How I made my day more productive in only 30 seconds!

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So, recently I started changing some things in my life, mainly with the goal to finally create some passive income in the future.

I've managed to do more in the recent 2-3 weeks than in the last 2-3 years!

One issue arised by this however, as I keep moving forward towards my new goal.

As I started using some more services, started becoming more active in some areas, got to use some additional useful apps and some other more things, my email activity increased also dramatically.

The weeks before, I considered getting notified on my phone about new emails and being able to respond quickly back, as a way to be more productive, as I could avoid getting on my desktop or open a browser to answer.

So as the email activity increased, my notifications increased during the day, getting notified maybe 10-30 times a day, often with emails that wouldn't require my immediate attention.

In other words, this started killing my previously gained productivity.

I quickly realized with the new situation, it's NOT the notifications on my phone that made answering emails more productive... the opposite would happen, my productivity would going to suffer even a lot more by the constant interruptions.

I would have never considered before a "drastic" step, like turning my email notifications completely off.

Yet finally, as my email activity is probably going even to increase further, I turned the email notifications completely off and what can I say? Not getting notified all the time, for probably lots of emails that don't need my attention every time they arrive, is a blessing!

I had the fear at first, I would be missing on something important, not getting notified anymore.

However this fear proved false. And my day is now more productive again!

Thanks to a little step like this, that took once maybe 30 seconds of my time, I get more of my time every day back again!

And I can still answer on my phone, when away from my desktop!

So now I'm just going over my emails 2-4 times a day, depending on how important they are and it's a lot faster to sort through the less important things at once, instead of doing it one by one email at a time.

I suggest, you try it too.

Please let me know, if this was helpful to you?

Or share maybe your experience with your email notifications (and turning them off).
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    Very good.

    Email is a true productivity killer. I check and reply to emails once a day in bulk.


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    Yep, emails once a day.

    I'm trying to get in the habit of disconnecting my Internet until i have 3 must do online tasks written down that in can batch up and do in one hit, then go offline again. Amazing the time saved without pointless surfing and email checking.
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      Well, it's a bit difficult to disconnect from the Internet, when it's my job.

      How do you manage that?
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      • I disconnect from the internet once I'm writing.

        Finding clients, researching niches, outlines, and other tasks require the internet. But once I'm getting words on the page, I don't open any browsers.

        The fewer distractions, the more I accomplish.
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    Originally Posted by thejimy View Post

    I had the fear at first, I would be missing on something important, not getting notified anymore.

    Here's what I do....

    I created a "Marketing e-mail" at Yahoo.... I use this to opt-in to lists..... I check this e-mail once a day...... at most.

    I keep my business e-mail open all the time.... and it goes to my phone as well.

    There is no "urgency" to read the "Marketing e-mail" at all...

    But, there is urgency to read my business e-mail.

    All The Best,

    Rich Beck BCIP, MCSD, MCIS
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    I check email once in the morning and after I finish all my top priority tasks at the end of the day. It has been working for me for awhile now and I literally keep my phone away from me when I'm working on my business.

    It seems somebody always needs a favor or wants to have a conversation while I'm working so I just made the decision to keep my phone away from me and leave it on silent while I'm working. I usually check it when I'm done with all my major tasks.
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  • I check my emails first thing in the morning and at the end of every workday. Doesn't take me more than 30 mins =)
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        You make a good point, but for me I handle it just the opposite and it has worked out better for me and for business.

        I quickly check emails all day long with my iPhone. This let's me handle the ones I need to right away and I just delete the ones I am not interested in. This has helped me a lot. I used to let them build up and dreaded sitting down and sorting through them.

        Now I keep my email inbox clean when I take a walk, go to the lake, or doing just about anything throughout the day. Plus I make more article writing sales because I respond when people are most interested, and in the buying mood, and not 12-24 hours later when they may have cooled off.

        Glad you have found out what works for you!
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          Actually, for things that might need my immediate attention, like responding quickly to specific customers I have setup other methods by now.

          Reaching my through something that is instant, like Skype, but people might not use that often as Skype, works great. In my case my choice was Google's Hangout, it's not as distracting as having other Instant Messengers and people don't expect an immediate response for some reason here, just a quick one.

          So, I suggest, to replace Email with something else for some things. In case, that isn't possible, have those emails be forwarded or send to a different account only for this very specific case, it keeps you free from all the other email noise.
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    Thanks for posting this!

    You're absolutely right. I recently turned off my phone notifications, but I still get those pesky email reminders. Most, no, ALL, don't require my immediate attention, and they serve mostly to derail my focus.

    It is tough, though, when you have to be connected for your job. I have a rule about email, for example, that I only check in the morning....unless I'm working when I have to check it more often.

    What helps with the internet is I do everything on the internet I need at the same time...and then do ALL my other work offline, so I try to separate the two.
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    That's pretty good information I would say. Preferably its been quite an effective tips that you have mentioned over here. This story have been the best for one who have been looking out for a proper time management to stay organized. Even time saving tips could also be a great part of the same. Thanks for the same.
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    Checking and responding to emails can be a time killer...yes there are some emails that need to be answered as soon as possible but the vast majority of them at least in my situation can be replied to at any time...
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    For me, this is what I do:

    I check my emails in the morning. When I am done, I just don't check it till the next morning and shut it off.
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    I have done a quick sweeping using, after finding out that most of the e-mail subscriptions I had weren't really that helpful. So, I would have to agree with post #9 about using to clear up that inbox using 1-click unsubscribe option.
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