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I have recently been exploring the idea of meditation to help with my focus and concentration.

To those out there that have experience in this, how would you recommend I get started? I have seen a few written guides where it talks through the process, but it seems that I'd need to be relaxing/meditating whilst reading the walk through which seems a bit counter-productive. Would you recommend any audio guides or anything else as an introduction to all this!?
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    An excellent podcast.

    How to Meditate - An Interview with Brian Johnson

    This podcast talks about the benefits of meditation and has some suggestions about getting started.

    You can also download the MP3.

    Joe Mobley


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      There are a few forms of meditation. The simplest ones are really about focusing on your breathing while you are someplace quiet. Like a lot of things, people tend to overcomplicate the basic idea and some of the benefit gets lost.

      Perhaps a binaural beat recording might serve you. There are a number of variations on those. The sound itself, the sound with music, the sound with music and voice. Any of those can work to help you relax and be free.

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    Simple or easy – depends on you.

    Sit in a quiet place – closing the doors of your room would work fine.

    Close your eyes, leave them just a teeny crack open – else you will fall asleep.

    Think of nothing…
    Say the word…OMMMMMMM

    If you keep that up for 20 minutes a day…

    All the best. Regards.

    Ricardo Furtado

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