How Important Do You Think mindset is?

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From what I have learned has truly changed my life. I never thought that mindset would help when I was younger. I learned that mindset plays a big part in life.

I have learned that most people in life are not happy for the simple fact that they look at life in the wrong way. Most of us was raised and trained to think that life is hard and successful people are just lucky.

The truth is that is not the case. If you really get to know why most successful people are successful you will find that it's the way they think and look at things. Most successful people see life as something great. When most people look at life as being hard.

We need to open our minds to see things in a better way. We need to learn how to see the beauty of life and be grateful for what we have. People need to see what ever they have as a blessing and staying in that mindset things will start happening for the better.

Tell us how you see mindset...
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    Groan, true to a point!

    But being positive enough to keep trying, no matter what is enough!

    True smelling the roses is a good idea from time to time, but it isn't necessary!

    Neither is being so positive, that it looks like you stepped out of a tacky ad!

    As for knocking others, hmmm, well Tom Cruise as well as others deserve to be knocked!

    Making obscene amounts in their 20's, while most of us, struggle for 10 or more years trying to figure things out, certainly isn't just or fair.

    I know that they probably took a bullet in a past life, but it still sucks!

    No, when l make a s****l***d, and go to a tropical resort, then l will smell the roses and do the "the wonder of life" stuff".

    Before then it is hard work, changing course occasionally, and hoping l make the wad on schedule!

    And taking the p*** out of the occasional 20 something who after 5 years of effort, hits the jackpot, and chucks his wealth about in front of the media spotlight!

    If everyone thought that life was easy, it most would still be stuck in boring jobs, they would just bear it a little more easily than normal.

    And more people would probably do the "the hell with what others think" thing sooner!

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    Mindset is everything because you GET what you choose to see.

    The choosing part is where mindset training comes in.

    Shane my man, if you are frustrated, your mind needs some work bro! The good things happen AFTER you CHOOSE to see good thing, whether you are working a crap job, or envy wealthy people, etc, etc, etc....

    Until you choose, and change your vibe, by working on your mindset, you will be groaning in reaction to posts like this...and life will be a struggle, because you are choosing to see a different reality than happy, prospering folks.

    If you are waiting for something good to happen, good luck with that Ain't gonna happen until you choose to see good happening around you right here and now.

    I was pissed when I had 4 cents in my wallet.....then I learned that really, really rich people chose their thoughts and feelings independent of stuff going on around them.

    So I did seemingly stupid stuff that made me feel silly, and made no sense. I resisted.

    Then it felt good, doing a money dance, being grateful, celebrating other's success.

    Then I started traveling the world - 3 years running - and prospering online.....all because I chose different thoughts and feelings....even though in the beginning, my life appeared to be crappy.

    Hope this helps dude!
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    Mindset is obviously crucial if you're striving. It's fuel for action. You may be capable but without it you're going no where fast.
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    Mindset is the blood of our brain. If to much blood pumps to brain, you will die. If not enough blood again you will die. So you should not exaggerate or leave it. Just find the medium level that will be useful for yourself.
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    I think it's important to have a right mind set for everything that we see, we face and we through. it's affect the result of what we did later.
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    I think mind set has a huuuuuuuuuuge bearing on how we enjoy life, and ultimately how we live it. Put yourself in a positive mindset and most things you do will satisfy you, put yourself in a negative mindset and life will seem dull and the experiences that come with life will seem like a waste of time to you. Life really is just about perspective and how you deal with certain situations. Put yourself in a positive mindset and allow yourself to coast your way to happiness.

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    If you didn’t learn to enjoy life when you were poor you probably aren’t going to enjoy after you get rich either. Meaning mindset is only a part of success. Mindset without action, obviously, is worthless. Action without mindset can still get you rich though. Only what good is the success without being able to enjoy it? Well, I would rather be rich and miserable than poor and miserable.

    Just because life is hard doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Or in other words, learn to enjoy work and so much more opens up in life for you.

    Mindset is the starting point. Starting at the wrong point propels you in the wrong direction. Get a good start.

    Toby Jensen - Invest in what works this time

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    I thing mind set is very important if you want to succeed in life. Lately I have spend a lot of time thinking about the connection between mindset and performance. There is no doubt that such a connection exists, and it’s significant. if you set your mind that you want to achieve something, then it is much more easy to be successful.

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    Agreed. Mindset does affect performance. My performance in playing Skyrim is different compared to my performance writing articles for my blog. But again, great thread.
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    Mindset first, then you are ready to go.

    Due diligence before, or heading bare handed against a complete army of impediments.

    Mindset is main key to overcoming everything you face when pushing to change statuo quo.
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    Mindset is completely everything.

    It can make you live and thrive, or downward spiral and literally die.

    Outside factors mean nothing.
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    Mindset IS EVERYTHING. No doubt. I completely transformed myself by changing the way I think. Extreme positive thinking is the key to success. All action is preceded by thought. Think the right thoughts and the right actions will ensue.
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    Mindset if way more important than any strategy. All of you guys (and me too) - ask yourself this:

    How long did it take you to make a decision on getting started on something to improve the quality of your lifestyle?

    For me I didn't even know for years that I could improve my lifestyle. I didn't know and this was because of my 'poor' mindset that I had before.

    Now how many times have you quit until you finally 'decided' to actually do what ever you needed to make your breakthrough?

    I quit many times before I finally got fed up of quitting (I tried to quit but failed at quitting) quite funny but true!

    And the reason that I didn't just 'decide' to be the change that I was so desperately searching for was based guessed it...a poor mindset that I had.

    Now I am not saying that I have reached my pinnacle and don't need any improvement, I am just saying that the mindset that I have now is way better than the one I had 10 years ago.
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      I have a simple formula that I wrote I guide about
      I also start any presentation with it

      it is called MAP = Mindset and Process

      Mindset is the way you think about things before and after you do them

      Process is the way you actually do them ,you can learn more about the mindset from people who has been in the same field of you for a long time

      from my experience working on my self and other student ,I have seen that mindset always trumps the process

      I once heard Tony Robbins say :80 % of success Psychology( Mindset) and 20% Mechanics ( Process )

      and I believe he is 100% right
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