Do You Make Money By Many Small Transactions Or Big Ones?

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Imagine how many ways there are to make money on the Internet in an honest hard or smart working way. Money making ideas can be itsy-bitsy yielding many many small profitable returns like the steady panning of placer gold.

They can also be mega monster plans and designs that look at and execute a far larger production. Perhaps a single deal will bring in thousands of dollars.

Which method do you employ to tap into the infinite cash reserves of the Internet?
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    I don't have experience of this, but I have heard many times that it's as easy to sell big items as it is little items. Plus, if you sell lots of little items, you get lots of customers and a percentage always complain - I didn't get my download - I want a refund of my 9.95 - so statistically it's better to sell bigger items, you get less hassle.

    On the flip side, if you are building list, and you sell lots of little items, then you have more potential buyers.

    I personally would favor the high ticket items though.

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    I make money every time someone pays me....the size of the job varies a lot but that's ok.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
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    I am aiming for higher ticket items, since it is about the same to sell either way. Plus less competition many times .
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    Originally Posted by LastingLifeSuccess View Post

    Which method do you employ to tap into the infinite cash reserves of the Internet?
    Somewhere in the middle, to be truthful.

    I see customers (in a marketing context) as a sort of sustainable farming process. There's always pressure from two big elements - you want to get the most money from the customer as possible, but you want to leave them with enough to be able to replenish without withering away. Some customers are always in season and, as such, it's best to take what you need when you need it and allow them to always stay flush. Others only grow a few months a year and if you don't pick all the fruit while you have the chance then you have to wait a long time to go around again.

    So, to answer the question, I do both. Like every other aspect of marketing it comes down to knowing your customer, their limits, and how to exploit for your own maximum gains.
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      Both ways work sometimes in conjunction with each other. I sell programs close to 1,000 and others at 5.00. Sometimes, but not often, to the same people.

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    Both approaches are viable options, but when planning your strategy, make sure that you factor time in to the equation. Larger value transactions generally take more time to position and have inherently fewer sales.

    I'm speaking in general terms of course but definitely consider how much time and therefore effort you would want to put in per sale.
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      I'm going to tell you a secret. It's only slightly harder to sell a $5,000 product than a $100 product.

      The only reason you sell a $10 offer is to establish that the person will give you a credit card number. Then go for the big piece of cheese.

      Sell something as a loss leader, or at cost, just to get the person to raise their hand as a buyer (even $1 is far better than free), then just go for the big dollars.

      They are in heat when you first get them, and that doesn't last long.

      It took me well over 20 years to figure this out. I hope it takes less time for you.


      added later after I figured out where I was.....
      Wait a minute! I just realized that this is in the Mind Warrior section. Forget what I said. Chant, and imagine a big yellow will just be attracted to you.
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    Maybe a better question is what do you know about marketing? How much do people in a certain niche spend for the information, or product you have to offer? How is your product or service going to change their life, and can you prove it?

    On my one site $10 items sell better than $97 items, just because of the niche, and what people come to the site for.

    The internet is not a source of unlimited cash, it is an inexpensive means to be able to connect with a large number of people from all over the world and provide useful service to them, which then nets you money in exchange.
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