Wrinkled Money vs. Flat Stacked Bills

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Simple question: Does it matter to you what condition or order your paper dollar bills are kept in? The reason I ask is curiosity. I have watched wrinkled up money falling out of people's jeans. I have watched ironed flat one's, five's and ten's go out a passing motorist's vehicle on a freeway at seventy miles an hour. I've seen thousands and thousands of $50's and $100's piled up and photographed. People treat money in funny ways.

Everyone has a very special, quiet, personal relationship with their money, especially their paper money. Handling it is an ultra personal thing and I bet it ranges from not giving a hoot where that pesky crunched up $20.00 bill went to virtual alters made of newly printed $100's. (especially the newly released anti-counterfeit edition work of art - study one closely)

I wonder if how a person physically handles and cares for his money has a bearing on his lesser or greater personal success.
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    Hahahaha That's such an interesting question!

    For me, I specifically try not to keep money on hand. I only spend cash in places that don't accept cards, and since I rarely go anywhere other than getting gas or buying groceries, that only leaves buying milk tea, which is something that I should be doing sparingly anyway. XD lol

    That being said, I was always taught that you should order your money based on value, and that all of the bills need to face the same way, for ease of counting, consistency, and tidiness.

    Personally, I like to keep small bills on the outside of a wad, so that people will think that there's less in there than there actually is, and I prefer not to leave the house with more than $20 in my pocket (if I even have money in there at all). That way, if I ever get mugged or my money falls out of my pocket or something, I haven't lost much.

    And lastly, everything that you do reflects who you are, and your treatment of money is no exception. I just hope that it doesn't affect the amount of money that you make, because if it does, by not carrying cash, I might not make anything at all! XD lol

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    Nicely stacked and super flat. All bills must be facing the same way and I HATE LOOSE CHANGE. -- I've been like that since I can remember.
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    Good point. Can you accomplish as much on a messy desk? I guess it boils down to how we care for what we have. If we take care and maintain what we "are" and "what we have", I think better things will come of it. If we are careless and not really careful with our "stewardship" then I think that things will tend to not work out. Just a thought. Have a great day.
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    I pretty much only use my debt card. Paper money seems old school
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    Ha! I've heard of people washing their paper money or sanitizing it in some way because "you don't know where it's been" - so true when you think about it. Bugs me sometimes when I'm in a hurry and the person at the cash register has to take each paper bill and turn it the exact correct position before giving me my change - is that a requirement?
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    Hey LLS,

    Nice to see an entertaining thread! I actually do not care for how money looks.. For me nothing beats the smell of fresh bills!

    Ohhh good ol' paper money!
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