8 examples of entrepreneur success after failure

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These entrepreneurs , known internationally , show through their history , their ability to bounce back vis-à -vis the failures that glazed their careers .

Henry Ford : Known today for its famous American car company , its success , far from dazzling , known five times the failure of these companies before knowing success by Ford Motor Company.

*RH Macy : Known for its large chain store, Macy has had a succession of seven failures in his business before knowing success by its department store in New York.

FW Woolworth : Before I was one of the biggest names in the chain stores to Etas - States, it began in a store merchandise being deprived of customer relationship on the grounds that his boss not considered qualified enough .

Soichiro Honda : Mr. Honda began his career by a succession of failure and crushing blow from the rejection of a job as an engineer for a period of unemployment , one has finally rebounded in creating his own scooter and encouraged by neighbors, creating the company now known worldwide .

Akio Morita : Creator of Sony, it has known a crushing blow at the launch of the company by the failure of a creation that has sold less than 200 units. Far from yielding to the inevitability of the failure itself and its partners have made ​​demonstrate a commitment and determination propelling them to the rank of the company known worldwide .

Bill Gates: Before being known as the world's wealth by the success of Microsoft , the latter began his career by abandoning his studies at Harvard , the failure of his first business but his idea development system n not having worked at the beginning , it has persisted to finally build this empire is global computing.

Harland David Sanders: Known for its famous brand Chicken , Mr Sanders in 1009 had refused to face her recipe before a restaurateur eventually accept his concept .

Walt Disney : Today internationally renowned in the field of animation and movie theme park , Walt Disney began with a reference to an editorial position on the pretext of lack of imagination to know before a bankruptcy estate and failure in business start-ups . Far from yielding to fate , it revived in this creation that is now the world famous entertainment empire .
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