Why do I keep stopping

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Why is it that when I want to do something, attempt to start a business, there's something deep that keeps stopping me. It's like I get anxiety and lost and it makes me feel like not trying anymore. Does this happen to you guys?
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    there is a difference when its a dream you like to dream about.

    and a priority that you really do not have a choice .

    business the way it is sold is hard ..but there is a point where it is harder not to do something than it is to do it .

    when it is when you can be honest with yourself about what is or is not a priority .

    the dream of being in business..and being successful and making money and all of that ..can be very good so you buy a new course or info product and go from dream to dream..

    there was a cliche and it still might be used to some extent with biz op products.

    "i tried everything my shelf was full of the latest get rich quick course ..and nothing ever worked untill i found my system.

    until you figure out what you want to do..you may continue to dream and spend money on the dream.

    might be better off working on building up the skill you do not have that can make your life better .

    list five things you really want to get better at.. lifetime skill wise not making money wise and work on that ..there are a multitude of ways you can make a little extra money crafting things .
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    but don't listen to me without the 95% of people who buy the info products and never do anything with them ..the product makers can't tell you about the 10k a day they make
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    forget about passion most people are so deprived of real passion they get stuck in the idea that passion..is what makes you feel good when you do it or think about doing it .

    if it is going to be a business . it has to solve a problem people will pay money to you to have them solve. you have to be willing to put a lot of time into it..much of it you are not getting paid for.. and to be successful you have to continually improve ..and raise the value of what you do .. or get customers who will pay you more .

    what do you want to do ..and where do you want to live . and what lifstyle do you want.

    work backward through the list..what lifestyle do you really want.. where do you really want to live..what business can you run and enjoy running to get those
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    Programming. Deep inside you have beliefs that you are doomed to fail, or that you should fail, or that being successful is impossible.

    So you listen to your programming and quit.

    A few methods to root out your failure programming:




    Doing freeing but uncomfortable stuff

    Pushing yourself a bit farther each day.

    If you can genuinely work on your mindset and act frequently, doing freeing but uncomfortable stuff, you will change your programming over time.

    Just persist with it; keep at it to get where you want to be.

    All the best!
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  • Try meditating. It helps to calm youself down. I am meditating once a week and it's still great and it takes 20 minutes only!
    But probably you need some motivation? Watch body building vids on YT, their stories. That's how I keep myself motivated


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    This can happen when you take some action and nothing is working for you.

    You need to take massive action at first and see if that action gets you results.

    If it doesn't, change your plan. Try something else.

    Once you see some results, continue to scale your actions up and always tell yourself that you are doing well and on your way to massive success.

    Then you just need to be patient.
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      Absolutely! I've had my days, and still do from time to time but I stay focused on my goals.

      Make sure your goals are in front of you as much as possible.

      If you have to do affirmations every day, then that's a great way to change your thinking and ultimately your mindset.

      Overall, your belief system must change. You can only go as far as your mind will take you.
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    It happens to the vast majority of people. You have managed to find out one of the most incredible things about human growth and development. It is often referred to as self-sabotage but is often confused with lack of skill (which it is not). This is more than likely coming from a false belief which basically control how we live. False beliefs (or deep core limiting beliefs) are often formed in intense emotion. They get fired off when we go to do something. This emotion controls our actions afterward. Thoughts lead to feelings which lead to action which produce results which reinforce or original thought. It can be a viscous cycle with very little to be done about it.

    There is no known recognized support model to resolve this but that hasn’t stopped everyone in the personal development community from claiming they know how to do it. Psychology has hundreds of coping skills to help manage this and get you by. Obviously there are much more effective things to do than some of the bizarre crazy stuff out there.

    Toby Jensen - Invest in what works this time

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    Uhh no that's never happened to me but possibly you're worried about if you actually decide to start your business and by chance it fails, then what will you do? Then how will you cope? Alot of people have anxiety towards starting their own business for that reason.

