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Hi guys,

I recently attended a free seminar and it really got me set on the idea of NLP and hypnosis to change our mindset/beliefs etc. I signed up to the full course and received some hypnosis/nlp audios.

One was an anchor stacking exercise. You pick three related states, anchor one then second then third, then feel all three expanding, doubling in size, and anchor again. Afterwards when I applied the anchor I felt this huge amount of energy in my body and involuntarily arched my back and grinned as I felt it buzzing through me. Then after a while I noticed hte effect wasn't as strong when I wasn't 100% focused on the anchor.

And now I only feel the effect occasionally. Is this a sign that my mind is adapting to the new states so it's not such a big jump? Or do I need to repeatedly induce the anchor?

I applied my anchor stack of confident, charismatic, and irresistible while heading to a date. All of my thoughts and feelings became relaxed and confident, yet for a while I still had a nervous ache in the centre of my chest, except everything else was gone so it wasn't linked to anything. Is that normal?

I also went to another seminar and I found, again, that I became better but I want to reach the next level. They also did a guided emotional clearing medtiation which was phenomenal. It wasn't spiritual, just had us go back 5 year increments, let the feelings/emotions rise and let them go through us. Everyone was glowing.

I also received in my package some guided NLP to go back in the past and re-decide a limiting decision as this apparently lets it go so our mind doesn't still consider it. Then to see that change affect our future.

I'm looking to shift my mindset to a more confident, charismatic, outgoing direction. Any thoughts? Should I keep inducing the same anchors on a daily basis?

Thanks heaps!
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    Well I'm by no means certified, but I've studied a bit.

    Never tried or heard of triple anchoring, but anchoring pretty much saved my life. What I'd encourage you to remember is that behaviors and attitudes are habitual, they are habits that we associate with. And in your brain there is a wide range of available states, it's only a matter of getting your subconscious into the automatic habit of feeling confident, charismatic, and outgoing. In one of my nlp anchoring experiences I used the palm of my right hand placed on my chest to associate with the thought and the feeling 'everything will be ok' as i vibed on that frequency i said the words in my inner dialog and put my right palm on my chest, and through repetition made that anchor very strong. Now in a deep state of trance anchoring might have solidification on the first run, but in normal state I used repetition to get it 'burned' into my subconscious habits that the thought, the feeling, and the motion (anchor) all went together. I even used meditative music to help bring on the feeling that 'everything will be ok' and whenever I had a thought that naturally led me to believe everything would be ok I would tie in that anchor and put the palm on the chest. After a while of this is was a very solid anchor.

    Then I didn't need the physical anchor anymore and simply saying the mantra in my mind would bring the desired state. Even as the anchor wasn't physical any longer, the habit was formed and I could alter my state at will.

    Hope this helps. Just to flow out a bit more, the stuff you're after- the confidence and charisma and outgoing these are hugely anchored in body posture and the way you walk and what you do with your hands and legs and even elbows as you interact with people, so your whole body can be your anchor. Best Wishes, and keep it real with the ladies. They dig it.

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    Repetition is the key, to form a strong neurological association between the physical act and the desired state.

    So it's...


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    Hey Magnatolia, chaining / stacking anchors is a great technique to use for a short temporary state change. This technique is not meant to be a permanent and complete solution because anchors, even ones that are stacked can lose their charge fairly quickly. So triggering the anchor on a daily basis will have a diminishing effect.

    If you're looking to create confidence, charisma and being outgoing, focus more on the process of rapport - pacing, leading and sensory acuity - being aware of what is going on in your mind & body and noticing the subtle signals that other people are giving off with their voice (tonality, tempo, pitch) and body and facial gestures.

    If there's a manual or other materials you got from the seminars, look at the sections on rapport for the proper explanations and exercises. I'd also suggest using the technique of modeling - find people who embody the kinds of confidence and charmisma you want and studying everything about the way they communicate.

    Getting skilled with NLP is like with anything else. It takes time and practice. You have to immerse yourself in it to learn the concepts, techniques and strategies that make it easy for you to change yourself and others quickly. It's that not hard, it just takes dedication. It also really helps if you have access to someone that can help guide you in the process.

    Keep going! Taking the time to learn some more NLP skills is a great investment in yourself.
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    Hi Magnatolia,

    It's great to hear about your learning NLP and hypnosis. You are bound to get the results you want if you continue to reinforce the suggestions and the anchors daily.

    Anchors DO get stronger over time ... We have very strong anchors that remind us of times we felt a certain way back home or In high school or with a special someone ...

    So, the key is to keep strengthening the anchor and to do it in the particular modality that best fits you.

    Are you more visual? Auditory ? Or kinesthetic? So many NLPers like to do kinesthetic anchors, but only 18% of people ARE kinesthetic .... Plus you meh inadvertently weaken the anchor by touching things throughout the day and that is why the effect wears off.

    Music and words are another great way to establish an anchor ...

    Or visualizing a special object ... Like when you want to feel that charisma ... You might anchor it to a special glow around your body that you turn on when you go out on a date or meet someone ...

    So, all that to say, not everyone works the same way ... But once you find what does work best for you keep reinforcing it. There are a lot more limiting beliefs to bust through than most people are aware of so it can take time to move into the realization do who you are really meant to be.

    Good luck!

    Victoria Gallagher
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    The problem with anchoring (in NLP or hypnosis) that you are doing is that it likely conflicts with your current more powerful false beliefs. The false beliefs that you went to the seminar to change are likely powerful and deep. Just arbitrarily thinking up what you would like to have and even getting powerful emotion tied to it still has a very low success rate in changing false core beliefs over time.

    You are not able to sustain the new desired beliefs (only feel the desired effect occasionally) because the deeper, stronger false beliefs are growing back.

    There is much more going on within us than just some emotion and a thought. False core beliefs are formed in intense emotion and reinforced over several years. One weekend workshop is extremely unlikely to change this.

    It is the underlying false belief that you have to get to first before you can change it. Dozens of the world’s greatest minds are currently working on this problem without a current consensus yet. NLP, hypnosis, therapy, affirmations, the law of attraction – all claim to be able to do this and sometimes they do.

    What you are looking to accomplish is the reprogramming of deep false core beliefs. One of the greatest mysteries of all time. Every claims to know how to do it with a different process every time. Hardly anybody is consistently delivering it. Persistence is one of the first keys.

    Toby Jensen - Invest in what works this time

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    simple yet powerful one line magicmantra is:
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  • Here this should be the easiest way to help you improve your mindset:

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    I'm doing NLP to help collapse Anchors that are holding us back.

    Its working great. It's basically reframing parts with representational modalities.

    It snaps people out of their rut in 15 minutes or less. That's why I call it my NLP Ninja.

    I put out a thread on the WF called "Grasshopper to Guru - NLP Ninja. (...beyond mere mindset).

    Got a few sales, they're all going GREAT!

    NLP is a very cool tool.

    JP Bailey, MA
    The Psych Marketer

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