What is the single BIGGEST motivational tip that changed your life?

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I live life based on ONE tip...

...and one tip alone.

"Live life...with NO regrets"

Say "Yes!" to every opportunity, even if it
scares the living s*** out of you.

All it takes is ONE person to live life with no
regrets...and watch how others follow suit.

So what is YOUR best inspirational, real-life
tip YOU live by?


It has to be a tip YOU live by personally.

Don't start spouting off quotes from other
people and such unless YOU stand by it
and can vouch for it or use it in your life.

And be honest.

Every time I have doubts about anything
in life, I think "Will I be able to sleep at
night with the decision NOT to do something?"

If the answer is No, which it is in most
cases, then I "Do it anyway not knowing
what to expect of the outcome.
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    Seriously has to be "I would believe much bigger, much faster" from multimillionaire Holton Buggs. It really boils down to believing you can achieve your dreams. But not waiting till you already have some success before you will believe. Basically, that success won't ever come without the belief first. Why wait till someday when you can start believing in yourself now. Wow, that quote from Holton made a huge impact on me and now I am doing what he said and it is so much better than how I was before!

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    Man so many, they change every day haha
    I like your one Joe,

    At the moment I'd say - "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Michael Jordan
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    "Just Do It" - Nike


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      Originally Posted by Gary Ning Lo View Post

      "Just Do It" - Nike


      I like that one too Gary.

      Plus one my Dad told me: "The secret of success is to start from scratch an keep on scratching"

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    Something I've mentioned before however I think it's worth repeating for people that haven't heard it:

    "Suffering can be a blessing in disguise. The more you suffer, the deeper grows your character, and the more loving and compassionate you become."
    That's a quotation I penned after dealing with all my problems. My life (and business) is amazing. : )

    I wouldn't change a single thing--even though I spent the best part of a decade dealing with failure, adversity, and heartache.

    Friedrich Nietzsche said: "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger." And he's absolutely right, IMO. There's nothing (and I mean nothing) that can happen to you that you can't turn into an opportunity for personal growth and spiritual advancement.
    : )
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    Potential - powerful life changing word...

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    Success is all about mindset. So if you are absolutely certain of success, then it will happen.
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    "Fear is a liar". Once you understand this you can achieve anything. Fear limits us and keeps us from moving forward, making the bold decisions, the right choices and taking the courageous road. Fear is a method of control, used by every institution; churches, schools , governments etc "if you don't do x, y will happen to you", it's all about conformity. Fear is a liar and you are the master.
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      Originally Posted by RHarper View Post

      "Fear is a liar". Once you understand this you can achieve anything. Fear limits us and keeps us from moving forward, making the bold decisions, the right choices and taking the courageous road. Fear is a method of control, used by every institution; churches, schools , governments etc "if you don't do x, y will happen to you", it's all about conformity. Fear is a liar and you are the master.

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        Originally Posted by Statcode View Post



        I've also seen it as....


        All The Best,

        Rich Beck BCIP, MCSD, MCIS
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    I live by three tips everyday

    1. Work hard
    2. Love what you do
    3. and have fun

    That's how I do it!
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    1- I don't believe in working hard - I would much rather 'spend' my time working 'Smart'. There are a lot of folk with good intentions telling others to take massive action. But 'Inspired' actions are what gets you results in any business, job or undertaking.

    2- Balance. There must be balance in one's life. Time for work, time for play, time for silence. Without balance, everything you do will be out of wack.

    3- Gratitude. It is very important to be in 'gratitude'. No matter what your situation is in life or what you think is 'happening' to you, there are those who are less fortunate than you. For me, I give thanks to my 'Source' everyday for everything no matter how big or small because it is all the same.

    "Thank You" Father, Mother - GOD or universe.

    And this thanks isn't for getting more stuff. It comes from the heart. Thank You!

    4- Be happy for others success, happiness and peace. Be not jealous of any 'one' because this is like shooting your success in the foot (or in the head).

    5- Peace of 'Mind'. Before anyone can come to any industry and get their 'peace of the pie', peace of Mind has to come first no matter what your circumstances are in life.

    6- Responsibility. Taking respsonsibility for where you are in life but more importantly...where you are going, is being 'empowered'. If you play the victim role, you lose your power. If you take responsibility, then you can change 'circumstances'.