    Not really sure if that IS the issue but if it is, then you have to realize that to actually achieve your dreams of entrepreneurship, you have to take a chance. Otherwise you'll never truly know.
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    It's most probably fear.

    Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection or something else.

    Remember we don't like change. Your mind will do everything so that you don't change.

    I suggest taking baby steps. work on your business 10 minutes per day and increase the duration every week.

    Once it becomes a habit. There's no resistance and you will not procrastinate.
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    Maybe FOCUS I am like this also. All of a sudden I am pump up and then I stop trying. Maybe you need some motivation a kind of motivation that keeps you going. Maybe you need some haters in your life to be motivated.
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    Originally Posted by vryannn View Post

    Why is it that when I want to do something, attempt to start a business, there's something deep that keeps stopping me. It's like I get anxiety and lost and it makes me feel like not trying anymore. Does this happen to you guys?
    YES! - trying to kill that part of myself daily. Obviously the word "trying" has the seed of doubt in it.
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    You guys are right. I THINK, not entirely sure, but it might have to do with my past failures and just the idea that I am wasting time and effort. If I had past successes then I think the feeling and drive would be there. I am still "trying" but its very slow and stagnant. I think my mind is scare of change. The anxiety of failure is like a giant elephant in the room.
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      It's happened to most of us. Even the one's who won't admit it. Try making a vision board or even mind movie of the things you wish to have or do as a result of your actions. This is one proven way to keep yourself motivated.

      It works for people like Opray," The Donald" and most important it worked for me!

      Go for it! The videos below shows you how.

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      Instead of thinking about and focussing on what would happen if you fail or waste your time (etc.) decide to start focussing on what would happen when you succeed.

      As The Niche Man recommended, consider using a vision board to keep your mind focussed.
      "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    Originally Posted by vryannn View Post

    Why is it that when I want to do something, attempt to start a business, there's something deep that keeps stopping me. It's like I get anxiety and lost and it makes me feel like not trying anymore. Does this happen to you guys?
    Boredom I'd say, no commitment, no belief in the idea, no desire for success, no plan, no determination. Probably just laziness in disguise When you get an idea you need to attack it full on and carry it out no matter how much it takes you out of your preconditioned "comfort zone" You need to plan it, set goals, desire it, obsess over it, and take the relevant action to achieve those goals that lead you onto your desires - that is your original concept of your ideal situation. Phew

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    I have been in business since 2001 as a computer consultant and have had many ups and downs - there are always things you don't want to do, but are necessary to move forward. Part of the problem is that we have a tendency to move the unpleasant tasks to the bottom of the "to do" list (Tony Robbins will tell you that this is a result of you avoiding pain of pursuit of something more pleasurable - I tend to agree). When we get to the bottom of the "to do" list, there are numerous unpleasant tasks waiting for us to complete making them even more daunting.

    "Successful people do what they have to do, when they have to do it - whether they like it or not" - Brian Tracy.

    Try reading some positive motivational chapters from your favorite self help guru and remind yourself why you are in this business.

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      Thinking about my "Whys" usually helps me to refocus and re-energize. I think writing down specific and feasible goals or plan of action helps by giving a sense of direction. Also it helps to keep you on track. Sort of like a map to guide you in the direction you want to travel. I call the down times my hurdles but my "whys" helps me to jump over those hurdles.


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    It's because our brain wants comfort and security. It only wants survival. It doesn't want you to succeed. Starting something new like a business may mean new friends, habits, beliefs, etc... We're like plants. Once a plant has its soil, water, sunlight, it doesn't want to get out and venture out and possible be killed. Our brain just wants survival.
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      I agree with most of what has been said here and it is your mindset that you need to work on before you dive into something else.

      Our minds are very powerful, but depending on our core beliefs can either work for us or against us.

      Do what many have suggested here:


      Read and watch inspiring content and research how to change your limiting beliefs. The great thing is that you know you have a problem and many have pointed out what it is for you, all you need to do now is work on your mindset.
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