Do Not Let these Yahoo's Get in Your Head

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"I like your blog Ryan but could do without the ads."

I laugh, and think - but do not say - "I like your lifestyle, so-and-so, but I do not appreciate it that you receive a paycheck each Thursday for your should work for free!"

Or ditto, if they are a business owner.

We have every right to make a living through internet marketing, through offering our services, as much as everybody.

Do not let poverty conscious, jealous or unclear people get into your head.

These folks administer mental poison; their lack of clarity can doom your professional online career unless you hang with folks who will support your money making endeavors - like me - so let them go.

Think about the above analogy before you criticize someone for posting ads on their blog or before someone criticizes you for making a living.

Thoughts guys?

Thanks for reading!

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    Well, I guess it's better than someone saying "I like the ads, Ryan, but I could do without your blog".


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    The people that say that has no idea how most blogs works.

    A lot of blogs are monetized whether it be through some kind of ads or list.

    He might wanted you to do it all for free...
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    You simply must be confident in your actions and your right to pursue money. That's a prerequisite if you're gonna do anything in IM. I'm sure every famous person you can think of (famous for being rich) had plenty of naysayers early on that they had to tune out.
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