    7- Acceptance. This is by far what has helped my through any seeming problem or adversity in life. When I encounter something that keeps repeating itself (an endless problem) I don't automatically look for solutions. I accept what I think is going on and I don't try and fool my self by trying to pretend I like it or love it. I just simply say to myself - This 'thing' sucks but right now I can not do anything to change it right now.

    Guess what usually happens?

    The problems 'corrects' somehow.

    These are not just motivational but really are 'inspirational' tips.
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      Originally Posted by Rory Singh View Post

      1- I don't believe in working hard - I would much rather 'spend' my time working 'Smart'. There are a lot of folk with good intentions telling others to take massive action. But 'Inspired' actions are what gets you results in any business, job or undertaking.
      I agree. Many people I know work HARD, but are still unhappy with their lives and also poor. You can spend years working hard making minimum wage. You can spend your whole life working hard on things that you hate because it was an obligation. It's like a magician telling others his secret is, "Work hard!" That's just the "unconscious competent" way of saying, "It involves a lot of intermediate steps, but I am unable to explain my true secrets as of now."

      This is not to imply that hard work is not the solution. Rather, it's just one of the many factors towards your goals. It's a common cliche - "Work hard" but only if it precede by a sense of direction and passion first. The bigger picture comes first, passion, opportunities/resources, and then HARD WORK will be AUTOMATIC!

      I believe 'smart work' is a combination of hard work, with a sense of direction, resources to take advantage of, guidance, and passion to reach my goals.

      Now, the most powerful tip motivation for me is - "My reflection of others/events, is a mere reflection of myself." That is, my reaction is events and life, is my choice. Happiness is a choice. Success is a choice. No one can make me angry except by my own consent.

      When things go wrong in life, I do not blame myself, nor blame others; rather, I seek to under the root of the issues, and then tackle the problem head on.
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    "Today is another day."
    Everyday for me is a new beginning, another chance. Don't dwell on the past, cause life goes on!

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    "I hated every minute of training but I said, "Don't quit" Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a Champion."-Muhammad Ali
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    That there isn’t one BIGGEST thing. There is no Holy Grail that will fix everything. E=MC² isn’t even the whole equation plus Einstein had to invent a symbol for light (C) in order to complete it. But this complexity isn’t bad news, it is good news because now life is fascinating, variable, and infinitely interesting. If we could figure it all out with one thing then it would be over and completely boring.

    Things change - adapt, grow, develop – then enjoy.

    Be 100% responsible for everything in your life. Your life is exactly the way it is because of you.

    Nobody cares about your life as much as you do. Nobody. And nobody can because only you live inside your own head.

    Pick and choose your battles. Sometimes even to play the game is to lose.

    Toby Jensen - Invest in what works this time

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    Become Who You Are;
    if you want a guarantee, buy a toaster
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    Someone planted a seed in me by some seemingly silly thing in a IM somewhere. I dunno whodunit now. They said, " Don't say IF, say WILL". That made me annoyed at first. After several days of thinking about this on and off for the first of the "thought days" blooming to a more urgent thought later in these days, I thought, "Geez, maybe he IS right. Ever thought about that"?

    I thought more about the power of attraction and concocted that if I run an experiment with it and think that whatever good thing will happen, maybe not in 2 seconds flat, but at any potential time, well, could be weeks from now, just think it and "attract" it. I told myself, that for the experiment Phase 1, not to expect 1 second flat results, but more like day to weeks in future results.

    If you see any palpable things and events in the first two or so weeks of Phase one, advance to phase 2, which is slightly sooner results, not 2 second flat results, still, but in days. I never hold to 2 second results rule. That is something I don't do. I just think that it is potential for ANY time, whether now-good, or later, still good. If it happens right away, that is a plus.
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    Steve Jobs once said that when he realized that most of the people who create our everyday reality, and those who are successful, are no smarter than you and I, he decided to create Apple. It wasn't too big of a task for him

    The only Zen you find at the top of the mountain is the one you bring. How to think successfully? Learn how at: SHADESOFPERSPECTIVE.COM

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      Teach Me To Number My Days That I May Gain A Heart Of Wisdom- Moses the Bible

      I help young adults who are struggling physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially and relationally to take steps today to see results in a matter of weeks without having to go through the pain of buying thousands of books, courses and counseling sessions.


