What is the biggest joy of being an Entrepreneur?

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So many people start their own business ventures. It make me wonder what makes "some" people to quit their secure jobs and start their own business.

Is it...

- Being your own boss
- Satisfaction of running something of their own
- Satisfaction of creating something say products, services
- Money

Whats your take? Please share...

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    really depend ont the type of business you are growing.

    the term itself i think encompasses way more people to make it usfull
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    when making money from profits and not wages ..you work for everyone who gives you money ..for whatever good or service you are providing .

    you can be self employed and not be an entrepreneur.

    if the business stops ..when you stop working in it your self employed and not the e .

    are you building a business to sell ,, or are you building the perfect job for yourself .
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      Originally Posted by Odahh View Post

      when making money from profits and not wages ..you work for everyone who gives you money ..for whatever good or service you are providing .
      It's great. Making money while sleeping is an incredible feeling.

      The web offers so much opportunity.
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    Originally Posted by changetracks View Post


    So many people start their own business ventures. It make me wonder what makes "some" people to quit their secure jobs and start their own business.

    Is it...

    - Being your own boss
    - Satisfaction of running something of their own
    - Satisfaction of creating something say products, services
    - Money

    Whats your take? Please share...


    A "secure job" is an oxymoron..... There is no such thing.

    My greatest joy is.... working my tail off... knowing I will help people and benefit from my work for years to come...

    All The Best,

    Rich Beck BCIP, MCSD, MCIS
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    The freedom and the ability to increase your income by your own will.
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      For me the biggest joy of being an Internet Entrepreneur is the freedom to work when and where you want as long as you have an internet connection.
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        I really just love the process. The money is great, don't get me wrong, but after a while the numbers in your bank account are just numbers. Money is like a video game score.

        What I really enjoy is building a business, establishing a brand, solving problems, creating products, and marketing all of that (of course). I love watching it grow. I love working on it, thinking about it all the time.

        Entrepreneurship really is the only "job" that truly fits with my personality and who I am, deep inside.

        Maybe I would enjoy doing the same thing for another company, if the pay was good enough, but there's something special in knowing you built a business yourself.

        As a service provider, I do enjoy being valued for my skills and not just treated like a replaceable commodity. I've had regular jobs that I thought would value my own skills but they don't care. Creatives are at the bottom in most corporate minds.
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    Freedom and freedom.
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    As entrepreneurs we earn money in exchange for services rendered, and the services we render change people lives. The more service we provide to make people's lives better to more we earn.

    For me...it's making a difference in the world

    Life is for living, laughing and loving.....
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    It's about doing whatever the


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    Freedom, and the money... because it gives you freedom.
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    Possessing a lot of the most valuable commodity in the world, that is guaranteed to always increase in value, i.e. time
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  • Freedom to the what you want when you want it. Being able to spend time with the people I love because I'm not a slave to someone else's schedule.
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      There are many grt things to be an entrepreneur.. like simply being part of building a business/brand/product is amazing.. bringing something to life is what gives most entrepreneurs their biggest high.

      Apart from that, you have the money to do almost anything you want and help anyone or any cause you want.. you can give back more to the society than a regular guy.. and derive greater deal of satisfaction.
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    Being able to control my own destiny and decide when/how much I can earn. That's why I love being an entrepreneur. I'm not shackled to a boss who gets to say whether or not I have a job or how much I can earn. If I want or need more money, then I can simply implement the techniques to earn it. With a regular job, you are just stuck with what you have.
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      Being able to control my own life, working when I want to and for how long I want. There is no limit to what you can achieve when you work and control your own business. Making your own decisions based on what you want out of life. You ultimately have freedom and choice.
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    I think it is freedom and personality and the experience working with no time limits.
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    Money as it will pave path for everything you need whether its freedom or a feeling of being your own boss or creating products / services.
    Without money, none of the above will be possible.
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  • For me it is the draw of the unknown trying to figure out the next sequential task to move the campaign along. I enjoy the finding out of critical information that once again moves the project along. It's all really quite self motivating actually. It's all in the quest!

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    The working hours, you can freely chose your hours, except when it comes to meeting clients


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    I live in a beautiful area where good jobs are scarce (seasonal jobs and low paying service jobs prevail). Working online allows me to provide for my family. Set my own hours. Indulge my entrepreneurial spirit.
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      I think "being your own boss" is the most important facts for own business.

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    It's the creative addiction.

    It's the intellectual challenge.

    It's the love of a parent to a brain child.

    It's the fact that I keep what I make,

    even when I share it with others.

    (Also the freedom and travel and completely flexible schedule (I work when I want to) and frankly, I love it when I get emails that say I've received money, very rewarding. Ahh yes, the money is the part that tells me someone appreciates my work and that I get to go buy some sushi

    Above all, for me, it is the creative addiction and intellectual challenge.

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    I wonder about the grand prize of big money that people often talk about.

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    The ability to be free and create something great and useful that people would hopefully appreciate.

    And like unknowncat said, being able to constantly be creative day in and day out to try to grow.
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    For me it's Freedom, Significance and achievement
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    freedom and the satisfaction of building something from nothing
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    Having gone through all the responses, I feel, that for most people the best part about being an entrepreneur is that :

    - It gives you the flexibility to work your own hours

    - You are your own boss

    - You do what you love and generate profits from that

    I guess that's the beauty of it. You work on projects that you want to, the way you want to. What ever you are looking to earn 5K,10K or 50K a month...Money is out there an you only can put a limit to what you want to earn.

