These lessons of Dr. Robert Anthony about Law of Attraction

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These lessons of Dr. Robert Anthony
Of course all Maatemnah that for Anda responses in the moment even be lessons sequential and connected with Rajai well as Pthali the , interested in patient
So I put the entire group ... destined you for your interest

The first lesson

I want to begin this lesson by asking important

Do you know why you are here and what you want the details ?

Whatever the answer, the truth is that there is something you are looking for has yet to discover how you can get it probably something regard Baalaqatk or

Your finances , your health or even something else, such as searching for inner peace and comfort ...

And even up to understand how things come to life and go nothing will change , but with this understanding .. The truth thou Responsible first for each Metradh or to اتريده that happens in your life .. Van If you are the administrator ( and the quality of your thinking first and foremost ) and all our minds and think about when really Anstaml this mighty force which is in any case with us ..

Why do most people use this power in their favor ? Instead of being with them .. And you will know why through this lesson ..

The information that must be learned that as long as you are thinking in the same way that you think about now will remain operate normally Matamlh and get on the same ماتحصل the usually ..

In other words that Mataish now is a way of thinking in the past and as a result her van you want a better future Grace God Evger way of thinking now in this moment for the future ..

If done so far will , God willing , get all thought about it and want ..

I will speak in the second part of this lesson about the power of focus and then move on to the second lesson
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