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    Succeed or die trying.
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    The power of belief. When you have absolutely no doubt in your mind, when you KNOW that you will succeed, then you will have whatever it is that you want.
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  • "Know your level of significance in the universe and let it do its work making you successful".

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    "what you have other people are praying for, be grateful" It keeps me going and believing knowing that I have accomplished something in my life and I can do more!
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    Follow your dreams. You can reach your goals. I'm living proof. Beefcake. BEEFCAKE!!!

    Ron Rule

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    Take Action.
    Never Give Up

    pretty simple but powerful

    “You can automate everything except content and relationships.”

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      I grew up in a family of teachers. My dad was an elementary school principal. I had an uncle who was an exec with the old Standard Oil Company (now Amoco).

      When I graduated from high school I thought I would go to college to be a high school basketball coach and history teacher, but I also wanted to make a lot of money.

      My uncle asked me what was the most important thing to me. I said "make a lot of money". He told me not to be a teacher and coach. Focus on what was most important.

      Best tip I ever got.
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        In a combination of two things: persistent mindset and persistent action. The mind will push the body to do things, but even if you are motivated there may be times where you can't get yourself to do the action.

        With these two things something will eventually click and you will make something happen.
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    "Accept what you can't change, change what you can't accept."

    Telling myself this every day reminds me that only I can make the changes in life that will get me to where I want to be.
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    Here are the 5 tools / tips from The Tools By Phil Stutz and Barry Michels: New York Times Bestseller that have really helped me. Especially useful for motivation is tool #5 JEOPARDY

    The Tool for when you need to take action on what you have been avoiding. We avoid doing the things that are most painful for us but the more you act and face the pain, the more options come your way.

    The Tool for when you are so enraged with a person that the anger traps you in a maze. You replay the bad situation or fantasize about revenge, which only isolates you while the world moves forward without you.

    The Tool for when insecurity or your “shadow” (an embodiment of everything you wish you were not) keeps you from expressing yourself. Embracing your shadow saves you the energy of hiding it and allows you the release and freedom to be your natural self.

    The Tool for when you are filled with worried, anxiety, and negativity. Negative thought limits you. It causes you to miss what is happening around you whereas gratefulness grounds you in the present and connects you to all that is open and available in life.

    Everyone is tempted to quit using the Tools, but quitting will only stop your progress and destroy all the gains you’ve made. This Tool insures that you’ll use the other four Tools for the rest of your life. It makes you appreciate that every moment of your life matters.
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    It seems so damn small, just so bloody insignificant, like a mustard seed. Some guy on an IM back 2-3 years ago planted that tiny mustard seed of "Not IF, but Will. Don't think if it happens about making money, but WILL make money. I thought about this for 1-2 weeks until by the second week, the idea had grown so urgent that I just had to try to think, WHEN and catch out any IF thoughts and cover up the IF with figurative "whiteout" and think When.
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      "Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do." - Bruce Lee

      "To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities." - Bruce Lee

      "Study the past if you would define the future." - Confucius

      "Patience is rewarded with patience" - unknown

      "If there isn't any Whiskey Tango Foxtrot in your life, you must be sleeping or things are going damn good!" - My Dad
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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    For me "Enjoy Life to the fullest it has an expiration date"
    Learn the secrets of getting 5000 subscribers fast within 7 days
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    The most important thing that we have to offer is our ability to share with others. Therefore, the most effective consciousness we can have is not to say, “God, you have to help me because I am this or that,” or “God, you have to help me because I am a victim,” but rather, “God, help me to find the strength to do more and to become more so I can benefit others.” We all have flaws and negativity, but we all also have the ability to create positive energy through our words and sharing actions. Today, be mindful that everything you see around you is a gift, that nothing is “yours.” Each day is a fresh opportunity to inject real, powerful, and lasting energy in your life and into the cosmos as a whole.
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  • Profile picture of the author art72
    Ironically, it was a statement made to me by a "Black Diamond" Amway Executive at a small diner back in the mid-80's (*I was 17 years old then) where we held 'after-thought' meetings and brain stormed sales ideas, and such...

    He simply said; "NEVER be easily satisfied!"

