Proof that the internet can make your dreams come true

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Hopefully it's okay to post this here... because I found it so inspiring.

This guy had anxiety to the point where it made it hard for him to meet people.

Yet, he still used his photography skills and the internet to get 4 million views on Reddit.

Kyle Thompson Self Portrait Photos Are Awesome

Seriously... if you're passionate enough... and you just FEEL like you're meant to be doing something greater with your life... chances are... others will connect with that.

call it "building a platform" or "Attraction marketing"... but I've seen it work, time and time again.

If you're GREAT at something, and you're passionate about it, and a lot of other people like it... you can move mountains.
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    Unreal! When I was younger I had an imagination on this level, however, growing up I "conformed" to the views of society...

    Anyway, Im currently in the process of throwing up two middle fingers and going back to be the person I should have never of left!

    Thanks, this cheered me up!
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    It is so SPECIAL that we have choices in life(at least most of us) It is inspiring to think that we can accomplish almost anything that is important to us, if we are willing to put in the time and effort. Just think about how much more we can do and enjoy than the people that lived in the "dark ages". Have A GREAT DAY.
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    Powerful photos, very artistic.
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    I must say awesome photography.. I just watch it like 5 times again & again.. Sharing with my friends. Keep it coming.
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    Beautiful photography! As a person who used to have social anxiety, I am so happy that someone has been able to rise from his ashes to make his dreams come true.
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    nice info.
    thanks for giving such a impressive knowledge.
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      I like that story, it gives people inspiration and hope. That shows the true power of social media marketing, together we can all make a difference, we just have to jump on that idea and run with it.
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