Valentine's Day is just NOT for couples only...

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Valentine's day is largely misinterpreted as a day to express your love for your partner. Well, that's partially correct. Infact, you can use this day ( for that matter any other day too) to express your love , care & affection towards anyone for example...

- Towards your grandparents & parents - call them up to show that love & care. they will feel great & elated.

- Towards teachers & mentor - They steered your ship of life in the right direction.You can call them and tell them that you appreciate what all they have done for you. They will feel out of the world that you still remember them and care.

- Children - Spend time with them. Listen to them. Go out as a family. It will help make the bond stronger

- Old Friends you you have lost touch with.

You don't have to exchange gifts to express your love or to celebrate the spirit of love. Just a small gesture small as making a call with do the wonders.
Go ahead and make that call...and see the difference. All the best !
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