    This seemingly went against every teaching I had ever studied both spiritually and academically.

    Here's this guy (in his 60's) who was aboard Amway from the early stages of development who was worth millions, drove a beat up station wagon, lived in a small $60k house, and unless he was attending a major function or convention was always wearing 'overalls' and a white T-shirt... basically looking as if to be poor as hell. (*Talk about being a confused teenager, in my mind, I was like; Where's the Ferrari Mr. FAT CAT?"

    When I questioned his statement, he replied; "If you become easily satisfied, you'll become content. If you become content, you get lazy & complacent, and NEVER strive to achieve more."

    Hence, the irony was I tried to relate "Money" into his statement, and sure it applies to some degree, but what he really meant was NOT monetary in any way, instead it was about determination, discipline, will power, and the desire to leave something behind for the next, whilst inspiring and encouraging others to STRIVE for a greater, deeper level of success; or personal achievement... self-worth!

    By which, recognition comes from the appreciation others have for what you were able to do for them, or by way of simple (sometimes silent) gratitude for influencing them to seek their true meaning, purpose, and significance in life. (*As he unselfishly had done for me, whether either of us realized it at the time, mind you.)

    At 42 years of age, it took me a long, long time to understand the difference between financial success and personal success. Not everyone who has made millions did so merely for superficial gains, but rather a deeper seeded passion to explore, create, express, and assist others in finding their 'definition or defining measure of success' -or- ease of lifestyle, and that awe-inspiring feeling of true freedom we only seem to catch 'glimpses' of whilst foraging to survive.

    And to think; I still cannot remember the guy's name... his statement changed my life, and still holds influence over my mindset in much of the projects and ideas I am working on, and through this very day.

    At the core of his statement, I also came to realize; there is no magic pill, potion, or solution to which our external search can fill our internal voids. I have explored everything from sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, money... to no true avail.

    I am witness to my 3 teenagers exploring the same paths now, whilst nothing I can say or do can 'influence' them that the solutions (answers) they seek cannot be found externally... not the important ones anyway!

    Try explaining to a teenager to "see" beyond themselves... good luck!

    True success is only achieved when you find what it is you were meant to be, and like many successful marketers have already figured out, I know it concerns guiding others to that in which they seek, prescribing the remedy, whereby, they can attain a sense of accomplishment, purpose, meaning, and significance... even if it is at the expense of doing so 'without' any monetary gain. To do it by order of disciplined effort, without seeking reward, is where (and when) true success prevails. *For master those skills, and prosperity will follow you all the days of your life.

    Another words, do what you love - be you, and NEVER let the temptation of money enslave you to it's lair. - For we are all prostitutes in time... especially, during the exchange of currency!

    What's your time truly worth?

    Certainly, to surrender to a less than befitting salary, performing tasks you'd rather not do, is a chore we all must undergo, but to chose to stay in such enslavement at the expense of money... is merely a prime example of; being easily satisfied.

    Thus, NEVER be easily satisfied!

    PS- This is NOT to be confused with being humble, as was the man who open my eyes to the fact, money isn't everything. Like is often so with all that 'feels' good having, we all want more instinctively, because it feels good having... until we come to "SEE" not all of what we thought was good, was worth the price we paid to attain it.

    *Just look at my Government!

    O.K. - My philosophical rant is complete! -

    [Lubes up backside, and prepares to get to work, lol.]
    Coming Soon... *Laser Targeted Lead Generation Services
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    Realizing that every millionaire and billionaire breathes the same air and walks the same ground as me and most started exactly where I'm at was a game changer for me.

    It gave me confidence and confidence combined with a great work ethic are the keys to a successful business.
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    "In order to succeed you must fail, so that you know what not to do the next time."
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    Just do it.

    Joseph M. Dabon
    Blogger and freelance writer. I belong to Ezine's Expert Author, Diamond, level. Visit me at

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    The song Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson
    Download "Free 80 Page E-Book"
    "201 Ways To Live Better On Less Money".
    "Because The Easiest Way To Make Money is ... ... By Saving Some First!"
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  • I was told once long long ago that I was not who I thought I was. I believed it was a true observation and sought to find out. It turned out to be true after all. Now, I'm a success and it seems to be lasting a lifetime.

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    Mine is "Live every day like it's your last."
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