The Craziest Secret About Making Money Online

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I had a passing thought.

That's all.

Just a thought.

And it's this...

I've been doing well making money
from home taking calculated risks...

...jumping on opportunities.

...and taking action.

I'm not doing anything differently
than the next person...

...except I have no fear.

I have no fear of losing money...

...nor fear of economic abundance.

But I used to.

I was programmed to.

Like MOST of you here.

The programming starts from the
day you're born.

It's far worst than you can imagine
if you're African for reasons I won't
explain here.

Yet this programming is insidious
no matter what your culture, race
or ethnicity.

It begins by teaching you to have
low-self esteem.

To doubt yourself at every turn.

Who are YOU to believe YOU can
overcome the odds and be great?

Shut the f**k up...get in line...and
be a good little citizen.

Spend your money on our *stuff*.

...and keep buying *stuff* to fill the
void you have in your life.

Make more money...

...clock in more hours... you can buy more of our *stuff*

People spook themselves to create
a financially secure future for their
families and themselves asking silly
questions like, "will this REALLY work?"

I don't know.

Will it?

The question isn't, "Will XYZ work...
it's will YOU?"

Do YOU believe it works?

And if so...

...what are you gonna' do about it?

You don't bat an eye to go to your
local pup down the street... buy fast food junk (if you can
even call it food -- it's not)

...or to lease a brand new house or
car because it looks cool.


Because you're living in the moment.

And the moment is where you live.

For most of you...

...there is no concept of a past or
future. There's only "Here n' Now".

How is the possibility of losing a few
bucks investing in yourself worst than


Is it perhaps because you're brain
washed by your own leaders to see
things backwards?

I'd say so.

You were trained to give away your
wealth and sell your soul.

This is the basis of questions we so
often see in the forum like...

"Does this REALLY work?"

"Will I make money doing this?"

"Is this possible?"

"Is this even REAL?"

"Do you have PROOF?"

"Can you hold my hand and make
sure I don't fall?"

This is the basis of an inferiority

It's a an ugly virus that penetrates
the soul of many Americans.

But there *is* a secret...

...a secret I've been using to help me
overcome these issues...

And it's this:

1. Turn off the damn t.v.

It was DESIGNED to keep you wanting
for things you don't NEED...but feel
incomplete unless you have it.

2. Go on a African holistic diet.

It's simple.





Eat it raw most if not all the time.

Cut out the meat, dairy, yeast, salt
and ESPECIALLY white sugar!


...when you change your diet, you'll
naturally feel less a desire to watch
t.v. and you'll gain more confidence
because you're feeding your body the
nutrients it needs to function as a
normal, happy human being.

It's simply the way GOD intended.

These foods exist naturally created by
God to feed and medicate our souls.

The old saying, "you are what you eat"
holds true.

You'll become more spiritual and whole
as a result.

I don't know any person on this diet
who is angry at themselves, the world,
violent, aggressive and stressed.

I realize the majority of you will NOT
do just these two things.

Perhaps it is in your nature not to.

You're addicted to your ice cream... LOVE your pork and beef ribs.

...and you can't get enough of Micky
D's salty fries.

And then wonder why you're sick, lonely,
depressed and overly-aggressive.

And yet it's DIRECTLY RELATED to
your ability to achieve at your highest

to BE the best you can truly be.

The junk foods and t.v. clouds your
mind and sound reasoning.

I can tell you this...'s virtually IMPOSSIBLE to focus
and or be successful making money
when you're body is constantly in a
state of dis-ease.

Actually...'ll have more problems than
just money.

Relationships fall apart.

Spirituallity is almost non-existent.

You'll feel depressed and suicidal.

I started making money when I did
these two things.

Few people succeed in spite of it.

And if they do it comes at a heavy

This is the secret.

And it's not so crazy after all.

But for most people doing those two
simple things IS a crazy thought.

It just seemed "natural" to me, so
I wanted to help some of you out
who may be out of options to at the
very least give this a 'try'.

See how you feel.

I gave you the formula.

You decide your own fate.

Thanks for reading.

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    Nice post I really agree with the part about being raised not to take risks with money. It's like if you spend $100 dollars on trying to make more and fail then you're an idiot but if you spend it on a new phone then that's normal. Not so sure how dieting relates to that but it can't hurt.
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    The secret is out in public now!
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  • Profile picture of the author damiensuccess
    We are not carnivores... Nothing in our physical makeup shows us we should eat meat. Not the right teeth, not the right digestive track, and none of the necessary enzymes or whatever its called. Eating meat is stressing our bodies out, and I can agree that Joe Benjamin is correct in his choice of diet to improve your overall functionality.

    The universe will send back results, from the emotions and efforts we focus most on when we connect with the world around us.

    Its not a secret, its more of a lost common sense. Reworded to complicate us in believing it is a mystical and magical law. We over think what we are presented, and maybe it is because we want immediate answers or immediate results. So we are shown that we can get answers and results with our thoughts. That is only because our thoughts start our actions that lead to reactions... REACTIONS.. Not results!

    I go more in detail to explain this common sense of nature. "Giggle" the almighty Secret

    The Law of Attraction – Making it obvious, clearer and work for you | Successful Marketing Secrets
    Damien Parsons
    Success Coach | Writer
    Join me on Successful Lifestyle Secrets
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      Hi Joe, Thanks for writting such a great post!

      I've lost 40lbs by eating the way you suggest although I still add a small amount of lean meat to my salads.

      I watched the film ::. RAW FOR THIRTY .:: where an African American and 5 others with diabetes went on a raw food diet for 30 days. The results were simply amazing!

      Who says diabetes is not curable?

