How to Earn an EXTRA paycheck each Month: When You have never been successful before

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How to Earn an EXTRA paycheck each Month: When You have never been successful

I get this question often and it was a question that I had asked myself so so many times in the beginning of my personal journey.

The thing about leaders and leadership is that they show-up when the numbers are small. They are there when no one else is.

YOu get the spark and the inspiration to finally start making some real financial changes...then you join a company.

If you are lucky and the people around you are supportive of you; you can make some big money real fast right out the gate. Fantastic

But what if you were like me or many others that I know of. The people around you were not that supportive, no matter what you're level of motivation was it was not enough to overwhelm the naysayers and the doubters skeptical natures.

This is what you do:

You find a topic that you like and that you know more about than 85% of the people around you. If you don't have one find one that you would like to explore. Then get to researching.

Here's a question:
1. If you were about to invest in real estate, would you take advice from someone who had never owned a home or commercial property? Most people reply, "Absolutely not." But then I ask, 2. But what if that person who had never owned a property had interviewed in detail the top 20 billionaire real estate investors in the world and distilled all their lessons into a 10-step system? Would you listen then? Of course, everyone changes their mind and gets the point. If someone has researched a given topic and broken it down for us, we will listen. And we will pay for their guidance.

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People will follow you if are valuable and can help solve their problems.

When you have so much knowledge about a given subject that you understand the unique, pains and problems of that particular group of people and can provide a workable solution you are valuable.

By distilling the information into easily digestible, targeted chunks it eliminates the learning curve for new-comers and helps regular people reach new levels in their own development.

When you know you're particular product and market thoroughly you can do this for example:
Say your a painter and you are in a travel club business, or a coffee business. Because of your level of personal experience, or you're level of research experience you know everything about painters and how they think.
What if you then discovered thru you're research that painters don't get to travel as often as they like, or that most painters love exotic coffee brews.

How hard would it be then to captivate that type of audience? Do you think painters who are longing to travel might follow you if you talk to them personally about how easy it is to travel by using you're solution?

There are millions of different examples and combinations we can create when thinking expansively about what is possible for us in our lives.

Ask yourself...

What are topics that you are passionate about?
What would you love to help people learn to do?

Start thinking moe expansively about you're life and you too can learn how to earn an extra paycheck each month.

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