Please suggest tips to Quit Smoking

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Hello everyone,

I was a smoker once.By God's grace I quit it almost 3.5 years back after been a smoker for almost 10+ years. Recently I wrote a post on my blog sharing my experience, my journey : How I started, How I quit. In this blog I also suggested some practical tips that worked for me.

Today, through this thread lets pitch in a few tips & ideas which can help quit smoking. Ideas/ tips that I can suggest are:

- Drink lots of water (Cold water but not chilled). Keep a bottle handy. Keep sipping frequently. gulp water when the urge strikes. In my case water helped me kill the urge to smoke.

- Stop accompanying people (at work) on smoke breaks

- Avoid alcohol including beer for a couple of months. Alcohol has its own mechanism to trigger smoking urge.

- Don't let the first slip up happen.

What else can you suggest? Over to you.
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    quiting smoking is such a negative process

    if you are going to smoke forget the 45 different type of ciggie you can get in store.. buy the leaves grind them up and roll your own.

    if you are going to try and give up something you get pleasure from ..first try to shift to the highest quality experience you can have doing it ..

    only buy the highest quality you can enjoy..and when you smoke enjoy the smoking ..

    a lot of smokers because it is a habit .. they don't pat attention to their smoke.. the cig is out of the pack lit up and and being smoked while 5 other things are going on .

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      You can try the e-cigarette to start the process, then switch to gum etc..

      Some friends just went cold turkey and some had to make the transition slowly so it depends of your personality.

      Good luck !

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    E-cigarettes can be a godsend for the smoker who feels like no matter what they try, they either just can't quit or always go back to smoking.

    However, not all e-cigarettes are created equal. Some people are successful using the disposable "cig-a-likes" you've probably seen more and more of at gas stations and convenience stores. However, these often just don't quite pack enough of a punch for a long-term smoker to kick the habit with. Also, they often end up costing the smoker nearly as much as cigarettes. And the money-saving aspect of switching to e-cigarettes can be a powerful motivator for long term success.

    There are some higher-power, longer lasting options that are generally much less expensive in the long-term. Some smokers may find it a little difficult to transition to "smoking" something the size of a Sharpie marker (or larger), and the upfront cost may be more, but generally speaking, these types just work better. That being said, I do know multiple smokers who have successfully quit using the gas-station models.

    There are a number of forums dedicated to e-cigarettes, with tons of info, reviews, etc. E-cigarette-forum is the largest.

    Many people say "oh, you're not really quitting." Sure, you are still intaking nicotine, but nicotine is arguably the least harmful part of smoking. Its the literally 1000's of other chemicals created from combusted tobacco that are killing you.

    Anyone who tells you that e-cigarettes are 100% safe and healthy is full of it. However, they are very likely (there just haven't been enough long term studies to say definitely) far far far less harmful than cigarettes.

    For a long-time smoker who just can't seem to kick the habit, "harm-reduction" with e-cigarettes is a better option than continuing to smoke away.

    Also, it is easy to gradually reduce the level of nicotine you are getting from e-cigarettes, as the nicotine liquid and refill cartridges are available in a variety of strengths. It can be much easer to ween yourself off of nicotine this way.

    I know a ton of people who have successfully quit cigarettes by using e-cigarettes, including many who have now given up e-cigarettes too and are completely nicotine free.

    As inboxtrail said, quitting smoking is largely a personal process. If someone can successfully quit cold-turkey, there is no doubt that that is the best option. Many smokers have tried cold-turkey, tried the gum, tried the patch... and just keep going back to smoking. For them, e-cigarettes can literally be a life-saver.
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    I worked as a fitness instructor for many years and did healthy lifestyle coaching all the time. While adopting other healthy habits is great I firmly believe there is only one underlining method to quit smoking. I may be over simplifying the issue but it is a FACT - you have to decide that you will be a non-smoker - It is that simple. It is your choice, make that decision for yourself.
    That said I would suggest hypnotherapy - it helps you make that decision at a sub-conscious level.
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    A lot of people I know quit after buying Vapes haha. And then eventually they quit smoking vapes.

    My friend, what he did was he smoked like 5 cigarettes and hotboxed it in his car. He puked everywhere, and from there he quit.

    I used to smoke a lot as well. I just said "F this, this is whack." And went full cold turkey. Haven't bought a pack for a year + now.

