How I Manifested a 4 Month Vacation in Fiji

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OK, mum is the word on my social networks on this one....I have not even blogged about it yet.....but since my WF buddies tend to hang here as opposed to FB, twitter and CWATC (my blog) I wanted to share this one with you.

Looking at my avatar indicates quickly that I live a *different* life 34 months and running I have traveled the world. I have lived in places like Bali, Phuket, Penang, Hoi An in Vietnam and a host of other paradises.

You too, can live this life, because I was a broke security guard with no clue in hell how to prosper online or live my dreams for that matter, and look what I am creating now.

So....back to Fiji! 2 days ago we found out that we will be living in a home not 50 feet from the beach on one of the most gorgeous, pristine islands on earth. For 4 months this coming summer. Rent-free. Insane, right? I am elated and full of profound gratitude for the gift. How did it happen?

Kelli - my fiancee - and I registered on a house-sitting site about 6 months ago. We got no real bites for about 5 months. Kinda disappointing, but we stuck with it. This was a persistence test and one of the first key steps to manifesting what you want: sticking with it when things *appear* not to be working out for you.

4 weeks ago we were speaking to a friend in India. They noted that a house-sitting job in Fiji popped up on 1 of the HS sites. The following day we saw this opportunity. Turns out the 2 were entirely unrelated but this is the way the Universe works; you see signals that you are heading in the right direction , or that intents are lining up to manifest, if you can see beyond "freaky, weird, coincidences" and observe that all events are connected in this life, you will create your dream life much more quickly than if you dismiss any 2 occurrences.

So we applied and then let it go. Meaning we simply expressed gratitude for the gift of an opportunity to live in Fiji than got busy with making money online and enjoying our time on the beach in Kovalam, India.

Any time Kelli or I began to worry about the circumstance not manifesting for us we returned our minds to being grateful, present and focused on the NOW before anything else. This practice instantly detached us from outcomes. Meaning, we stopped worrying about the getting the job and focused on the blessing of being where we were at the time

Fast forward 2 weeks. We landed a phone interview. Grateful! So we acted naturally and simply were ourselves, chatting about our love of being home bodies, our online businesses, and our obsession with animals...namely, cats, and these folks had a cat it turns out.

We knew that we were on the short list; again, if any anxiety arose, or any belief that "hundreds of people have applied, why would they pick us from the remaining 5 or 10 folks??", popped up in our minds, we focused on being present and expressing gratitude for the food in our fridge, and all the consulting work we were receiving, and all the article writing opportunities, and etc, etc, etc....

Then we felt good again and detached after these gratitude sessions.

Fast forward 1 week. We got the job. Elation! All the flight tickets are booked. We will be living in Thailand for about 4-5 months come January, then we might hit Bali for a while, then back to Thailand.....then off to Fiji, living in an ocean front home for 4 months, on perhaps the most breath-taking island on earth.


* Get in the game: applying on the site put things into motion

* If things do not appear to be working out let go this lack of faith and trust....also, focus on being busy with your work to take your mind off of this lack of trust

* This is the gratitude for EVERYTHING in your life, now, to feel good, and to address any negative emotions associated with your dream manifesting...take this tip away from this post if you forget everything else

* Act naturally, be honest and NEVER sell yourself short when it comes to dreaming

Dream big. Dream really, really big to force yourself outside of your comfort zone. Most people on earth would deem this dream impossible, yet I proved it is not, by dreaming big. Surround yourself with people who expect massive, life-changing, stunning things to happen in their lives to receive continual positive support when times get tough, and you will begin to manifest some amazing things in your life.

Enjoy your day all Dream Big!
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    I guess nobody likes Fiji these days?
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    Inspirational post, Ryan! It is indeed good and fruitful to act naturally.
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      Originally Posted by Michael Ten View Post

      Inspirational post, Ryan! It is indeed good and fruitful to act naturally.
      Thanks Michael!
      Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Originally Posted by BethHewitt View Post

    That's Awesome Ryan
    Beth, great to see you!
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    Thanks DF and GREAT name btw
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    hi, that is awesome, you inspire me to dream big, all things are possible if you believe and have faith.
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    This is one of the coolest parts of working online. Now that our kids are grown my wife and I are just starting our journey of traveling the world. We are both 44 in great shape and are seizing the opportunity.

    I am currently prospecting for clients in places I would like to travel and had not really considered the house sitting approach. When you have a moment would you mind shooting me PM with a few links to some that you trust and had luck with.

    Enjoy this time!

    P.S We are very like minded in regards to our focus of gratitude and just letting the rest of it work itself out.
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    • Awesome post. It spoke volumes to me and was just what I needed to read right at this moment. I am filled with gratefulness as I have been receiving so many signs that many will dismiss as coincidences, but I know that nothing is a coincidence. Every time I see a sign I am filled with gratefulness!
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    awesome post...i am loving it and i am happy for your Ryan
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