My Top 5 Motivational Quotes For The Day, What's Yours?

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Hey there, I wanted to drop in a give you a few of my top favorite motivational quotes!

1. Winners Find Ways To Win ~ Luthianos McPhee

I heard this quote from a friend of mine who is a very successful guy at 23. When he told me this quote, I used it during all of my tough times and it always works. It makes you dig deep within yourself to find a solution to any problem.

2. Whatever The Mind Of Man Can Conceive and Believe, Then The Mind Of Man Can Achieve ~ Napoleon Hill

This quote was great when I first read about it, it changed the way I thought about my dreams. Now this quote is something that I live by on a consistent daily basis!

3. You won't be successful until you want it as bad as you want to breathe ~ Eric Thomas The Hip-Hop Preacher.

I heard this quote back a few years ago and it also made a major impact on my life. Following this quote I started doing things differently, and I noticed that my grades shot through the roof, my performance in athletics improved, and my financials started to improve as well.

4. Do Not Try And Bend The Spoon, Instead Only Bend Yourself. There Is No Spoon ~ The Matrix

Ah I love this quote. I heard it when I was watching the matrix and the jist of the quote was that Neo saw the kid bending the spoon with his mind. Then he grabbed the spoon and tried to do it when the kid told him that quote. Moments later he bent the spoon and had a mini-breakthrough in the movie. This for me was major because the deeper meaning behind it was that reality is an illusion and rather than trying to change the things you see around you, it's best to change the things you see inside of you - better yet change the way you see yourself!

5. Whether A Man Thinks He Can Or Cannot, Either Way He Is Right.

This quote is self explanatory. It means that you determine whether you can do something or not based on what you think about. I think I can do anything in this world, and I'm sure you can too if you put your mind to it.

I hope you got some good value out of this post, and I hope you have some quotes you can share with me and everyone else too. Thanks for reading, and make the rest of your life the best of your life!

P.S. Quote #6 is:

Make The Rest of Your Life The BEST Of Your Life ~ Michael Baptiste

What are some of your favorite quotes? Please share them with me!
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