3 Keys to A Prosperity Mindset

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3 Keys to A Prosperity Mindset
By Carla Goddard, Msc.D.
Prosperity today seems to be an illusion that society has created. The true significance of prosperity is something that eludes us. Ignorance of the mind thinks of prosperity as the treasures of the world. The fear side of having enough is simply a reflection of not being secure within.

Being insecure a person feels they must gather outside possessions to fill the void. Prosperity is an inner quality that can never be taken from you. You must give it away.

Material Prosperity

It is not how much you have but how happy you are with what you have
It is feeling that while you may not possess all your dreams, you are happy with the ones you have accomplished
It is having gratitude for what you possess - not bemoaning what you do not
It is having the basics to life

Mental Prosperity

It is having peace of mind in a chaotic world
It is knowing the difference between the effects of positive and negative thinking, and choosing positive thinking
it is being able to distinguish self-delusion from reality in your own thoughts
It is being able to forgive easily
It is freedom from being close minded and having the ability to see from all perspectives

Spiritual Prosperity

To know that the Divine is within and about you
It is to know that your "worship" place is within you not within walls
It is to know that you are an eternal being
It is knowing and grateful for knowing
It is experiencing oneness

The Three Mental Keys for Prosperity

#1 Key One - Maintain a conscious mental attitude. No matter what happens to you in your daily activities

#2 Key Two - Program your subconscious mind daily with positive thoughts concerning your goals. Keep your mind open to suggestion.

#3 Key Three - Sublimate negative subconscious patterns daily allowing healing energy to enter both your conscious and subconscious mind.

In Practice

Maintaining a positive mental attitude in the conscious mind means that you are not accepting any negative conditions to arise. Practice acting not reacting by taking a positive and constructive thought action. Even if you can not take a positive physical action, visualize a positive thought action.

Nullify every negative thought as soon as it enters your mind. Don't allow them to return unchecked and be planted in the subconscious mind. When I speak a negative word, I tap my thought three times thinking nullify nullify nullify. The same if it is a thought, I tap my brown three times.

Regard every thought as a magnetic energy that is going to draw or repel.

Program your mind to believe and accept that which you wish to achieve is already yours. Acceptance in your mind of an already accomplished reality, creates a powerful mental magnetism in the mind that telepathically draws to you, more readily that which you desire.

Live act and above all think and feel like a person who already has that which is desired. This builds an irresistible mental telepathic magnetism in your mind for drawing to you that which you desire.

Take time each day to practice deep meditation to consciously allow natural healing energy to surface into your subconscious and conscious minds. It is in this way, you not only sublimate negative thought patterns in your subconscious mind but at the same time, renew the conscious energy level of your mind and body. Nothing creates a greater magnetic mental force than allowing the natural healing agency to flow through your mind daily.

Exercise: Pick one thing that you wish to manifest. See it as it is a reality. Don't question how it is to happen, simply see it. Note everything, smells, sounds, emotional feelings, others around you, colors, everything. If something feels off isolate it and change your visualization. It is not a future projection - you are in control of what you experience so be sure it is exactly what you are looking to attract.

Every day for ten minutes focus upon seeing it. Don't allow anything to disrupt the image. The stronger you can experience it, the faster it will form into a physical reality.

Carla Goddard, Msc.D. is a contemporary Medicine Woman with a background in Metaphysical Sciences. Carla Goddard, Msc.D. is the founder of The Soulvolutionalâ„¢ Way Coaching Program and We The Women Community Carla's XeeMe Article Source: Carla Goddard, Msc. D.

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