What do you think about the Law of Attraction?

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I just started reading this book "The Secret" right now and it goes on and on about this Law, do you think this Law holds true?
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    When I practiced it, my life was just all round better... More people wanted to talk to me, I got random job offers that I thought I would never get offered. My family seemed happier!

    Its not so much a conscious law but more of a subconscious. The part so many of us seem to not be in tune with! However it requires you to use the conscious mind to enter the subconscious... < Make sense? haha

    I let my practice slide and now I'm back to how I was.. Nothing bad.. But not as good as when living by the LOA Im going to start following it right away!

    Thanks for the inspiration!
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      thank you for your answer I found in the book of wonderful thing that take time
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      Through this most powerful law, your thoughts become things in your life.
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    I very much enjoyed reading "the secret". I think there is also a movie by the same name. Some very good points made in the book. We will all be better and more successful if we follow the concepts.
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      I find this film fo youtube thanks
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    I read Napoleon Hill's Think and grow rich when I was 19, I credit it for my successful 15 year career as a computer programmer. There is good and bad about today's teaching but I'm a big fan
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    I like this quote from "The Secret"...Whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting.
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    Originally Posted by abdovic View Post

    I just started reading this book "The Secret" right now and it goes on and on about this Law, do you think this Law holds true?

    There is hype associated with the LOA movement, I can tell you that right now. If you think just visualizing makes things happen, then I have a bridge I can sell you for real cheap. However, your attitude and focus do drive outcomes. If you ad action to your focus, visualization etc. then things will manifest.

    Keep the attitude adjusted, Lazer focus on, visualization daily and take action daily.

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    Well for me personally, I like to look at from two different levels.

    Physical- I do believe that when you commit your mind to something that it will become part of your subconscious. As this thought continues to grow and become part of you, it will start to come out in your mannerisms, language, and actions. People then start to see your passion and overall tie to this thought. Because people are now aware of your intention or cause, they will either decide to help you or hinder you from achieving success. So basically your thought literally becomes part of who you are on a physical and social level.

    Intangible/Spiritual- Now because I believe in God, I feel that there is a power that is greater than me. I feel that I was put on this earth for a specific purpose and that as long as I continue to search for it, it will be revealed to me. So its a mix between fate and me taking control of my destiny. I have to be aware enough to see opportunities when they come but patient enough to handle any "failures" or changes that come from trying a certain path.

    Kinda deep but hope that helps!
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      Originally Posted by NoEndInsight View Post

      Intangible/Spiritual- Now because I believe in God, I feel that there is a power that is greater than me. I feel that I was put on this earth for a specific purpose and that as long as I continue to search for it, it will be revealed to me. So its a mix between fate and me taking control of my destiny. I have to be aware enough to see opportunities when they come but patient enough to handle any "failures" or changes that come from trying a certain path.

      Kinda deep but hope that helps!
      [COLOR="Blue"]No End In Sight,

      I wanted to share these with you:

      Proverbs 3:5 (Bible) "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." (Because our brains job is to prove our beliefs to us--that is why "our own understanding" is not the best guide to our hearts' desires.)

      Proverbs 16:9 "A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps" The guidance is specific to our unique goals. Our heart plans the way. God directs us to our hearts desire if we know how to listen.

      There is no reason to search. Your every step can be guided.

      I actually researched this because science has demonstrated that our emotions provide guidance towards self actualization (purpose) and away from danger. The reason emotions have a bad rap is they are misinterpreted. Society has been teachings us to interpret them incorrectly. When the right understanding is used they are unerringly accurate.

      Italics are my words. I hope this helps you.[/COLOR

      I just realized I owe you an apology. I assumed you meant Christian when you said you believed in God so I brought in Biblical quotes. (I still have work to do-always will.) If these don't work for you, I researched the subject in five other major religions and found similar meaning in all of them so please let me know if you prefer a different flavor. (or the library may have the peer reviewed textbook, Perspectives on Coping and Resilience where I've documented all of them.)

