Responsibility matter(s)?

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How can I get my responsibility increased?
I find it tough to manage myself.Simply sticking myself to a task makes me unhappy as most of the time I spent in school was a very good ADHD student( I don't really know how to explain this part.Correct me if it is a must).I seem to be very unattentive to details.
My essays are very messy and unreadable.I have a very high tendency to be sloppy with most of the things.
But when it boils down to math,science and english:- It seems it is working for me. Like I can focus without focusing.I can say I have forevision or something but just the little details bogs me down.The way I solved math and science is through introspection.
Till now I don't really have a clue how not to be sloppy(I am working now so I really can't afford to be sloppy).Anyone who has a high responsibility meter help me out of my own mess?
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