Goals - Who needs them anyway?

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:confused: Are millionaires and successful people really sitting down and writing out goals they want to achieve?
Think about this for a second...
Of Course they are! How do you think they got where they are?

Setting goals had been the base of there successful habits from the very beginning. Whether consciously or not, each individual had a vision (or goal) and they set out a path aiming for whatever achievements that would help them work towards their vision.

Most people are not placed in the best of scenarios for achieving what they feel would be success. Because of this, it is more pronounced for these people to consciously set goals.

Setting goals can be mistaken, misused, and forgotten. Without them, a key factor in personal development is missing.

First, it is important to understand the purpose of goals, and why we have defined goals as what lead to success. Learn to appreciate goals, and adapt goals in to our every day lifestyle.

Personally, I had a difficult time setting goals because I found it boring, and I found it time consuming (Really it wasn't). After doing research and discovering that you cannot avoid goals if you are to be successful, I realize that 'Goal' is just a word. It's the meaning and purpose I was missing

Example: 100 meter race, no rules, 2 people randomly ask you to race. You agree. Seeing the finish line at the end and a person on each side of you at the start line.
You subconsciously have a goal - Reach the end in 1st place
The race begins and the 2 are ahead of you.
You think "I need to run faster" So you match there pace.
Half way your breath is deepening, and you see they are running effortlessly. You push harder and get ahead of them for the last dash.
"Thinking you may have enough energy to reach your goal"
The finish line is only 50 meters away and one guy is on your left about to pass. ----No Rules... You put your arm out and shove him until he loses balance. "eek" The other guy is ahead of you and about to finish, so you perform a leap of faith and grabs his ankles banging your face to the ground.
He has fallen as well, with his hand only just meters away. You climb to your knees, and with one foot you pounce to a rolling finish.

I know, rough neck race. Possibly a bad example for those who already understand the importance of success. Every example you think about you should be able to identify the goal. The path and 'Choices' to make in order to achieve that goal.

There is no way of avoiding goals. adapt them, appreciate them, and learn from them.
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    Thanks for sharing. The truth is, if you jot down your goals on paper, they serve as a reminder and motivation to keep you going. The most important thing is, it helps you stay focused.
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      I have also heard that the physical act of writing down your goals increases your chances of actually achieving them.
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    writing down goals without a system to measure progress ..is why 90 percent or more of goals set ..don't get achieved ..
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    You need directions if you want to go somewhere.

    You need goals if you want acheive something. Goals are like a personal map to a desired end result.

    We are also a goal striving species to begin within. It is in our nature to set and surpass goals. This separates us from other animals, who have a predetermined number of goals hardwired into their biological circuitry: survival, dominance, etc.

    Visit http://www.bettermindbodyself.com for proven advice and techniques to elevate your mind, body, and self-image.

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    Awesome additional input everyone!

    If you want help with setting goals, I found a wonder Goal setting social network. That's right. A social network designed to bring together everyone and there goals.

    www.43things.com - I joined around Christmas this year and love it!
    Damien Parsons
    Success Coach | Writer
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    I learned the hard way that it's not enough to have a mental goal but that one must form the habit of committing their goals to paper as well. I don't necessarily know the psychology behind it but in my case, at least, writing my goals down instead of playing it by 100% memorization made a big difference.
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    Its going to be very hard to achieve without identifying and writing goals.
    It helps to achieve them.
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    Not just write down your goals, but make them SMART goals.

    Specific - exactly what your goal is
    Measurable - how you will measure it (your midway achievements)
    Assignable - who will do it
    Realistic - is your goal realistic? If your goal is to fly to the moon in a hot air balloon, write down how realistic it is
    Time-sensitive - the date you will achieve your goal

    If you don't make it a SMART goal, you're more likely to drift. Having your goal time-sensitive gives you a deadline.

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    I have achieved more goals than average this week, just by adding a whiteboard in a place I can not ignore. Write them down, take action.
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      Originally Posted by empire300 View Post

      I have achieved more goals than average this week, just by adding a whiteboard in a place I can not ignore. Write them down, take action.
      Well lets face it.. We are all human beings (I think), and we all forget and get distracted. Even without A.D.D ,, A.D.H.D ,, O.C.D and all the other labels out there.

      Think about this for a minute everyone..
      What do you want to think about most when you wake up? (or) Before you go to bed at night?
      Do you want to think about the drama's of daily life?
      or would it be better to think where you want to go? or what you want to have?

      So why not remind ourselves at the most important times about what we are living for? Remind ourselves what we are doing and why we are doing it! Remember and Reflect. Don't get distracted from your path if you feel you have found your path.
      This can be where drugs and addictive, destructive actions may sprout
      Damien Parsons
      Success Coach | Writer
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    By writing my Goals down, it has allowed me to Focus on my trip "To Succe$$"....oh yes..
    Goals have changed my life.
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