Possess correct and complete "faith" for become rich !

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Hmmmm.......What is "faith"?

"Faith" is something that we strongly believe and live in our mind, consciously or not, determine our attitudes and measure. "Faith" here is also mean "rules in our heart." ...
Consciously or not, the way we thinking, the way we talking, and the way we act based on that "faith". And it is often our "faith" become reality!!!:confused:

For some example :
-If i desire to become rich, then i have to work hard.
-My family isn't an entrepreneur, then i'm not surprised if i'm not good at marketing.
-Money is root of all evil.

Human brain is like a magnet. If our "faith" about money is against each other, unconsciously we will avoid money. It is very important to possess correct "faith" to become rich.
So...How to possess correct and complete "faith"?

First we need to do listing to our faiths which hampered us to become rich. Then change those wrong faiths consciously become correct or support us to become rich. Everytime we remember one of those wrong faiths....just quickly kick that out, "That is not correct !!!, the correct is...(mention your own correct faith)."

These are some example :
-"I'm not talented for become rich" change with "Rich isn't a talent, Rich is a result from clever and hard work."
- "I'm not destined to become rich" change with "God wants me to become rich as long as i become rich by doing kindness for many people and God."
- "Money is root of all evil" change with "Don't have money is root of all evil."
- ....(fill with your own negative "faith") change with ....(fill with your own new positive "faith")

So warriors!!!...Start from today, everytime that wrong "faith" across in our mind, we have to shout in our mind, "NONSENSE!" then continue with our new positive "faith" sentence, which support us to our success.
Life is a choice, for that reason choose your "faith" well.

This post is related to my previous post "How to become rich quickly and safely". I hope this can help you a lot.
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