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by amuro
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The problem with most marketers is that they all want to make $.

Yet NOT everyone KNOWS how to create and give value to others.

Think about it.

When you got a problem or down and out, who is the one person who helped you to your feet?

How do you feel about that person who helped you?

Do you go about recommending your friends and even family to that person who helped you, hoping that person can help them as well?

Now the next challenge is -

Can you be like that person or even better than him or her?

Not just helping that person as repayment but others with problems as well the same way he helped you?

Since adding people like Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Eben Pagan, Mike Filsaime and even local entrepreneur like Sant Qiu as my Facebook friends, I must say I learnt A LOT from them.

For they not just posted about their personal life but very powerful insights about business and personal development as well.

All the while like everyone else, I used to think by working hard, working smart and believing in myself, I can achieve success easily.

But having learnt from those people, it is NOT enough.

In order to make $, you need to create and give value.

And in order to do that, you have to network and understand people as in finding out what they need and want.

Once I realize this, the questions that so many people are wondering:

1. How to make $ and

2. How to be successful

3. What is the difference between those earning 4 figures monthly and 5 figures and beyond monthly?

Are no longer questions on my mind.


Because the answers are very CLEAR as daylight to me since they are posted by REAL successful people on Facebook.

But implementation wise, I feel I have a very long way to go as I do have some bad daily habits to manage well.

Truth being told, if you can't give value or are not the person people can go to and trust for advice and help, you can't make $

Even if you do get a job, your earning potential will be limited.

Having said that, I might create an information product on How To Create And Give Value To People While Making $ Legally.

But the content will not be entirely my own but curated from those successful people I mentioned about.
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    I totally agree, giving value is the name of the game if you want long term success. There is the option to make a quick buck, but what is the point if you want long term success and a business that you can build and be proud of.

    It is not very often we can reinvent the wheel, so we have to learn from other successful people and then do what they do but in our own way, with our own twist and our own unique value.
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      Agree 100%

      People want to make $$ and it's a difficult concept to understand that money comes when you provide VALUE.

      I guess something experience teaches in time.
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