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MAD Marketers
MAD=Make A Difference

Who are the marketers you most admire/respect that are making a positive difference with their:
  • Products
  • Services
  • Business Ethos
  • Actions

and why?

I do have an ulterior motive as I am putting together a webinar series of marketers I respect and admire.

I know there are a lot of others out there who I personally have not encountered/met and would like to know who you respect. Your advice is much appreciated.

All the best,
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    Marketers I respect and admire are:

    Jonathan Budd
    Jodie Thompson
    Anik Singal
    Mike Filsaime
    Eben Pegan
    Frank Kern
    and plenty of others

    EDIT: forgot to mention myself
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    Plenty of people think I am totally mad

    As to your question, if you mean IM people, I respect in particular:

    Frank Kern: Overcame a massive setback that would have floored most people to bounce back stronger and more successful than ever, and now living his dream. Very funny guy, always makes me laugh, and brilliant marketer. I know his cousin Trey as well - also brilliant guy and marketer.

    Eben Pagan: Brilliant marketer and respects people as people. Model IM person IMO.

    Stephen Pierce: Overcame huge adversity - school drop out, down and out, caught up in drug gangs, shot etc, and created a phenomenal IM empire as well as offline. Stephen has my respect and if anyone needs inspiration, he is the guy to get it from. Brilliant public speaker and genuinely great guy as well who really cares.

    Struggling after that.

    I am from the old school and definitely respect people like Allen Says, Jonathan Mizel and other pioneers from back then. IM just isn't the same nowadays
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    I'd have to say mine are:

    Mike Dillard
    Daegan Smith
    Jonathan Budd
    Gavin Mountford

    Great guys and very how-to-get-things-done rather than all that mindset mumbo jumbo a lot of marketing books will feed you.

    To the top,
    -Greg the Writer
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      I know there's a lot of them, but I got started with Jay Abraham.

      I use to be into Tony Robbins (went to one of his seminars), and from that I got a letter from Tony back in '02 promoting a Jay seminar. Had never heard of him before.

      Why do I like him?

      -I think he's extremely ethical, fair, honest. If you search the web, you won't find many negative things about him, if any.

      His seminars and products are expensive, but he's always offering these big guarantees, or only pay 20% down. The offer is almost irresistable and tilted in your favor.

      -Stresses content, value, giving. There's no hard sell at the end, or bait and switch.

      -An innovator. He's always doing something new, or raising the bar.

      -No garbage or fluff.
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  • Profile picture of the author Shaka
    Marketing creativity - Jay Abraham
    Copywriting talent - Ted Nicholas
    IM marketer/teacher - Kevin Riley
    Practcal marketing advice - Dan Kenedy

    Every new day is a gift.

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    Ryan Deis
    Mike Filsaime
    Jeff Johnson
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