    At this point in life I am so thrilled about running online business over the internet I find it more empowering. You can set up passive income streams and money flows in even while you are sleeping or on a vacation. It excites me to no end. Of course all this will only be possible (like in any other business) if your online business picks up.

    I am going to explore a few online business models in the next few months and optimistically keeping my fingers crossed :-)
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    For me, it's the expression of creativity you get.

    Making people happy is a side-effect - it's just like the job of saving lives.

    The problem-solving... the solution... at times it sucks when you can't find the answers to problems, but when you hit that breakthrough - it's just freaking awesome. I enjoy the intellectual portion of entrepreneurship.

    - James

    Fire me a pm if you have a question. I build businesses and provide consulting. I do not do finance/money/internet marketing niches. Fitness, self-improvement and various others are welcome.

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  • it was very pleasant to be an entrepreneur. You create jobs than to be jobs seeker, because gives much better than just receive.

    to be an entrepreneur is about being yourself and doing something completely truly is your greatest desire.

    to be an entrepreneur is not solely because of money, but about giving maximum benefit to others.
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    The biggest fulfillment for me is being able to give value and change lives. I also enjoy the freedom to do what I want when I want. Living a life of purpose is the greatest gift.
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    Everyone would like to get their freedom and do whatever they want. This is the reason why people build their own business to be their own boss. It's also about money. But not all succeed and have the courage to quit their job or start their own business. Only people who are eligible to take risks can manage it. Being your own boss to get your freedom and not to be controlled from someone else would be a desire that everyone would like.
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    I love the freedom to work my butt off, having no boss, no spare time and no money :-)))
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    What turns most entrepreneurs the most is starting with a crazy vision and turning that concept into reality. That birth from concept to a proven business model is insanely awesome!!
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    hello, I believe doing something you like , and good money beside freedom ,you do not have to work 9 hours every day
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      Back in 2008 when the economy was....well......kinda how it is now, I couldn't find a job anywhere. I was flat broke and practically begging to get hired. Even with a B.S. Degree in accounting, I couldn't get hired flipping burgers. I had no choice but to hire myself, and I will never be an employee again.

      I looked back and realized how i kept putting my fate in the hands of a perfect stranger. Either they hire me or they don't. NO MORE!

      The thing i like most is being in charge of my own fate. I determine how success i will be depending on how hard i feel like working.

      Oh....and it is also cool to sleep in till noon.
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    Not having to deal with people every day. I enjoy solitude very much, so starting my own internet business made perfect sense to me.

    More so it's about making the world a better place and being able to do so while living anywhere and traveling freely.
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    being able to spell it right, first time, every time
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    I think having the opportunity to empower people on a large/global scale is definitely one of them for me. It's amazing really how many people you can reach and improve their lives for the better.
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    For me it's the freedom. Without question.
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    Creating something from the ground up, and in the process learning more about yourself, your talents and your weaknesses than you ever could otherwise or with a job

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    For me the biggest joy of being an entrepreneur is the road of self discovery and self mastery.
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    The freedom to do what you want, not having to report to anyone, and the rush of taking on something you think is going to be HUGE.
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    It's a bit of a pretentious term, but I find that life as an entrepreneur is rewarding beyond money and business. You learn to discipline yourself, the value of focused work, of consistency. I love my friends, but many of them would collapse without the structure of a 9-5 routine. In a world of decreasing wages and higher job insecurity, it's reassuring to have the go-getter spirit of the entrepreneur.

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  • Profile picture of the author devonm
    HUGEST chance to get off of disability welfare and now that I "fixed it" I now have a REAL frontline fighting chance. I was in the backwaters for 20 YEARS + of the war. I wasn't shooting much but raccoons. Now I have an ELEPHANT
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      Reading all these comments makes me want to take the leap!
      Most people seem happy with their decision
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      • Originally Posted by eric669 View Post

        Reading all these comments makes me want to take the leap!
        Most people seem happy with their decision
        Of course! Being an entrepreneur is about awaken a sleeping giant within you
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    Well as Ayn Rand said "wealth is a product of man's mind". If you are free to apply your mind you are free to build up as much wealth as you can. If the use of your mind is limited by being obligated to an employer then your wealth building powers are limited.
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    awww, good question... I suppose its a combination of things.

    The feeling of supplying the marketplace with a demand for helping somebody when they need or want it and being able to have full control of that has a very powerful feeling about it!

    Do you want to fly with the eagles or hang out and listen to music with the villagers?
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  • Profile picture of the author sarah23
    Satisfaction, freedom and being your own boss.
    "Gathering correct information and taking actions will boom your business.
    Never be afraid of failures and success will follow you"

    By My Unsung Guru and Mentor
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    The biggest joy is when the questions that others ask you change from "Why are you doing this?" to "How did you do this"
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  • Profile picture of the author Jimmy Chen
    Those are great sharing Warriors!

    Personally, I love being an entrepreneur for the CONTROL I have over my life. LIFESTYLE DESIGN comes first before I embark on any opportunity. Be careful of the TRAP that many entrepreneurs made when they turn their business into a job. I've met many business owners who are stuck in their business (retail/service industry) and don't have the time to enjoy life.
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    I love it, because I never want to stop competing and improving! If I stop doing any of these, then I will feel that I am not developing myself and will start to get bored.
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  • Profile picture of the author Stephen Fosner
    Well, starting my own business does me being my own boss. It does mean much satisfaction in making a business work and thrive according to my business plan, my vision. And lastly, reaping the rewards of my hard work by making a better life for myself and those who you care about. That is very rewarding!
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    Thats the best time for me
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