What Do You Look for in a Business Partner?

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I partner with people who I have known for years.

I partner with people I trust.

If someone contacts me out of the blue - on WF, for example - I am a bit wary.

I might appreciate their intent but they do not know me. Strangers have not earned my trust, and to be honest, I have not gained their trust either.

I simply have no clue who they are and what they are about yet.

But if someone has generously helped me out, promoting me, linking to my blog, fixing up my blog for free, etc, etc....I trust them. This is a potential business partner, because I know what they are about.

They have proven to be responsible, caring, generous and driven. I surround myself with these folks.

Each venture I work with a partner needs to be built on a rock-solid foundation.

The foundation is built on trust.

I have established friendships with my partners over months, or sometimes years.

This is not the right or wrong way of doing things. Just what vibes with me.


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    Three things: Competence. Integrity. Perseverance.

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    Number one honesty. That's two, three and four. After that comes ability.
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    For starters they have to have the ability
    to perform. That is competence. Then they
    have to be complementary. You don't
    necessarily need someone who possess the
    same set of skills as you do. Then number
    three has to be trustworthiness for me.
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      I partner with the people I know the best.
      That's one simple rule - you can't just partner with someone you've just met (on the Internet, for instance!)

      The people you know also know YOU!
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        Skills and trust. As long as I trust they can get the job done then we can go forward from there to build a mutually beneficial relationship or partnership.
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    Originally Posted by ryanbiddulph View Post

    What Do You Look for in a Business Partner?

    Her purse. Or his wallet.
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      if possible, avoid a partner
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        Originally Posted by IM Inc View Post

        if possible, avoid a partner
        That's been my position for the past 4 years or so (the most recent years that i have been a serious businessman anyway).

        But I think i would do well with someone who knew less than me but had tireless passion and persistence.

        I would love to teach someone what i know. And as stated previously by others things like honesty, integrity and competence are huge. They would also have to be someone I previously have reason to put my trust in. So far only my girlfriend fits this roll lol but who knows what the future holds *looks wonderingly into the stars*
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    1. honesty
    2. understand each other
    3. Want to be invited to fight

    Wory Kharisma
    C.E.O Truso Design

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    trustworthy, loyalty and commitment toward an common vision

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    The same perspective and values. The knowledge and little stuff can be worked out assuming you have similar overall values and life perspective.

    With that said, as entrepreneurs, many times it's hard to compromise on things, so that's something both partners need to be willing to do and discuss before joining together!
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    I think the better question is: Must you have a partner?

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    Complementary skills & interests are important in finding a business partner. The reason being, two partners who are too much alike will often lock horns and argue more for their reasoning than actually making progress.

    If you're the type-A driver, having someone who is more hesitant and can play devil's advocate can often keep you in check longer and diminish the possibility of a risky gamble.

    If you're a detailer or organizer who is more withdrawn, having a partner who IS a type-A and can use their will and personality to pound the pavement and drum up business can be a great pairing.

    As far as skills, many successful business partners are also complementary in this regard - one handles product creation, the other handles sales & marketing. One handles the numbers, one handles the big picture.

    Research more about Pitney Bowes' relationship - great examples of this.
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    I look out for two basic things, one is the trust and second is the financial status.
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    Depends on the level of partnership. If I want a partner who will own 50% of my business I will def. test the person and the potential relationship between us with smaller projects first. If we both deliver and the work process is going well plus the result is good I will do bigger projects. If at any point I feel this will not work out beyond that point I can keep the person at that level and still keep a beneficial relationship with them, without having to share 50% of some kind of business.
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    I think the first one comes honesty, then partner's abilities and capabilities.
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    I dont go with partners. I tried once and it turned out I was the one that's enthusiastic in building our business, while he focused more on his job.
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    I don't need years to know someone in order for me to trust someone. I can meet someone for the first time in person or even online and get a good 'feel' regarding what they are all about.

    We all give off 'energy' and others are always picking up this vibration.

    If you are a trusting person, you will be trusted.

    And vise versa.
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      for me I search for people who has real need to help others

      people who are not just her for business ,those who really care and have a clear message and value to add to the world
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    Similar Enthusiasm to your business as yourself.
    Transparency in communication.
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