Do You Find Yourself Working More In Summer Or Winter?

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With the second Arctic cold front weather system pressing down on the Pacific Northwest and temperatures dipping to single digits in as many weeks, I find myself working more on the Web than ever. Since it's dark by 5 pm now as we approach the winter solstice, there are a lot more dark hours to spend in front of a desktop monitor.

How is it with you? Are you that summer breed that can forsake all that outdoor time to be fidgeting in front of your computer? Or, are you like me willing to put in more winter time hours to be able to lighten up come summer?
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    Same with me. I feel much more working in the winter than in the summer, but I have difficulties getting up early when it's cold and snowy (me vs Snooze).
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    I work when I have work...regardless of the weather. I always plan ahead, especially with my regular clients.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
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    I'd rather put more hours in during the winter and have more free time in the summer. It is easy to put in more screen time when you are snowed in!

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      I recently retired from my day job because of my age (no Choice) I became a full-time marketer partly to try to make money to subsidize mynpension and also because i have worked all my life and can't imagine not doing so now
      I try to treat this as a job and work 8 hours every day regardless of the time of year
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    I'm always working too much in every season...
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