[QUESTION] What are you doing so that 2014 will be better than 2013?

by Bayo
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Deliberate Action and Focus

Two of the watch/key words for 2014.

As I took a pause from working on a major business project I've kicked off, I something 'nudged' me to share this post about taking deliberate action now in order to create your future.

So I logged in and started typing, and if it encourages, inspires or motivates just one person, I feel it would have served its purpose.

If 2013 didn't quite go according to plan, 2014 can still be the year of your personal breakthrough, but it's not going to happen without your involvement. Even the Law of Attraction requires you to do something before something else happens!

So what is it that you're doing now or need to do?

In the rest of this post I describe my path so far and provide some thoughts for consideration that can help you increase your chances for you to "be deliberately successful" as I like to refer to it.

Creating 2014, Now?

The question to ask here is what are you deliberately doing now (Nov/Dec 2013), so that 2014 will be better a better year for you, from personal and professional standpoints, than 2013?

What have I done?

I'm already working on a new line of business, and to get in with the right people I've reached out to a 'Circle of Influence,' explained what my goal is and how and why I need their help.

The interesting thing is that some of these people are ones I just got to know in 2013 and are much higher-earners than I am (they are top 6 figures/7-figure earners), differently positioned, outside of the make money online niche, or just brilliant in areas that aren't particularly my strong points etc.

Be Specific

Specificity lets you get to a clear position fast. I believe the reason we shy away from being specific is in order to avoid potential rejection, but its good to always remember that IF rejection = some form of feeling of failure, failure is an event, and not a person.

I directly and specifically asked for personal introductions to movers, shakers, influencers and key contacts explaining that I'm reaching out because they are someone I know has a lot of credibility (which I've guaranteed will get better through our interactions in 2014 through this business), and that I trust them with this thing which is very important to me.


Feedback from the handful of people I've approached has been extremely positive and I've got a credibility building niche industry website being built as we speak. It will be ready to point people to on Monday Dec 3, 2013.

Baby Steps

Offering a simple white paper and video at this point in time is just to give us simple things to focus on instead of 'being all over the place' and getting nothing practical done (...the curse of the entrepreneur!).

Baby steps, and there's certainly more that's gone into it, but this is just to give you an idea and inspire you to go for bigger and better things or at least change any habits that may have dogged you in 2013.

Feel Free!

Feel free to share your plan or road-map, and if I can be of help (or we can be of help to each other) to co-create success in 2014 let's do it.

I believe in you - You can do it!


P.S. All typos are free and come with the territory :rolleyes:
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    My personal path to success has been blocked by one thing - procrastination. When you make enough money to live a decent life and you are able to pay your bills, it is all too easy to procrastinate every day. I have come to the realization that I let certain opportunities pass me by because I will leave them for another day. Recently, I have turned to organization and time management to get my other endeavors lined up correctly.

    November, I set some personal goals with my services and destroyed them quickly. I knocked out two financial goals quickly because I stayed focus. Now, I am a very dedicated worked that always gets my client's work done before schedule, but I can be faster. When I look at what I accomplished on a given day, it can usually be done much faster than it is. If I have 10 things to do or 20, it will still take me to 6 o'clock. I do not understand what the problem truly is. I believe I simply know that the work does not need to be done faster because I am ahead of the game. This, however, makes me lose an immense amount of time I can dedicate to other projects.

    Starting this week, I am going to attempt to work on my own authority site by following a really detailed schedule, practice my language learning daily, exercise before work and add more clients to my daily schedule. I think that I need to overload my schedule to actually get more done. For me, this year will be better because of strict schedules and organization.
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    Well said Bayo. I'm back to try it again. I was my own worst enemy. Easily distracted. But this time is different. As I get older I also have time breathing down my neck. I now have a blog and I'm working on getting traffic and building a list. I must not give up. Must stay focused. Take care.
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