Losing All Hope Was Freedom...(FIGHT CLUB/LAHWF)

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This past week's been rough one but, my attitude has improved dramatically today due to:

1) the fact it's Friday (still have the day job)


2) I came across the LAHWF channel -here's the owner answering FAQ


Basically a prank youtube channel but, I love the idea and mindset originally from the movie Fight Club - if you haven't seen the movie you need to see it - that line is mentioned in a pivotal scene in the movie.

Kind of makes you sit back and think for a moment.

If you today just gave up all hope of things getting better - even if you're completely desperate - and just became content with the fact that you're breathing and have the ability to read this - you might stumble upon a type of freedom the attachment to outcomes, to others opinions and to material things (including that million dollar website) will never serve you for too long.

I sincerely hope you - fellow warrior - can find that inner freedom today - so you can crush it externally tomorrow. :rolleyes:

Hope that makes sense - on 2nd thought - no I don't.
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    Certainly been there when times are incredibly tough. It was freeing to know there was only one way to go – up!

    This sounds like hitting rock bottom has shown you the way. Is that what you mean?
    Now do it (become free) with without becoming a slave first.

    It is easier to die for a cause than to live for one. Having success without being attached to it is what is cool. I can see you are on the path to this so I thought I would respond.

    Something else that would help a lot is the “nothing” place of Zen Buddhism. The emptiness can be achieved then we keep that as we come back into life to enjoy life.

    Stay in the present moment my friend!

    Toby Jensen - Invest in what works this time

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