Listen to the Echoes of life

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Hello Folks, so I wrote a poem from my website and thought I'd share it here for motivation and inspiration. This is something that will certainly get you going for today. There are many signs in life that we often ignore; these signs are hidden directions that can alter our lives many positive ways if we just shut up and listen. Recently, I created a poem that will give you a new prospective on how you should listen for life's many signs. Enjoy

Listen to the Echoes

Stop and really listen, now tell me exactly what you hear
Screams of men and women losing the battle against courage and fear
Life is nothing more than an unknown treasure that's been lost in time,
And we spend our entire lives looking for the map that most will never find.
By covering your ears you will not hear a sound,
And you will miss the clues and hints to where the treasure is found.
Life is fast but we must slow down to listen,
Because we can miss the instructions on how to complete our mission
There are answers everywhere should you choose to care.
They are looking back at you, just as you choose to stare.
Why do we ignore the signs and the hints, making it harder to pass life's test?
Why do we choose to take the road that does not lead to success?
Listen to the Echo, what does it say?
But wait, how can you listen with your thoughts in your way?
Open up your heart, more importantly open up your mind,
So you can receive the gifts that lay dormant in the signs.
Listen to the teachers, and the preachers, listen when they speak;
Listen how the words wrap around your body and sinks into you deep.
There is always a hidden message in everything that is shown,
But how can you read the scrambled message if you don't have the legend to the code?
The time you got fired and eventually lost your home is a sign
The position you failed to get at your job is a sign
The persuasive commercial telling you to join the military is a sign
The talented single woman who sees an ad in the paper asking people to come to acting auditions, is a sign
The reason you missed the plane ride that caused you to stay in the same place for another month is a sign
The reason why your friends always get away with things and you do not, is a sign
The reason why you are struggling so much is a sign
The reason why you are so competitive and don't know why is a sign
The reason why you dream of your success every night is a sign
The reason why you are tempted so often is a sign
The reason why the sun always shines on your birthday is a sign
The reason why it always seems to rain when you are sad is a sign
The reason why he is your friend and she is not, is a sign
The reason why she can put up with you and he cannot is a sign
The reason why you are not content with your job is a sign
The reason you can't explain your desire to be someone greater than you currently are, is a sign
The legend to the code is to simply Listen, learn, and pay attention to the signs
Because God has a perfect plan and as a proven listener, it works every time.
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    Hi Live2conquer,

    Great poem and very inspirational. As you say life is full of messages that many people ignore or just cannot see, their lives are to busy and they need to slow down and listen.

    Life is as simple as we make it.

    Great poem.
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