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by Odahh
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as the economy has shifted in the last 6 years and longer .it is not so much the middle class that hass been disappearing..but the retailers that use to provide products to the middle class .

it was the retailers and that mass marketers who created the concept of a middle class to lump as many people as possible into one category and then provide average products to average people . then infuse a state of perpetual people bought new average crap every year .

today the consumer tastes have changed ..if the want average crap they will shop at wall mart and target ..but if they want better than everage they will go more high end ..and skip the big box middle class retailors . as your better of getting that stuff from ebay or an online source .

today if you want to make a lot of money by selling stuff you are better off in a low volume high margin business . and building a customer list with pricey tastes .

this is my goal as i have resently had to rip out the mindset of getting into the lower cost supplier role
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