The Best Thing That Happened To Your Business This Year?

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For me it was the fact that I finally got back on track and began working on line and In the forums. This enabled me to return to the financial game and also put me in a position to be creative again.

Many have vowed to reach new heights, break old barriers and make some serious gains in their work. What has been the premier event for you in 2013 that made a marked difference in your work?
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    For me it was beginning to travel continuously around all the beautiful places in New Zealand in my motorhome and still have a good income coming in from my Lists and, lately the automation and high conversions of my SaaS/SMS sales and recruiting platform - allowing me to back off on a day by day basis, have fun and still be profitable.
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    It was finally taking action at the start of the year and building up a business instead of dreaming about it... It's been good doing things practically finally...

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    Hi Guys,

    Gotta agree with Alan on this one. Traveling through India over the past 3 months opened my eyes. I was blessed to grow up in the US; so much strife, poverty and death in India, intense suffering. I experienced a dangerous illness for a month and suffered some loss which woke me up and gave me a new purpose, a new fire.

    Not from a push myself like an animal place, but from a compassionate, loving, helpful place. Travel can open your eyes to amazing new perspectives.

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    Hi, The best thing I did this year is to start my online business, as I have been thinking about it for last 2 years. I felt really good as at last manage to put all negative thoughts out of my mind. I hope to work really hard next year to get successful in my business.


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