      Jeanine Joy Human Thriving (stress reduction, employee engagement, resilience): http://www.happiness1st.com

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    Fabulous question.
    Yes, I'm certainly a believer in the Law of Attraction as a universal law. The book - The Secret is a fabulous and book and even if you only take on board 1 strategy in the book, you'll notice a difference in your life.
    Really the LOA is about self responsibility - what we think we can create. Does the LOA mean sitting on a mountain and simply meditating life away - no.
    There are so many levels to the LOA - there's been many times that I've simply thought about something for a wee while and whalla the universe has provided me with what I've been thinking about.
    To give an example: I started thinking due to my day job may potentially cease in 2014 if the organisation is not refunded, that I wanted to learn a new life skill that could potentially provide me with an income. Approximately a week late I received an email re a free webinar from a group I didn't even remember ever signing up for their list; I decided to attend the webinar and whalla I then chatted to the people a couple of days later about a few questions I had which were answered to my satisfaction; and now I'm in the process of learning a new life skill which more than has the potential to give me a regular income (outside the IM area).
    So first I thought about what I wanted, when the opportunity presented then I took action.

    LOA presents us with many opportunities in life and some we will take up and others we may choose to let be for whatever reason.

    So yes, I'm a great believer in the law of attraction - certainly has made a huge difference in my life I can assure you.

    I've still I believe got my training wheels on re LOA however I do think it's fabulous you're reading the book: The Secret. As said earlier pick one strategy and check it out for yourself. Master the strategy and then incorporate a second strategy, master the second strategy and move on the third and so forth. You'll be surprised and hopefully very chuffed for what you will receive.
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    I have some questions about the law of attraction?

    ok with the law of attraction you help?
    does the law of attraction work on simply impossible things and succeed? what I am saying is not really like changing your current situation, your lifestyle, personality of a person, organization, or habit and thoughts?
    Do you have stories to share on this issue?
    no "miracles" happen because of this?
    so eager help, will not people just what they want to be and the world as a better place?
    please tell me what you know or want to share about it. I am very interested to hear.

    and I really believe in it, it sounds scientific to me.
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    The big thing missing from The Secret is that you need to take real action not just think about it. Without action visualization and goal setting don't achieve anything. It might make you feel better but doesn't move you on.
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      It absolutely works, how do you think my wife got me?

      She walked out of the door of the class she was teaching at a University and my jaw hit the floor.

      Yep, law of attraction works every time.

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      The Secret To Success In Any Business
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    Found a great reference 30 books on the LOA. Great deal at www.metaphysical teachers.com Check it out. The course seems pretty well done
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    Found a great series on LOA at Metaphysical Teachers 30 book course check it out. Looks pretty well done.
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    The Secret is not bad but it does not give you the secret. We are all energy. We all vibe. This is understood in the lexicon of our language. Someone is "vibing high" or giving off "low vibes" but most do not understand what it means and it is the key to manifesting what you want.

    What you think about will manifest. You can work very hard but believe that people like you never get ahead and no matter how hard you work, you will just squeak by. Or you can believe that life goes well for you and take actions that bear great fruit. Your dominant thoughts determine your dominant vibration which determines how you perceive reality. When you believe life is hard your brain will not even perceive opportunities for an easier life that are right in front of you and fully visible to someone who believes life is filled with good opportunities.

    Your senses interpret vibration. Where your individual vibration is determines how you perceive reality.

    Have you ever gone to a conference where there was a lot of positive motivation and found yourself suddenly thinking of solutions to problems you'd been wrestling with for months? But back at your desk the next week all you can remember is you had a good idea, but not what the idea was. Your vibe raised to where you were a match to solutions but without deliberate actions/thought self-mastery from you, back at your desk your vibe will be a match to the problems rather than the solutions. If you know how, you can raise your own vibe and remember the solutions. Before I understood LoA this happened to me many times. I took increasingly good notes but the solutions that seemed to flood my mind at the conference would not come back as fully formed thoughts back at the office -- not even when I took increasingly detailed notes in an effort to counter this. You'll notice that this is an example where alignment with solutions is far more powerful than action (i.e. detailed notes). Alignment magnifies the results from your actions. Alignment with undesired things magnifies those.

    There are two versions of the movie The Secret. I highly recommend the earlier version if you watch it. There are many other teachers and the one I believe is the best on the planet for LoA is Abraham-Hicks but not everyone is open to Abraham. If Abraham is too "woo-woo" for your taste, Mike Dooley is also good and the only thing he does not get right is emotional guidance. He says inspired thought is guidance but that regular emotions aren't. I disagree with him on this and science has now shown that emotions are guidance. But other than that he is spot on. His CDs, Infinite Possibilities provide an excellent background and from a business-like perspective on how to combine action and alignment. He also has a book but I loved listening to the CDs when I drove and thought they were better with his inflection. He also does workshops. Both these teachers do.

