You got to keep going no matter what

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Yesterday was truly an awful day. My diabetic condition wrecked me and a sleepless night followed. There were times yesterday when I felt like I was going to die.
I forced myself this morning to drag my weary body away from the kitchen table and up the stairs to my office. I sat their staring at the screen for awhile and then at the mountain view. Then I remembered a question a subscriber asked me a few days ago. I thought I may as well shoot a quick video to answer that for him.

After a bit the momentum began to build. Two hours later I have mapped out 12 videos which will be part of a brand new coaching program.
There will be an Introduction video followed by....
Module 1 Mindset
Module 2 What Niche
Module 3 What is a sales funnel?
Module 4 Squeeze page creation
Module 5 Setting up the sales funnel
Module 6 Setting up the auto responder
Module 7 Product creation
Module 8 Email marketing master class
Module 9 Do I need a blog?
Module 10 Traffic the lifeblood of your business
Module 11 Pushing forward

Then I thought, why not create the first lead capture product and throw that in as well.

So from a day when I felt like really just sitting around and feeling sorry for myself, I ended up being quite productive. Sometime you just have to go for it.

The other half has just got the step ladder out and the paint tin. Perhaps it's time for me to disappear. lol
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    Great post. Too many people don't even start because they think they have to hit a homerun the first time they step up to the plate. The good news is that as long as you get started, you build up momentum and it gets harder to stop. If you build a feedback loop, you might become unstoppable.

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    Great post. Very inspiring. I hope your video product does well.
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    It might not be a wso, I may just mail it out. Undecided at this point bearing in mind I have just literally mapped it all out this morning. I would like to think that my productivity continues in the same vein though and I will have it all up and ready to go within a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed.

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    This is really motivating! Thank you for sharing. There are days I've felt this way- not wanting to do anything... and sadly, I've given in to this more often than I care to admit. When I take the action, the inspiration follows- sometimes it can take a few minutes...sometimes much more, but once I get "in the groove"- the possibilities are endless! Thanks for the reminder to all of us to keep going!
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    Great stuff, Andy! It's so true, too, that some days you can hardly get going, but more often than not, once you do one thing to start the ball rolling, inertia builds and you're humming right along.

    There's something to that old company practice of having your employees do calisthenics (sp?) to start each work day.
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