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I came across this study that was pretty amazing about willpower.

It started off that willpower use to be classified as a skill that people were born with. There was a study done with 4 year olds that was conducted by telling the children they could have a single marshmallow now or if they waited a 15 minutes they could multiple marshmallows. About 30% of the children were able wait. Years later the researchers checked on how everyone was doing in their lives. The top 30% scored on average over 200 points higher on the SATs then the rest of the test students and were generally all around more successful and happy. The conclusion at that time was that it was a skill that you were born with or weren't not.

Years later, Stanford researches came across this study and wanted to test it in a different way. They took hundreds of adults and put them in a small room with a table that had a bowl of warm melting chocolate cookies and another bowl of radishes. They told everyone the test was of taste perception. Then they had half the group eats only radishes and the other half eat only the delicious cookies. Then the researchers told the test students they would be back in 15 minutes. They came back after the cookie eaters got to enjoy the sweet snack and radish eaters endured the painful task of trying to ignore the cookies and force the radishes down. Then they issued another test. The test was a very complicated maze. The researchers told the students to ring the bell once they finish the puzzle or give up. Then the researches then again left the room. The maze was impossible. The students who were allowed to eat the delicious cookies put in about 20 minutes before they rang the bell while on the other hand the radish eaters who had to fight to not touch the cookies lasted under ten.

So what's the point of the story? Understand that willpower is a muscle.

When applying it to IM, IM is NOT an impossible a maze. It is something that so many other people have figured out and have been living amazing lives.

It's about once you hit a wall or a taxing event to take a break and come back once your willpower muscle is rested and ready for another exercise. Build your willpower muscle up overtime and persistence and keeping a positive attitude about it. Imagine your willpower muscle as any other muscle in your body, like your legs or your arms. The more you work them out, the stronger they become.

So build your willpower muscle and it becomes easier and easier to persist to get to success.

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    You can strengthen your willpower by use of your creative imagination. Just keep visualizing a difficulty situation with ease.
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      It's always been my belief that whether something works or not, or whether it will be a good day or not, is influenced by our outlook. And I believe willpower is a big part of that.
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    I think will-power also has a lot to do with not thinking and just doing. Usually when you start thinking about your emotions such as being tired or bored then you begin to feel like giving up or taking a break.

    When I'm working I try to focus on what I'm doing and give myself a minimum amount of time I have to do something in order to keep myself from stopping too early or being lazy.
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    The way you start your day also has a huge impact on willpower. If I start my day on a negative note, the resolve to do my best and persevere can easily go out the window.

    I always try to avoid emails and the like for at least 40 minutes in the morning while I mentally prepare myself to attack the day.
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    Willpower has been getting some interesting news lately – usually in a negative light because it is not long lasting. Will power lacks stamina but that doesn’t mean it isn’t incredibly valuable still. It is a muscle that can be exercised and developed and really needs to be. It has a very important place in the overall development of success. But it doesn’t have long lasting effects. It is wonderful in the short term. To keep with the muscle analogy willpower is like your biceps. They look good, it is what you show off to others, and helps you feel good as well. But our biceps can’t even begin to touch the longevity of our neck muscles. You hardly ever work your neck muscles out in the gym but they manage to hold your head up for several hours at a time every single day. A completely different type of muscle. They don’t have power or are attractive but if they worked like your biceps your head would start flopping around shortly after you got out of the shower and were dressed for the day. Your neck muscles are your internal beliefs (your most sacred values) that guide your whole life. Your biceps allow you to begin to shift, to start, to begin again. Your beliefs determine your life.

    Toby Jensen - Invest in what works this time

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