Knowing this simple difference will make you succeed

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First up, I want to say that "simple" does not equate to "easy". Secondly, I am just a simple guy who has got things to work. In that process, I found this one crucial difference that has really changed the way I approached things.

Always remember that everything has two sides - firstly, the Objective and secondly, the Subjective. Let me explain how this will change your mindset.

Let us say you want to get good at tennis. Firstly, you would have the Objective side and read the theory. Secondly, you would apply the theory and play in real-life.

But what makes the crucial difference between something that is Subjective and Objective?

Well, simply put... Subjective means something indefinite.

Often times, we are put off by things we do not have confidence in. Whenever we are faced with a strange new task, we often harbour self-doubts.

Self-doubt is good - it tells you that you are gauging your current abilities. Paralysis is good - it tells you that you know how insufficient your current experience is.

But if you do not dive deep down, and shift from the Objective to the Subjective, you are never going to get things done.

Why "subjective"?

Well, because in the real world, many things might follow some kind of theory, but it really is all tentative and approximated. Let's say we have customers for a golf market.

Standard principles of marketing apply, but in order to get the most efficient response, you need to go out there and TEST it. That's when everything becomes "unsure" and subjective.

Don't let anyone put you down. More importantly, don't let YOU put yourself down.

Mind over body, or body over mind? That's up to you.

Hope this helps some people.

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    Hi James,

    Neat stuff! Self-doubting and paralysis, yep, these things happen to dreamers When I stop I learn more about myself than if everything in my life was a breeze.

    Recently I took on another ghostwriting client after initially ruling out the opportunity. My self-doubt needed to be addressed and defeated to make things work.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    That's a very good way to look at things, it helps us overcome the limiting beliefs we place on the world and ourselves.

    Change your life by changing your mindset. Learn the mindset of excellence at Boldest Visions

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    In other words, educate yourself then take action.
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    I am lost here James… err…what were you saying???

    Ricardo Furtado

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