What is your purpose here on Planet Earth?

by itrend
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Please share your thoughts.
It would be nice to see people here, who already find their purpose in life.

I just find out mine, not too long ago.
What I'm trying is to... One step at a time.. End Hunger, which is in our reach.
By becoming part of this new organizition that I'm in right now.
I will be able to change peoples lives in the future.

It takes 3 weeks on average for someone to die from hunger.
How many lives, are you able to save?
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    Cure poverty via entrepreneurship initiatives.
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    Originally Posted by itrend View Post

    It takes 3 weeks on average for someone to die from hunger.
    How many lives, are you able to save?
    And it takes 9 months to have a child that you know you won't be able to feed.

    Seriously though, ending hunger is a very noble cause and purpose. In a way I'd say my goal is the same, but just through a different object - to ensure that education is a priority for every child.

    I think that a lack of knowledge is at the core of virtually every terrible and awful thing in this world. For every hungry child there is a hungry parent who still conceived them. For every instance of hate there is an ignorant person without the understanding to perceive it in the correct context. For every kid getting beat up on the playground there are bullies that can't grasp their impact.

    Education can circumvent all of that. Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he'll have to apply for a fishing license after he gets a government issued ID which forces him to apply for a identification number... and now he'll have to pay taxes or else he'll end up in prison. The trick is to teach him how to take care of himself and he can do the rest for himself.
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    My purpose is to help all humans who want help or who are willing accept help to experience as much happiness, peace, abundance, prosperity, contentment, health, joy, success, satisfaction, life enrichment, serenity, excitement and elation as possible.
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      To live my life in joy. Each day. Every day. Sharing that spirit with all.

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    I am an advanced scout from another planet so far away that I had to travel through a wormhole to get here. My job is to study your planet to see if it's worthy of joining our United Conglomerate of Planets.

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    close 1 billion people in this world live on farms that do not produce enough to support them .

    if you just try to feed the hungry by getting cheap food to them you make their situation worse over time by creating dependence on you ..and not solving the underling problem .

    most of the poor farmers who can take care of themselves are stuck producing commodities and making 2-4 dollars a day .

    you want to feed the poor and help the hungry ..teach them how to grow more food and add income streams .

    also most poor people income goes to food and the fuel needed to cook it and light the house .

    so half the equasion of feeding the hungry is giving them cheaper ways to cook the food ..rockets stoves. parabolic solar cookers ..that heat up either a water kettle or a pressure cooker , a solar oven that can cook without any fuel .

    on and on don't think inside or outside of the box ..take everything out of the boxes
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    I'd say my purpose here is to empower people to create their own lives. In a sense you could say it's to help others find their purpose here

    Change your life by changing your mindset. Learn the mindset of excellence at Boldest Visions

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      Nice to see everyone here have positive minds towards helping those in needs. Of course after feeding the hunger, the next step will be to empower them with the right mindset, so they can help themselves. and eventually stay out of poverty and help others. Thats the big vision.
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    I'm still fully trying to find myself. But one of my purposes is to be optimistic and friendly to every person I come into contact with.
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    I think it is very awesome and noble to want to end hunger and poverty on a large scale. But what makes life awesome is we get the chance to make decisions every day that can change someone's life.

    So, I guess I don't really know what my full purpose in life is.

    Maybe one day I will have an opportunity to go to a third world country and provide food, or water, or shelter.

    But all I know is right now, what I can do is buy a value meal for the homeless guy on my street. Or help my wife watch some kids for a couple who hasn't been on a date in years because they are both working two jobs. It may not be a big deal for the world, but for the homeless guy or the couple that just needs a night to spend with each other, it is a big deal.

    One day I might be able to make a big difference for a lot of people, but for now I will settle for making a difference to a few.
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    You seem to be on a gargantuan mission. Saving a life each day is not something given to all mortals. But you do have to make something of your life to affect the lives of others. You cannot give what you don't have and you cannot teach what you do not know.

    Joseph M. Dabon
    Blogger and freelance writer. I belong to Ezine's Expert Author, Diamond, level. Visit me at

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    It's great to hear all of your guys' purposes. It's great to hear things like this. Shows the world still has plenty of good in it.

    My main purpose is to better understand what God's will is for my life. The more I surrender my life over to him, the more my life starts to make sense. It's kinda crazy but my goals have become much clearer since then. Now I know that my main purpose is to help others achieve a healthier and more insightful lifestyle. Everyone is on autopilot these days, so its good to actually look deeper into things.
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  • My mission is to encourage innovation and creativity in children. They're the ones who will inherit the future. It's our responsibility to make sure they have the tools to turn it into the best it can be.
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    I feel my purpose is to change the world one person at a time, Helping people is my passion. I just love to watch people succeed, and its not necessarily the big successes but the little ones, just to watch someone have a breakthrough is heart warming.

    Success most definitely begins with the right mindset, sometimes when we are so down in life its hard to see the good things. I used to be one of those people so i know all to well what that feels like.

    I aim to help people in my situation by breaking thorough mentally as well as financially.
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