll go out of my way to compliment not only them, but compliment them to their boss. I say they deserve a raise, I say that I'll come back because of them. Then I ask their boss if there's anything I can do to help them out. Talk to corporate, talk to their boss etc etc. ad infinatum

    but the great thing is, the more I do this, the better things become in my life. Abundance as a whole goes through the roof for two things (as far as I can see) 1)being as kind as you can be to the people around you and 2) being grateful. When I put those two things together, everything changed for me in a great great way

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      I have come to realize that the more love we give, the more help we provide, and the more information we share, the more we are going to get in return.

      Also with the innovation of technology, we are able to create so many resources for a cheap price and the world is becoming more and more abundant. And now with the use of the internet we are able to share information, knowledge and ideas instantly. There are so many opportunities ahead of us.
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        My favorites ways to give back are always the little ones:
        • complimenting a waitress's earrings/shoes/etc.
        • giving a child a piece of candy or 25 cents for a toy machine (with the parent's approval, of course)
        • telling the parent of a polite child how wonderful their child is
        • picking up trash on the ground
        • etc.
        I think that a lot of people overlook the smaller things, which just means that there are more of them to help out with! ^-^ lol

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    This thread is a great reminder - thank you. Giving is definitely a gift to the giver.
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