    For the scientific side there are many resources. I've read some of Fred Alan Wolf's books--he is a Quantum Physicist in the movie The Secret.

    Then there is the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know (movie and book). I loved the movie but the book was rich and the citations and other information helped me find many other resources. It was followed up with another, Then the sequel, What the Bleep: Down the Rabbit Hole.

    Lynn McTaggart's books add some good information although I find her vibration on the negative side (she disagrees and it is all relative--to many she may seem positive), her books have good citations as well.

    If Abraham is to your taste there is a ton of information on their site and more youtube video's than I will ever watch.

    Jeanine Joy Human Thriving (stress reduction, employee engagement, resilience): http://www.happiness1st.com

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    loa definitely works. Suppose you need a Ferrari. Hire some photoshop guy and craft your own pic with ferrari. Put words beneath it "Wow, i just bought Ferrari on 25th march 2015 (whatever date) . Thats it, paste this pic infront of your desk and see the magic happening.

    The other side of the story is after you will look at the picture. You will get lot of ideas.Write them down and take action on it. Most people use LOA and then reject their unconscious ideas. Thats where LOA fails.
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    I believe the law of attraction has more to do with what's below the surface in the subconscious. The bible says that what a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. This below the surface influence is the main point in the The Secret Code of Success which I am now reading.
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    This is a great question... Do I think the "Secret" Law holds true.

    Our minds are powerful entities and for the most of us our minds remain unfocussed as we go about our daily lives.

    But when we learn the secret of focusing our minds and we. ..
    Decide what we want to aim for,
    Develop the mental attitude that says "Yes! I can do that"
    And take action to bring that one thing about and draw it onto our lives
    ... then we do influence our actions and attitudes, noticing opportunities (and creating those opportunities too) to bring those things into our lives.

    We are always attracting manifestations into our lives.

    The thing that makes the difference is whether we want to attract the things we want to attract, or will we just attract the results of our confused minds..

    That is the difference.
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    If you apply it to yourself in a compassionate loving way than it can't hurt.

    I would never use it as a tool to judge others who are not in a good place.

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    I am sort of skeptical of The Law of Attraction. However, I really do not have much of an opinion on it. If it works, then great. I hope that it can work for me; however I'll hedge my bet and keep putting in as much effort as I am able. Lololol.
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    I don't particularly like how it's presented in 'The Secret', a great book which talks about pretty much the same thing is The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. Good stuff :-)
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    There's no scientific basis to law of attraction unless you want to explain it with psychology and things such as the placebo effect. But then you don't need most of the books, courses and fluffy explanations around the subject. Planning ahead, visualizing outcomes, psyching yourself, taking action, forming positive habits, taking others in account... that's the secret.

    I feel LOA is ultimately a fancy and wordy way to explain the Golden Rule. As Gospel of Luke puts it: "Do to others what you would want them to do to you".
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  • Yes. It appears to be a concur-able experience taking place with many individuals on the planet in multiple countries. I would say there is a very strong connection between the two.

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    The law of attraction is good and does work but simplified in "the secret" for marketing purposes.
    There are more elements to the "law of attraction" (for lack of a better term) than what was in "the secret"

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    well well what can i say about this amazing book that changed my life. The Law of attraction is very real, i know cause iv experienced it first hand, i was very skeptical at first but four months into i became a believer when i had finally attracted what i had set out to to attract to me, i will be writing a blog post about my journey soon so keep an eye out

    wishing you great success
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    I don't believe in "The Secret", because there is no single secret, instead there are many things we need to know for a happy and fulfilling life.

    Secondly, the law of attraction is not a real law, it is a way of explaining what Jesus spoke about in the sermon on the mount in Matthew chapter 7 when he said ask and it shall be given, seek and you will find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.

    The so called law of attraction is really a way of trying to explain why we always find what we are really seeking in our hearts. If you fear something, then you are always looking for it, and you will find it, often even if it is not there. We often say we want good things, but deep down inside we are seeking the opposite and we find it. But work on changing what you seek, change the musings of your mind to be the good things you claim you want, and you will find them. Set goals that stir your heart in a good direction, and watch them come true, because you truly sought them.

    But also remember, this is only a starting point. There is still setting goals, taking action, and being persistent, which is required for you to go on this journey.
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