24 books every Young Entrepreneur Must Read

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Hello Warriors,

Yesterday I published an article on 24 books every young entrepreneur must read. I am feeling that the list is not perfect yet and I would like to get your recommendation and suggestion to improve it.

So what are your favorite books on entrepreneurship or business?

Here is the link to the original article - 24 Books Every Young Entrepreneur Must Read | Plorez Lab

Looking forward to your reply...
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    Great list.

    I have a suggestion...

    Positioning - Al Ries and Jack Trout.

    Whilst it's not about mindset or techniques to get your business off the ground, it does cover an extremely important part of business.


    Get it right and you can change the fortunes of your business completely.

    It can be the difference between Coca Cola and Pepsi.

    A great story they told within the book is about the discovery of America.

    Who discovered America?

    Christopher Columbus. The Spanish explorer.

    5 years later Amerigo Vespucci 'discovers' America.

    Can you see where the name 'America' came from?

    Christopher Columbus died in jail. Vespucci was rewarded greatly by the Spanish... including the honour of the new land being named after him.

    The difference was positioning.

    Sure Columbus got there first... but he didn't market it. Vespucci did... even going to the extent of proving that is what not part of Asia and truly was a new land.


    It's not a must have... but it's certainly an important read!


    Wealthcopywriter.com :)

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    Thanks for the share guys! Will definitely check them out
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    The millionaire next door is a great book
    along with 'how the rich think'. Very clever book, but its all about focus.

    Vic Alexander

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    naponeon hill book think n grow rich

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    You forgot the only one that truly matters, the Holy Bible. Nothing else comes close.
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