How to overcome social Anxiety

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Social Anxiety is actually more common than I initially thought. Many people suffer from this phobia in one way or another. Either its a man afraid to talk to women, a woman afraid to talk to men, or a person afraid to talk to people in general, Social Anxiety may be the main reason why you're not moving forward in life. Join me in my Video Showing you how to overcome Social Anxiety.

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    Nice post.

    Another way to beat anxiety in a social situation is to think of people as objects. How often do you pass by a tree and care if it likes you? Hopefully never. Why should a person you don't know be any different? You have to have the attitude that you're doing THEM a favor. You don't need their attention. Instead, you're blessing them with your company.

    (Just don't treat people like objects...or they might punch you
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    Nice post lol.. but I don't think not being able to talk to a woman count as being social anxiety. Just shy..

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    Social anxiety is a syndrome where you get major symptoms – such as panic attacks – in social situations. This might be riding on public transport, being in a crowded room, or even just going outside.

    I suppose getting nervous picking up chicks or talking to chaps is a type of mild social anxiety. It's certainly something I had when I was younger – but I just called it being crap at picking up women!


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      The best way to deal with any kind of anxiety is to deal with the root cause and the resulting belief system of the anxiety rather than deal with the symptoms.

      The easiest way is to examine our belief system and identify which part of our belief system is causing anxiety and try to find how it is created in the first place and try to come to terms with it.
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        Originally Posted by success4all View Post

        The best way to deal with any kind of anxiety is to deal with the root cause and the resulting belief system of the anxiety rather than deal with the symptoms.
        Not necessarily - that is just one way of doing it. Many people have asked by doing it by approaching symptoms.

        In a nutshell, the old-fashioned way of doing it find out the root cause and deal with that. Freud, Jung, psychoanalysis, et cetera.

        A more modern way of doing it is by looking at precisely how you create the negative feelings within yourself and addressing those. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), for example.

        The latter approaches can - sometimes - get a good result rapidly. Such as with NLP, the so-called Phobia Cure - which for many people will your phobia in 20 minutes of an hour. Similarly with some anxieties. Not all - but some.

        I'm not saying the method in your sig doesn't work - but I am questioning your statement that the best way to solve an anxiety problem is to find out its root cause. That's simply not true - it's just one way which might or might not work.


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        Originally Posted by Reddy20 View Post

        I have to agree that the all of our actions, thoughts and emotions are governed by the belief systems that we put up ourselves. The biggest lesson I learned din 2013 is to let go of those belief system that did not serve me.
        If you can do that easily, Reddy, that is great. But it's a big ask for a lot of people.

        To change things at the belief level takes more than a desire to change your beliefs: how do you actually change your beliefs if they are deep rooted?

        This is why self awareness and personal change has to be approached from a number of different angles. Changing beliefs is great: Tony Robbins has a lot of material on changing beliefs. And I'm glad you got benefits by lettoing go of restricting beliefs.

        But there's also room for other approaches to personal change, eg: change lifestyle - exercise, diet, job, relationships; change habits - overeating, drinking, spending, who you spend your time with: forgiveness - of yourself or others. Etc

        Anyway, have a great 2014!


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    Social Anxiety, is a self imposed process. You need to be at one with yourself , do not judge, do not envy, just do the right thing and your anxiety will disappear.

    Consider yourself equal to others and consider others equal to you, we are all beings that enter and exit life in the same fashion. Be Well
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    I'm trying to love - or at least like - people in general. I love my friends and people I know but when I go out, I just can't stand with people. They look so ugly and so dumb to me for many reasons.

    First of all I'm living in Istanbul / Turkey. Many uncultured, ignorant and bigot people migrating to this city from the south Anatolio area of Turkey. These are mostly religious, bigot and sick minded people who think even holding hands with your girl friend is a deadly sin. These people are also voting for the current party on the rule here which is an islamic party founded by mind-washed religious bigots. With these goes around in my mind when I go out, I attract the people I hate most.

    One another annoying thing is - just like in arabic countries - here people just look at your face without any reason. Just look at you with dumb cow eyes with nothing on their face until you leave their sight. So much annoying since I was a kid - because I grew up in a small town in Anatolia and people are like that there too.

    Put these all together with drunks who wanders around the street and you'll get a terrific result: a perfect shitstorm.

    This evening for example I was out to take a stroll. I was minding my own business and just walking. A guy was coming towards on the same sidewalk with me and just shouldered me for no reason. He was drunk apparently because he was also cursing... I had a knife with me (for safety reasons) and I kept my self really tight to not to act upon.

    I just can't stand with these people, their ugliness inside reflecting on their face - no one smiles, nor anyone talks to each other. It happens rarely on very very good neighborhoods. Because of that I wander around with frowned face - and never smile. I'm afraid I'm turning into them slowly.

    Worst part is whenever I open a self-help book saying "love other people" I want to tear it and bury it into the trash no matter how much I love the book and its author.

    Acting like people out there are the objects is one of the best idea I've ever heard. Its only a bit hard when they try to walk over you or shoulder you.
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      I suffered from it for a long time. I've managed to overcome it quite successfully. Here is one of the best pieces of advice I can give on the subject:

      Just talk to everyone. Go out to job fairs or networking events and force yourself to talk to everyone you can. Talk to everyone at a party or other social function. Chat with anyone you interact with like baristas, cashiers, waittresses etc.

      Learn the forgotten art of conversation. There are plenty of strategies you can use to develop an entertaining conversation with nearly anyone.

      You should also work on your confidence. Nothing boosted my confidence more than weightlifting. Going from weak to being able to deadlift hundreds of pounds will always make you feel better about yourself.

      Weightlifting and talking to people are my two personal suggestions. Nothing else has ever helped more.
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    Make it a goal to talk to at least 5-10 strangers a day. As it gets easier, increase the difficulty. Go for 15-30 people a day. The key is to be consistent. Try to go 30 days straight without making any excuses.

    You will notice a difference.

    This is what I do with any problems or issues I may have. I force myself to do whatever it is that I'm afraid of for 30 days straight while increasing the difficulty throughout the 30 days.
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