      Anyway I hosted several screenings of the film which has inspired several hundred of people in my local area to switch to living a more healthy lifestyle!

      Gave up TV several years ago and also limit reading WSOs because to much thinking and not enough doing leads to information overload and procrastination.

      Instead of watching TV and buying regurgitated WSOs I read and listen to audio versions of self-development books... A really great one for overcoming low self esteem and fear is "The Tools"... The Tools App | The Tools | Phil Stutz and Barry Michels | Five dynamic and effective personal development techniques

      Instead of buying WSOs and reading about others succeeding why not filp the switch and create and sell WSOs because buying takes money out of your pocket but selling something fills your bank account!

      You are spot on about how the education system brainwashes us. It rewards you for not making mistakes with an A+ grade but in the real world it's those who aren't afraid to take risks and fail over and over again who learn from their mistakes who go on to improve their lives and the lives of others while everyone else are so scared of making a mistake they aren't willing to try anything new and like religious zealots they insist everyone needs to be like them.

      The Tools By Phil Stutz and Barry Michels: New York Times Bestseller Can change your life!


      PS... One of the reasons why I still eat a small amount of meat each day is due to all of the studies like I built a website for the Vegetarian Club in my area at: but they insist that everyone needs to give up animal food products. Most of the members are older people full of health complaints and so convinced that everyone should adopt their views that they scare away most young people from joining. But eating less meat and more fruits and veggies along with daily exercise will increase your energy and energy can be transmuted into all kinds of currency. Without energy you won't get much done. With boundless energy you can create many good things and your energy levels depend on proper rest, exercise and nutrition! All things in moderation.
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    Congrats on not having any fear... not a lot of people are able to live their life with no fear. So congrats.

    As for me, I'm filled with it... I get in it.

    I get scared.

    If I'm not scared (fearful), that means I'm not getting out of my box... I've become laxed in a sense and I need to get uncomfortable again.

    I need to take BIGGER risks...

    Get into more stuff.

    Get uncomfortable.

    Get fearful.

    Get scared.


    Because if I'm not scared.

    If I'm not fearful.

    I'm just comfortable.

    And soon enough, I ain't makin' things happen. And sooner or later, my results will show it.

    The only way to grow... to be better, to do BIG things... is to feel fear... to be filled with it... and know that you're at the right place at the right time... and that that fear means you're moving on up... and you're about to see your greatest self.

    No fear? No thanks... I'd rather be scared
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  • Profile picture of the author C G
    Excellent post.

    Don't think that you don't feel any fear. It's just that you are courageous


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    • Profile picture of the author damiensuccess
      Originally Posted by C G View Post

      Excellent post.

      Don't think that you don't feel any fear. It's just that you are courageous


      I agree completely. Fear is a tool, and a powerful tool. Don't let your confidence and courage blind you from your fears.

      Having courage allow people to face fearful situations and overcome them in a better way then if they were 'scared' of the situation.

      Identifying fearful situations and mastering the outcome opens opportunities.

      As for eating meat, obtaining the correct proteins and fats from 'Animal' sources can be done in ways that discuss the average human. Similar to apes, several insects and invertebrates are easy and healthy digesting for humans. Grubs and Maggots gross to say are a perfect choice for energy. Fish were also a part of human diet until we began cooking things. Now we lack the acids to digest efficiently so most fish we should now cook

      P.S. I Just ate GMO Packed Pizza Pockets - (Our Society, Oh my!)
      Damien Parsons
      Success Coach | Writer
      Join me on Successful Lifestyle Secrets
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    good motivation
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  • Profile picture of the author Joe Benjamin
    As you can imagine...

    ...I've been working since I made
    this thread, and although I don't
    have time to respond to each one,
    I've READ each one.

    Thanks for keeping it alive to help
    spread the message to others.

    As far as being 'fearless'...

    ...that was typo.

    I feel fear every day.

    There's not a single day that goes
    by where I don't 'know' if something
    is going to work out.

    All I CAN do is go for it and see what

    As for that Raw In 30 Days video...

    I saw that video.


    Bad Azz.

    I had already made the switch when
    I read into Dr. Sebi (the MASTER on
    this Raw Food diet for decades).

    Then I wanted to delve deeper into
    moves like Raw In 30 Days and was
    myself even more inspired by it.

    I also knew of FOOD Inc for years.

    And purposefully avoided watching it
    because I KNEW I would probably not
    want to eat meat again.

    And I was right - lol.

    If you really want to screw someones
    head, especially a hard core meat eater,
    tell him how entertaining FOOD Inc. is.

    Say it has Samuel L. Jackson in it and
    wait for the phone call next evening.

    You don't WANT to see the cruelty
    and disgusting eating habits of the
    meat we eat.

    And you sure as hell don't want to
    hear how that tasty rib is killing you
    faster than you think.

    It's easier to assume Naivety.

    I only had the courage to watch it
    AFTER I'd already made the switch.

    I can only imagine how it feels to watch
    something like that while eating a nice,
    big steak.

    Anyway, this was my break. Time for
    me to get back to hustling.

    I encourage any and all opinions, facts,
    resources you have to help out other
    Warriors -- myself included.

    I'm always growing and I generally
    learn more when I observe.
    **How I FLIPPED $80 into $690 Pure Profit With ONE EASY Method...2 to 3x Per Week...Only 30 Minutes Per Day (and how YOU can COPY my RESULTS, too!) **CLICK HERE FOR VERIFIED VIDEO PROOF**
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    Very moving post - I thought there was going to be a "Buy now for $19.95" button at the end - and I would've bought it! That's how good your post was in a "sales copy" format.
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    I know I'm new but add me all I will be part of this community. Anyways great first post to read.
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