Does working with people create an actual MASTERMIND?

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Hi folks,

Some guru types say that when people work together or are even in the same room having a meeting then it creates an actual MASTERMIND. As in, all the minds melded together to make one super-brain. Warrior Forum could even be a good example.

My question to you is, does this actually create a mastermind or is the result just like having a mastermind?

Looking forward to your opinions. =)
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    I feel that everyone in the mastermind group has to be laser focused and working towards the same aim. Everyone has to be kept in the loop of everyone's statuses.

    Improve through healthy criticism and helping one another through problems and figuring out viable solutions together
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    People tend to misquote Napoleon Hill on the Master Mind principle. If you let so-called gurus today tell it, any group of minds can come together and create a Master Mind but that's not true. There's a difference between cooperation and creating a Master Mind. A Master Mind is when every member of that group is in perfect harmony with one another thus creating another mind. The Master Mind principle follows the scientific principle which allows 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen to create water. Water is neither hydrogen nor oxygen, but blended together in perfect harmony, both elements created a third element....water. That's what the blending of minds in perfect harmony is supposed to do...create a composite mind that is neither member's from the group.

    The more people that are in the group, the more difficult perfect harmony becomes because as we know, it's hard to get a large number of people on the same page. Sure you can get a group of people to work together, brainstorm together, etc., but that doesn't make them a Master Mind.
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    My question to you is, does this actually create a mastermind or is the result just like having a mastermind?
    I think it creates mastermind.
    When many intelligent and working brains come to a conclusion on something; then that is always the best conclusion.
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    Yes! The worst thing that anyone can do is work in isolation. It is the road to depression, failure and limitations
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