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Fun practice:ask yourself "What stops you?"....

....then list out the the limits.

Bullshitters with a God Complex say, "Nothing"...humans...ya know, you and me ....we can be rocking it out, living our dreams, yet these little - or big - fun, or challenging blocks, well we allow them to stop us.

I feared releasing a product for years. Then I saw me, stopping myself, with limiting beliefs, and got serious.

I feared that nobody would design my product. Or that I would not find trustworthy people.

I mentally listed out each stopping point. Then I mentally tore up the paper to move forward.

As we speak my first product is being designed. We are dealing with the back end stuff. Exciting! Because I addressed what I allowed to stop me.

What stops you?

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    What stops me? Actually, I can phrase it in a saying you've probably heard before:

    Life is what happens when you're making other plans.

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    Technically nothing but we are doing many things at the same time that is the problems creating and where to be dedicated for new people that is first thing to be failure
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    Actually Multitasking

    I just wanna get ride of this Multitasking thing outta me.
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    You would be amazed to realize that for most people what stops them dead in their tracks is what others will think and say about them.

    They let other people's influence them on their decisions.

    This may not be the case for you but you would be surprised that it does for so many others.
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    The only thing standing in the way of success for anybody are their false beliefs. Some say it is lack of skill also but this isn’t standing in our way. Lack of skill is a gap to be filled. A gap is slightly different than a block.

    Toby Jensen - Invest in what works this time

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    In essence, I'm the one who stops myself.
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      Originally Posted by TheMaleRN View Post

      In essence, I'm the one who stops myself.
      I am worried about this

      Rock,Paper, Scissors. Always choose Rock thrice!

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    Brilliant thread, Ryan.

    Self-limiting boundaries, fear to getting out of comfort zone...
    Used to stop me, now they give me fuel and momentum to try it harder, look for B:. plans... so I get things done!

    Each time you discover a new one and are brave enough to push the limits, you not only are accomplishing more; you also are becoming more empowered, 'cos you know another trick of your Inner Saboteur, and how to win over it!
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    Also want to add that lack of skill is more of a gap than a block. Easier to traverse than a block. A block being something that stops you dead. At least you can see over a gap – you can see that you lack skill a lot of the time.

    Toby Jensen - Invest in what works this time

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    Sometimes I am prepared to do something but I don't know why my inner feelings stops me to do. So I am trying to avoid this but its not possible every time for me.
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    Laziness and lack of motivation. Self discipline usually gets me through these obstacles.
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    1.) TRUST IN MYSELF - I am definitely responsible for creating the biggest roadbloacks and setbacks in my life. Most NEVER stop me, but they do slow the flow. For whatever obscure reasons perhaps, I am never 100% satisfied with my efforts, even when the results are good!

    2.) TRUST IN OTHERS - in very close running, as I often give people the benefit of the doubt, and on many occasions, I have suffered irreplaceable losses at the expense of others who do not stand accountable for their promises or reliability in professing they can deliver, perform, or essential do as they promise.

    Note: In theory, #2 is why I am congruent in standing accountable (TRUSTING MYSELF), and as such remain challenged to wade through the shortfalls of those who are not... which should be easy, but in reality - other people do create uncontrollable circumstances to which; we (ourselves) often fall victim to, and then... we can only BLAME ourselves for getting burned.

    Neither of these two examples stop me, although by combining the two together is like driving with the emergy brake engaged... definitely has slowed my roll!
    Atop a tree with Buddha ain't a bad place to take rest!
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    I think I stop myself. If I don't, anything is achievable with the right mindset and focus.
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    Nobody except me.
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    Nothing stops me.
    The only thing which can stop me would be my personal lack of interest to work.
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    I learned how to not let 'anything' or anyone stop me. The only thing that could ever stop you from anything is that little voice inside your head. You have got to learn that it is not you who is 'thinking'.

    And when you do, you will become 'unstoppable'.
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    The two things that might stop me are my computer dying (we can't survive without our computers anymore) or no electricity. Otherwise, I keep going on with my marketing work.

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    What stops me are my insecurities. Thinking I'm not good enough. Well, I know I'm good enough. I beginning to believe that I am.
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      Only me. Nobody else..

      Martin | Motivational Positive Quotes Ideas | Inspired to Life

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    The only thing that stops people is them believing that something out of their control is preventing them from becoming successful.

    Those that said “Nothing” and “Only me” (etc.) are right, IMO.

    Take 100% responsibility for your success and you will achieve everything you want.
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    The biggest thing which use to stop me was I will not be able to do it correctly. Since I have started doing meditation I have started to trust myself. Now I have more trust in my ability. I think not trusting yourself can stop you being successful in life.

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    Spending too much time on the Warrior Forum can stop me!
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