When Is It Most Likely "Inspiration" Will Strike?

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When you hear the answer it seems like a given even though inspiration can strike at anytime anywhere.

But if we were to take the word of one of the most creative and prolific cubist artists of his time it would have to be from the mouth of Pablo Picasso:

"Inspiration exists, but it must find you working".

We can assume Picasso was driven by passion for his art. He would most likely have experienced his inspirations while working, creating. It doesn't seem like too much of a stretch to see that if we stay the course in Internet Marketing because we have become passionate about it, inspirations will arise and because of them we will rise as well.

We will find the resources to become a money making magnet on the Web by virtue of our intellect, the support that already exists out there and work ethic; but most of all because of our driving sense of curiosity. Through curiosity and the long consistent work it inspires to "get it", one is gifted with inspiration along the way and is more often than not 'granted fulfillment' over time.
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    Inspiration will often strike when you least expect it and when you're thinking of other things.

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      I think, as you say inspiration can come at any time, if we look for it, if we search for it, then it will hide from us and avoid our sights. But if we continue our work with passion, then we will automatically grow over time, and inspiration will show its face and lend a hand at every turn.

      Many things can inspire us, such as reading, music, meditation and travelling, all these activities distract us, and inspiration then has a chance to show itself.

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    I mostly get ideas and inspiration when I'm not in front of computer, while I'm riding a bike, running, or walking, when I'm relaxed. It just comes naturally.
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    totally agreed, "Inspiration exists, but it must find you working".

    By "working" I mean any work. It could be washing the dishes, doing gardening, driving the car.

    That's why I LOVE my smartphone. As soon as I get inspiration for something, I write it down immediately.

    Inspiration comes to me at the most inconvenient times! lol
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      Inspiration hits me on my down time. Usually when I'm taking a shower or oddly enough doing house chores! These are the times you are least distracted by email, phones etc so you have space to think on things.
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    It is really hard to tell. I cannot count the number of times that a solution to a technical problem came to me while in the shower.

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    Inspiration can come to you in many ways - often when you least expect it. If you are NOT thinking about the issue it may just pop into your head. It may come you after you "sleep in it" than you awake with fresh inspired thoughts!
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    Picasso was dead on!

    I become inspired by working when I am not inspired. We are not machines. We are humans, subject to experiencing different feelings, both high and low energy experiences, a whole range of emotions.

    Inspiration finds the person who pushes themselves no matter what! This I have learned in the past 5 years of running businesses and my blog.

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  • I bring a notebook wherever I go so I can write down ideas as they come, even when I'm not working.
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    Inspiration will come after you have this one thing...

    A Decided Heart!

    Everyone has it in them to live what ever lifestyle they truly desire for themselves.

    But you have got to make a 'firm' decision and be in true alignment with that idea.

    Remember what ever you focus on has to do what?

    Expand (for you in the form of 'perception').

    What ever you focus on has to expand and the universe will have to show you more things and circumstances to prove your theory (your focus).

    If you have a huge desire (that you can not live without), then that is something that's in you for a reason.

    It is your heart trying to tell you something.
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    For most people, great inspiration comes when they are about to lose everything, including their jobs.

    Also when you are just sick and tired of your current situation when you get inspired to do what ever it takes for how long it takes to succeed.

    My inspiration has always came from the thought that I don't want to work for anyone but myself.
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    Work produces access to inspiration in direct and indirect ways. (Ha, just noticed the only difference is a space.)(ha, you see what I did there?) Working disciplines and trains the mind. It is only through this that lasting responsible inspiration can occur. Otherwise you just luck out.

    Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

    Working inspiration is different than inspiration received at rest. Both are wonderful. But it is the inspiration at rest that most people want. This can come from laziness or a sense of entitlement. It just does not work long term. Be able to sit around pondering all the time would be wonderful but it is simply not practical although only some inspiration can be received through pondering instead of work.

    I have gotten some incredible inspiration in dreams while sleeping or in the shower but I can’t be only doing those things all the time. I have to work first to get it there. It is also why I keep a notepad by the bed.

    Being open to inspiration however or wherever it may come is important. That is one of the obstacles that setting goals or planning very well can do. If you only determine exactly how you want things without leaving the lid off for something better (inspiration) at the same time you can place very tight limits on what you achieve.

    Toby Jensen - Invest in what works this time

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      When you take a break and relax or when you least expect it
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  • I write fiction. I've been published in several literary magazines, and I've got a novel I'm polishing up before sending out.

    I don't understand "inspiration."

    I'm "inspired" enough to sit my ass in the chair and write for 2 hours each morning, whether I feel "inspired" or not.

    I'm "inspired" enough to study my craft and improve my talent, whether I feel "inspired" to or not.

    I'm "inspired" enough to write down ideas that come to me, and spend time sketching them out, even if I don't feel "inspired" to find a pen and paper when an idea hits.

    And when I'm writing sales copy for you guys, I'm "inspired" enough to pour my blood and sweat into the research, writing, and editing until I've created what beginners might think was an effortless "work of art."

    Pshht. "Work of art."

    Art is work.
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    .Really like this post thanks. A very nice quote indeed. Our best inspiration comes when we are feeling good and appreciating all the good things in our life. To inspiration to act should also always feel good if it doesn't then maybe it is not true inspiration
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    Almost always, inspiration comes when we least expect it. But there's more to it. There is a certain condition that makes this more likely: when you are intensely focused on something without complex thought. The best ideas have come to me while shaving or meditating. Those are just two examples.

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    I think inspiration comes from within, from how you think. Since our thoughts are influenced by what we let in we must control the input.
    Just like healthy eating, healthy thinking comes from controlling the inputs.
    Healthy eating leads to an optimized physique just like healthy thinking leads to an optimized mind.
    However, we shouldn't simply wait for inspiration.. If you do that you may just find yourself waiting..
    I'm a believer in action leading to thoughts rather than thoughts leading to action.. being proactive..
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    We always tend to complicate things.

    Ignore inspiration. Just work whether you want it or not. I guarantee you that inspiration and everything else will come...


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