I want to give back. New charity project-Would love your ideas

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I focus 12hrs a day on making money online. In order to reach a balance in life, I would like to spend some time creating a website simply to help people. I have my money making sites and feel that I should use some of my expertise & some of my time to make the world a better place. (maybe I'm just going through a mid-life crisis).

Anyway, I am looking to create a website that consists of a database of feline leukemia cat owners and would like these people to submit what drugs they have used and what success they had with them. I have pondered this project recently after losing 2 of my cats to FLV and spent hours searching online for case studies on FLV drugs to prolong their life. There seems to be very little info available even to vets on this subject as far as what people have tried and what the results are.

I spend hours a day focusing on making money and feel that this would be a worthwhile site to create that would have more depth to it. I would NOT monetize this site. I want it to truly be a database to connect people with needed data.

Since I am use to creating info products and sites, I need suggestions on how to create a database that allows people to add to it. OR, do I need to enter each persons data myself(through a contact form), and just make a regular content based website? OR, is there a forum format that may work better for this type of thing? As you can tell, I'm in the brainstorming process of this project here and would love some input from others who have maybe more experience with creating this type of thing. I need a starting point and welcome all suggestions.
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