What is YOUR motivation for making an income online?

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Hi Everyone! I'm a newbie here and wanted to say hello to everyone. I am starting out in Internet Marketing because I want to be able to stay at home with my future children. I don't want to have to send them to day care and then work a job just to pay the day care bill!

I'm working hard under a great mentor and teacher and slowly building up traffic to my blog. I hope one day that I will be able to make enough income that my husband wont' have to have a 9 to 5 job, either, and we can raise our children and spend time with them whenever we want.

Another motivating factor for me is wanting to pay off our bit of credit card debt, our mortgage, and definitely my school loans!

I am curious... what is everyone's motivation for wanting to make an income online? Any success stories from want-to-be or current work-at-home parents?

Thanks and I look forward to being a part of this great community!!
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    I love what you said about not wanting to send your kids to daycare. I know it is a service that a lot of people need, and it is good that it is there, but my husband and I agree that it doesn't make sense to go to work just so we can pay to have someone else raise our kids.

    My brother got me started working in Internet Marketing. He has a full time job for stability for his family, and does his IM in his off time. One of the challenges he expressed to me is that it is hard to make your online job your real job-especially in the eyes of your family.

    When you are "on the clock" it is hard to stay focused if there are constant interruptions from the family. It is definitely a tough balance to focus on work that you need to do to provide for your family, and to give attention to your family, which is your whole reason for working at all.

    In spite of the challenges, I agree that working online is the best way for me to contribute to my family financially and to still be there for them. We are so lucky to be living in a time when this is available to us!

    Good luck with your career,and thanks for sharing your insight!
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    My motivation is that I don't want to be an average joe. I don't want to do what everybody else is doing just because everybody else is doing it. I love the idea of being an entrepreneur and I enjoy being my own boss. The income potential is based upon my willingness to work hard and offer value to others, not what my boss thinks I'm worth.

    I want to be able to have a surplus of money that I can give away without sweating about my own financial problem. I'm doing pretty well so far and the sky is the limit. I'm very appreciative of the fact that I was born in a time where anyone can jump online and start their own business regardless of gender, ethnicity, or education.
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    I want to travel the world, be around beautiful women, invest in exotic environments, change the world, and have a decent and interesting life. Plus I find it fun .
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    Welcome Monica!

    Freedom here. Love your reasons too I love traveling the world and doing whacky stuff like petting 400 pound tigers in their cage - see my avatar - and feeding monkeys on my porch and teaching others to do the same.

    Today is a perfect example; I feel tired here in Chennai, India. So I wrote for a few hours this morning and I will go to sleep after posting this. I wake up whenever I want to, get back to work, and complete my daily tasks when I feel better.

    What a blessing! I am free from any set schedule. I feel so grateful for this too

    Thanks for sharing!
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    I truly want to be location independent. I want as much freedom in life as possible.
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    I want the freedom to be able to travel the world and live where I wish. My goals are modest and my desire is high. I've already discovered how to be somewhat free. I'm already traveling some. But I'm looking to make a life out of having a business online and a passive income. Even if I get a good job one day, I still will be working for someone else. I only do good work when the work is meaningful and personal. So working for myself and having freedom is my ultimate goal.
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    Hi Monica,
    a great question! For me I follow this path because I like to take the road less travelled.
    But I think my 3 biggest reasons are:
    Build a residual income
    Live and work wherever I choose
    To be able to help others do the same and break free.

    Best wishes to you on your new path!

    > Dave Clark <

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    Like a lot of others have said, my motivation for getting started online was about freedom.

    Not just freedom to travel to cool places and stuff like that, but freedom in the small things too.

    I can't tell you how cool it is to wake up feeling a little sick in the morning and just being able to go back to sleep for a while without having to worry about your boss, your job, etc.
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    My motivation is travel really. I was able to realize my first taste of travel this September when I went to Italy for 2 weeks. Now, I am hooked. I like the idea of experiencing new cultures, food and meeting new people. I know it may not be the norm, but I would love to be the traveler that simply goes around the world experiencing new sights and people every few months. My family doesn't truly understand it, but I am hooked. This is something I simply could not get with a 9 - 5.
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      Yes. Sweet freedom! I have been an entrepreneur all my life and love it. Internet marketing is a "next step for me on the road to financial freedom and independence.

      Wishing you all the best!
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    I am tired of people telling me they cannot hire me because I don't have a degree despite my 30 years of experience.

    By the way I ran across a blog yesterday by a mom who wrote a great book about the business side of moms blogging you might want to check it out.

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    generate enough cash to start other businesses. In other words; raise capital.
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    Eat lunch when you want, sex at the office (alone or with others) and play whatever music you want. During my lunch times I go swimming or chill in the sun, play guitar or get in some exercise.

    It sucks being told what to do!
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      To quit my full time job and stay at home and work for myself, which I did in 2006 after 4 years of doing IM part time. I must say the "30 Second Commute" to work each morning is great. So is taking time off whenever I want.

      Internet marketing part time is worth the long days and low pay to reach whatever your goal is.
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    My motivation for making money online is freedom. Freedom to set my own hours, freedom to what I want and the freedom to work from home and be my own boss.
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    Plant the seeds today and reap the benefits tomorrow. No one knows what lies ahead in the future with jobs, economy, health etc etc. At least when you are thrown a curveball you'll be in the driver's seat financially. Independence, security, stability, flexibility and freedom rank right up there. It's working for me and with resolve and focus hopefully will for you too.
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