How Networking Can Supercharge You to An Abundant Life

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Hey Everyone I hope this article I wrote on my site helps you out.

Networking and Connecting with other people is really what makes you successful in life. What does that mean? It means you have given to someone in some way. Sometimes that is understanding someone, like what happens when two people have had similar experiences. That causes a connection. When people suffer together they connect and get closer - probably the most. If you get to know someone really well and show a lot of interest in someone, this causes a connection. When you network with other people you are attempting to form positive connections with other people. This brings down barriers and opens up opportunities of all sorts. networking

I like to think that when you as a business person or entrepreneur start working on your business or profession basically you are putting your positive energy into that work or profession. And what happens over time is that ball gets bigger and bigger until eventually you see some success and then you have this big ball of energy. As long as you keep the energy flowing it will continue to get bigger and bigger. If you lose momentum it will crash. More on momentum later. But one fantastic thing you can do for this positive ball of energy you're forming to is to get to know other people in your field of expertise. The goal is make a positive connection with them and build trust with them. This is good for obvious reasons. It opens up possibilities for partnerships and gets you more business if you are connecting with potential buyers. But the real benefit is that you grow your ball of energy. The ball of energy is what you've worked hard to produce. When you connect with others it's like putting a big positive chord and attaching it to them as well. It increases your abundance level exponentially. Then what happens is that maybe you need help with something, well, your friend might know someone who can help you. Maybe you need a job or a partnership or even just some advice? Well, guess what, you have other people who can help you. Why will they do this? Because you connected with them and formed a positive relationship with them. In other words they like you.

Many people want to know how to make money faster, faster, and then faster. Well, one of the secrets of people who are living a happy and abundant life is they have connected and networked with other people in their field. This opens up their possibilities exponentially because then the more successful those people become the more successful you can become. It's a win win for everyone. Think right now of one of the gurus you know about who teaches either the law of attraction or are highly successful in some way and teach other people how to have success. What's something they all have in common? They've done an excellent job networking with other people. When you have connected with people who have a lot of connections, they end up being your connections too. So this grows your big positive ball of energy bigger than it ever will be able to get on your own. You could work hard and long hours by yourself forever and eventually you will be successful. But one way to speed up your abundance and close the gap between you and wealth is to connect with the right people in your field to move forward. Doing the necessary hard work in your business is always required, but if you connect and network with the right people you can skyrocket to the top at lot easier.

I admit that I'm not too good at this yet. Sometimes it can seem daunting to go to a seminar or convention or meeting where the right people will be. It can cost a lot of money and there is no guarantee you will even get to meet or connect with the people you want. But making those efforts is highly important. It's worth the investment. It can create FAST and EASIER MONEY. A good practice would be to make a list of people you need to connect with in order to be more successful in your business. And that will supercharge your life and business.

Let's have a reality check. We just looked at the selfish reason of why you need to network and connect with other people. It will help you. But if you going into networking with this selfish mindset you could easily ruin your chances of ever connecting with people. It's easy to spot a fake. And people can smell a bad vibe a long way away. Remember in order to connect you have to give your time and attention to them. You have to give to them in some way. Find ways to help them and improve their lives first. You can even learn about people and how you might be able to help them or benefit them in some way. This will make you connect. Forget about your gain. Instead just enjoy connecting and learning more about who they are. And be willing to be vulnerable, honest, and transparent with yourself. And believing in other people would help you a lot.

The main point here is that building up a network of positive connections in your business will help supercharge your prosperity like nothing else. It will exponentially grow your positive ball of energy. Think about it. If you have 10 millionaires who are good friends, it's likely to help your ability to believe in your ability to become one too. Because then when you start doing your best to BELIEVE and BE THANKFUL for things you want to be in your life, your belief ball is much bigger because you have the added energy and goodwill of your millionaire friends. This opens up opportunities to get "Fast Money" which means success faster. It's not that their energy "rubs off" on you like some people think. It's simply that you connected with them. If you don't connect with them there is no benefit at all.

So right now think of the people you need to find and connect with in your field. Don't expect to jump straight to connect with the gurus, focus on the people who are a step or two above you and then find ways to help them out or relate to them in some way. Also, I read an excerpt one time from Tim Ferris, author of the 4 Hour Work Week Book. In the book and on his blog he mentions that having connections is great. But you can use Paleto's Law in Networking also. What does this mean? This means that 80% of connecting with people probably won't help your business that much. But then there is 20% of people who WILL help your business. You can eventually shorten that down to about 5 key people who could be superstar contacts and connections. If you set as a goal to get in contact with and connect with just one superstar every year it be as they say "Working Smarter, Not Harder". So think right now of who that one person would be that would make the biggest difference in your business to connect with. And then set a plan in action to meet that person or connect with them. And REMEMBER: Don't forget to give. You need to be the one who helps them out first, in whatever way makes sense. There are many ways to connect. Find out how to connect with them.

How Networking Can Supercharge You To An Abundant Life - Benjamin DeFoor
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