    RIP Dad Oct 14 1954 - Mar 14 2015.

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      I always think Quit/Giving up is a very negative way of looking at it. It suggests there's going to be something you lose or missing from your life. It only seems that way because a smoker is addicted to nicotine, so a cigarette calms that addiction briefly - meaning it gets the credit for something it caused in the first place.

      I gave up 10 years ago - cold turkey after smoking for about 18, it was without doubt one of the best things I've done. Giving up is a huge positive in any smokers life and after a few days (after nicotine withdrawal is gone) the vast majority of the addiction is all in the head.

      But I had different experience to you - I still went on smoking breaks (but didn't smoke), I called them fresh air breaks. Still had a drink including with my buddies who still smoked - it was no big deal.

      I'd suggest to stress this - Be positive, just stop smoking - don't give up other things you associate with smoking like certain friends, situations or a beer or two, that will only mean you have to continually live with extra temptation. Carry on life exactly the same but simply without the cigarettes, instead feel much healthier, have more money and don't smell of stale smoke to everyone who doesn't smoke.
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    You could also get a hobby or two to help take your mind off smoking.
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      It's seriously effects your health stop or die. How's that for a tip?

      This is coming from somebody who had to get major lung surgery. Stop right now.
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    Go to a 4-5 day retreat some where and stop smoking before entering. It's a cold turkey but very effective.
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    find a stale pack. smoke a couple of those and you'll never want to see another cigarette for a long time. I used Big Red chewing gum, and patches. good luck, Its tough. when you want to quit as much as you want air, when your drowning, you'll find a way.
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  • Profile picture of the author datingworld
    It was like a hell to quit smoking.
    Luckily I was able to quit it.
    I think it was one od the difficult process of life to quit smoking.
    Lots of determination, strong will and strong faith is needed to fight smoking.
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    I don't seem to get addicted to nicotine so I'm not actually talking from experience. I can just smoke "for fun" if I feel like it. Probably in genes, my father is the same.

    dmarc's comment on vapes seems to be spot on. I know several persons who have either cut down or entirely switched to them, but as far as I know all of them still smoke. If you're trying to stop smoking you have to make the decision first. Otherwise you're still a smoker, just temporarily not using traditional cigarettes.
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  • My sister and mother are smokers (I've never smoked). They're have this buddy system going on to support each other to stop smoking and avoid their smoking triggers (coffee and alcohol). They've only been at it for a couple of weeks but so far so good.
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    • Profile picture of the author datingworld
      Originally Posted by John Jonas Phil VA View Post

      My sister and mother are smokers (I've never smoked). They're have this buddy system going on to support each other to stop smoking and avoid their smoking triggers (coffee and alcohol). They've only been at it for a couple of weeks but so far so good.
      Avoiding coffee and alcohol certainly helps in quiting smoking. It has helped me as well.
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    There is no other way but to just stop! As simple as that!

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    Try visiting a lung cancer patient if you know one. Worked for me.
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    I quit smoking 4 years ago. I was driving...though out my pack of cigs into someone else's trash along with my liters. Haven't smoked since!

    Why did this work for me?



    Hope this helps.
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  • Profile picture of the author Dan Fishman
    Quitting is the wrong metaphor to use when giving up smoking. Here's why - there are almost no other examples of situations in life where quitting is perceived by the mind as a victory. It's simply a word that carries too much negative connotation. Think about that for a second and see if you can come up with one that's really strong. Can you?

    Ok I see what you're going to say, this is WarriorForum and there are thousand of regular users here that have quit their day job to become full time IM entrepreneurs! There's no better feeling than that situation - "I decided to QUIT that damn job to do IM and loved it!" I get it, but that's an exception for most people, it's not the norm. Can you think of another example? Maybe you quit a crappy relationship sometime in the past. Yea, maybe that kind of counts. But if you didn't quit it for something better, or find something better right away or decided you were going to learn to be really happy being single, you can't really count that as much of a true victory either. Are there other situations you can think of where quitting is considered a victory? Probably not.

