The guy who won $160m - LOA?

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BBC News - Neil Trotter named £108m Euromillions lottery winner

He was so confident he would win he told staff at his father's office on Friday lunchtime, "this time tomorrow" he would be a multi-millionaire.

To add to this, it was his first time playing the euro lottery.
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    wow some people have all the luck.
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    Beginners luck worked well on him.

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    so what about the several million other people who played and may have said the same thing..

    if this guy does not have a proper money mindset..he runs the risk of being broke or dead from a drug habit in a few years .

    now when you have people who have won two or three different jackpots..and there are a few .
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      Originally Posted by Odahh View Post

      so what about the several million other people who played and may have said the same thing..

      if this guy does not have a proper money mindset..he runs the risk of being broke or dead from a drug habit in a few years .

      now when you have people who have won two or three different jackpots..and there are a few .
      he says he will live his dream in motor racing, is that a crime?

      good luck to him
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    Good for him. He is a lucky guy.
    "Gathering correct information and taking actions will boom your business.
    Never be afraid of failures and success will follow you"

    By My Unsung Guru and Mentor
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    LOA specifically, probably not. But still a good mindset to have!
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    It is these types of things that perpetuate the ideology of getting something for nothing. Of course I am happy he is happy. Only it won’t last. It is so sad. If he couldn’t make it in motor racing before no amount of money is going to buy year after year of wins.

    I am hoping, just hoping, this lottery win will be the catalyst for him to pour his heart and soul into motor racing through a committed work ethic.

    As for the rest of us – do the last sentence above and you don’t have to wait to win the lottery before you can become successful. Get it now. Why waste your life wishing it away for your ship to come in? Get it done now!

    People are tired of get rich quick schemes Even though they are a lot of fun. I try not to perpetuate that. Do what it takes to be successful and you become successful every single time.

    Toby Jensen - Invest in what works this time

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    Lots of people say it so if you're one of the ones who say it and it happens, that is a sheer fluke. LOA doesn't really factor into it.

    Cheers, Laurence. Read my Warriors for Hire ad.
    Writer/Editor/Proofreader. Place orders.

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    Wow very lucky guy!..
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    Wow very lucky.

    LOA or not i'm happy for him


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    • Profile picture of the author hardraysnight
      i seriously never knew what loa was

      i googled it

      guess contextually it means law of attraction

      i suspect o lucky man is convinced it now stands for league for awsomeness

      LOA Length Overall (boat specification)
      LOA Law of Attraction
      LOA Location avec Option d'Achat (French: Rent with Option to Buy)
      LOA Letter Of Authorization
      LOA Leave Of Absence
      LOA Library of America
      LOA Letter of Approval
      LOA Letter of Authenticity (collectible memorabilia)
      LoA Legends of Aranna (game)
      LOA letter of offer and acceptance (US DoD)
      LOA Length Over All
      LOA Loss of Appetite
      LOA Letter of Agency
      LOA Life Of Agony
      LOA Love One Another
      LOA Line of Accounting
      LOA Letter of Authority
      LOA Lack of Attention
      LOA List of Abbreviations
      LOA Lords of Acid (band)
      LOA Law of Averages
      LOA Letter Of Apology
      LOA Letter of Award (architects/developers and contractors)
      LOA Level of Awareness
      LOA Level of Abstraction (research)
      LOA Letter Of Appreciation
      LOA Library of Alexandria (game)
      LOA Level of Assessment
      LOA Leif Ove Andsnes (classical pianist)
      LOA Last of All
      LOA Linear Optical Amplifier (Genoa)
      LOA Level Of Authority
      LOA Letters of Assurance
      LOA letter of assist (US DoD)
      LOA Lysis of Adhesions (surgical procedure)
      LOA Limit of Advance
      LOA Line of Authority (insurance law)
      LOA Loss of Attachment (periodontal disease)
      LOA Logistics Officers Association (formerly Maintenance Officers Association)
      LOA Living Out Allowance (housing)
      LOA Light Off Assessment
      LOA Legend of Ares (online game)
      LOA Letter of Admonishment
      LOA Loss of Alignment (SDH or Sonet Technology)
      LOA Letter of Administration
      LOA Line of Affiliation
      LOA Left Occipito Anterior (fetal position)
      LOA Love on Arrival (Dan Seals song)
      LOA Lead Operational Authority
      LOA Losers of America (gaming clan)
      LOA Local Overseas Allowance
      LOA Legion Of Apocalypse (hacker group)
      LOA Light Observation Aircraft
      LOA Loan Officer Assistant
      LOA Loyal Orange Association (Canadian fraternal organization)
      LOA League of Awesomeness
      LOA Land of Atlantis (band)
      LOA Lease-Option Agreement
      LOA Late Onset Asthma
      LOA Loss of Aircraft (logistics)
      LoA Legacy of Assassins (PS3 clan)
      LOA Looseness of Association
      LOA Limited Open Authorization
      LOA Limited Operational Availability
      LOA lodgment operational area (US DoD)
      LOA Leadership Opportunity Awards
      LOA Letter of Abandonment
      LOA Lesbians Of America
      LOA Limited Operational Assessment
      LOA Line Of Appropriation
      LOA Length of Association
      LOA Link Occupancy Analysis
      LOA Letter Of Agreement/Acceptance
      LoA Lords of Arograth (online game)
      LOA Limit of Allowance
      LOA Lower Open Auxiliary
      LOA Lead Out Advantage
      LOA Luck of Aleia (emo band)
      LOA Lube Oil Additive
      LOA Love of Animals, Inc (Visalia, CA)
      LOA Love of Anime
      LOA Least Objectionable Activity (Big Bang Theory TV series)
      LOA Logistics Operations Analysis (McHugh Software International)
      LOA List Of Acronym(s)
      LOA logistics over-the-shore (LOTS) operation area (US DoD)
      LOA Lands of Acheron (Neverwinter Nights game server)
      LoA Lambs of Abortion (band)
      LOA Lorry Owners Association (India)
      LOA Leaf Over Axle (Motor Vehicle Suspension Design)
      LOA Letter of Amendment (various organizations)
      LOA Lening Op Afbetaling (Dutch: Installment Loan)
      LOA Limit of Authority
      LOA Laboratory of Archaeology (Canada)
      LOA Level of Acculturation
      LOA Logistics Operations Area
      LOA Lernen Ohne Angst (German: Learn without Fear)
      LOA Lights on Afterschool (Afterschool Alliance)
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    This isn't LOA, this is luck and a bit of a good mindset.
    LOA deals more with earning..
    You can't earn the lottery
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    I don't personally think this was LOA at work but I do believe in the power of expectations of good things.
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