    It's the same reason why "weight loss" is one of the dumbest phrases in the world of health and fitness. Does it feel good to lose your keys, your phone, your atm card, your password, your other worldly possessions, the confidence of your peers and family, a friend or relative etc?
    Hell no it doesn't! There's way too much pain associated to the idea of loss for it to motivate people. In fact it does the exact opposite. Intellectually people want to "lose weight" but emotionally / behaviorally they run away from the activities needed to lose weight successfully. So for every one person that is successful at "losing weight" and staying healthy long term, there are hundreds and thousands that aren't. So a better metaphor might be shedding some pounds, or converting fat into muscle, or whatever sounds good to you and excites you when you think about accomplishing it.

    So you've gotta do a couple of things to get the result you want and several other posters have already mentioned several of them:

    -Want to let go of this habit. You have to want to do it! If you don't get excited when you think about being free of this addiction you haven't put enough effort into it.

    -Make the decision in no uncertain terms and put an end date on the goal. A few months should be more than enough time. Envision yourself being the kind of person who can have that level of self-control and have the courage to honor your word to yourself enough to follow through.

    -Come up with a new metaphor or word to describe the process of freeing yourself of the addiction to cigarettes as the genuine victory that it is. Find a way to describe the situation that makes you feel strong, capable, cool, resilient, dynamic, whatever! Make it into a mantra or a vivid image that immediately triggers strong positive feelings that make you laugh or smile.It's YOUR life and your mind. You're Allowed to structure the meaning of your affairs the way you choose to!

    - If these points aren't enough to get you to the finish line, then THINK OF SOMETHING HEALTHY YOU'D WANT TO DO EVEN MORE AND START DOING IT. Part of the reason it's hard to let go is you've become associated to smoking as pleasure and your mind won't easily give it up until you have another source of pleasure to first replace it with. Is there something creative you want to do, a new skill, a place you'd like to travel to, a new character trait you'd like to cultivate? Put time and energy into making it real in your mind and you'll be pulled towards that and away from smoking.

    Do these things and you'll make it happen. If you need more help than you're getting than presently in your life than do these things AND find a support group of some kind. STOP making other people rich selling you a toxic product that is killing you.
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    It's all in the self-image. Psycho-Psybernetics is like the best selling book in the fat loss section on Amazon. Change the self-image and everything becomes easy, no more willpower involved.

    I'll give an example of myself. I used to try to use willpower to lose body fat. I failed for years. Then one day I decided to change my body image in my mind. I saw myself as having a six pack and being trim. Immediately I started cutting carbs and lost 30lbs of fat. There was no more willpower involved. My new lifestyle is just a part of the new me.
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  • Profile picture of the author David Braybrooke
    Spend your cigarettes money on alcohol instead.
    "The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage." - Mark Russell
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  • Profile picture of the author CG Tsang
    I smoked 1 pack a day (sometimes 2 packs) for 6 years then i quit on my first attempt.

    Here's how i quit:
    - Find a good reason why you want to quit (for me: cigarette was decreasing my self esteem too much, which caused a snowball effect in all aspects of my life)
    - Be 100% sure that you want to quit and will succeed
    - Make a promise to never smoke a cigarette again in your life and touch anything related to nicotine
    - Give yourself 1 week to smoke all you want and can (if you usually smoke 1 pack a day, during this week smoke 2 packs a day)
    - Celebrate your last cigarette (You are now a free man)
    - Don't smoke, don't use anything related to nicotine (you made a promise, so keep your word)
    - When you get the urge to smoke, think of your WHY and do something else to distract you
    - Urges will become weaker and weaker as time passes, I promise
    - Have pity for those who you see smoking as they are slaves and you are free


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  • Profile picture of the author serryjw
    I am preparing to stop after a lifetime of smoking. I have the patch. Have no idea if this will work. I meditate daily to reduce stress and will continue.
    REMEMBER, we are addicted to our actions besides the nicotine. I am on a computer and a phone for HOURS. You must have your cigarettes and lighter before you pick up a phone...HENCE... You must keep your hand and mouth busy. I bought licorice and lozenges. Get rid of the lighters, matches and ashtray
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  • Profile picture of the author EugeneCons
    My brother owned a small grocery stores in our place. He sell all the products people are looking for in their daily needs. So it means he has a good source of income. But the problem is he's addicted to cigars and alcoholic drinks, one time he decided to stop smoking and "Yes" he did stop it bit only for a weeks LOL. I told him that if you set your mind to stop smoking but you act to smoke then its useless. There is onetime someone buy a 2 stick of cigarette and he pick 3 sticks and put 1 to his mouth and then he said "oops I set my mind to stop smoking but my hand voluntarily put the cigars to my mouth". Then my brother said "this is stupid, I want to quit smoking. What shall I do". Then I told him to not selling any cigarette and alcoholic drinks to your store so you won't tempt to get one or use even 1 stick of cigarette. After a month, I came visit him again and glad he totally quit smoking but occasionally drinking alcoholic drinks.

    So for me its better to set your mind to quit smoking together with not being seeing those cigarettes and beers that will tempt you to taste one again before its too late.

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  • Profile picture of the author Graham Darch
    Have a strong will. It will help in quit smoking.
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  • Profile picture of the author serryjw
    Just 2 additions I thought of...
    1) brush your teeth frequently. You'll love that non smoker breathe
    2) BEFORE you stop smoking have a cleaning crew come in and clean the years of smaoking off of everything.
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    • Profile picture of the author eric669
      Make yourself busy enough to not have the time for all the smoking breaks.
      Will power helps too :-)
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  • Profile picture of the author platnumcn
    here is a article other's write for my site you may read it Methods Of Quitting Cigarette?
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  • Profile picture of the author damiensuccess
    E-cigarette done it for me.
    It was the second time quitting, and last time. Have not had one for over 2 years now.

    Nicotine gum is not the way to go in my opinion. Simply a way of teasing your body really and it provide you the thing you are avoiding.

    Building will power and making the decision to quit at the right time was key for me. I wanted a smoke the very next day, and already prepared myself to purchase an e-cigarette.
    Never switch between e-cigarette and tobacco cigarette. I've seen people do this and it destroys your efforts of quitting
    Set in your mind that the E-Cigarette is your crave fighter

    E-Cigarettes can be fun! Light but long huffs can give heavy smoke to blow O's, and sound funny when you talk just like the other junk. Without taking in the garbage that hurts you...

    Eventually, you will realize the amount of times you go for the E-Cigarette becomes less and less. Slowly you realize one day when your E-Cigarette has no juice, you forget to go to the store and get another, or realize its not that important and simply do not.
    Damien Parsons
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  • Profile picture of the author jenrlo
    Read a very short little paperback written by Allen Carr. I think it's called The Easy way to Quit Smoking or something like that. By the time you have finished reading the book you will have quit smoking. I did this about 18 years ago and have not smoked a single puff since and I was a pack a day smoker.
    I know a few other people who have quit using this little book.
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    • Profile picture of the author damiensuccess
      Originally Posted by jenrlo View Post

      Read a very short little paperback written by Allen Carr. I think it's called The Easy way to Quit Smoking or something like that. By the time you have finished reading the book you will have quit smoking. I did this about 18 years ago and have not smoked a single puff since and I was a pack a day smoker.
      I know a few other people who have quit using this little book.
      A friend used this way. A different take on quitting for sure.

      If I remember the details, you should try this option before the E-Cigarette idea. I think these ideas would clash.
      Damien Parsons
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  • Profile picture of the author Chad Kimball
    This article will help. 10 Tips for Quitting Smoking
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  • Profile picture of the author Pedro Lopes
    Lots of good info here, I think it's mindset and a bit of disassociation with things and places that trigger that urge for a cigarette.
    I haven't quit yet but I do see great hope in the fact that on the days that I go to the gym or do healthy active things, I don't even think about a cigarette.
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    • Profile picture of the author Black Prince
      Originally Posted by deeareoh View Post

      Lots of good info here, I think it's mindset and a bit of disassociation with things and places that trigger that urge for a cigarette.
      You're darn right it is!

      Non-smokers never understood the psychological power of a cigarette, how it was the great comforter. Whether one was anxious, happy, celebrating, commiserating, sleepy, focusing, digesting, drinking, cold, warm, or whatever else, there was a cigarette to elevate every situation.

      Allen Carr was really the first guy to bring this to the attention of a wide audience. He rightly pointed out that the physical withdrawal of nicotine is actually incredibly mild, and that it's powerful mental associations that get us twitching so bad that we head for the nearest store. That said, Carr was always a bit draconian in his suggestions (he would not allow for nicotine replacement therapy).

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    Engaged yourself to social welfare. Try to busy with work. You can visit the places where the people who smoke & how they suffer with various deasieas.Hope their pain will teach you to stop smoking.
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