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I have trouble taking action.
Its driving me nuts! I'm doing a task and before you know it im stuck in social media, I want to stay focused.

I guess my question is what do you guys do/ use to stay focused?
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    Only you can make you stay focus. If you can't stay focus on your task to succeed in your business maybe you do not want it bad enough.

    What you should do is do task in small intervals. Do not login to your social network profiles while focusing on your task. You need to also get into the right entrepreneur and success mindset. You also need to find your drive for success and to finish task and accomplish goals.

    I hope you start finding the way that best fits you to accomplish your goals. I believe that you will find the success you are looking for.

    Here's to your success!
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      I do what I call "Black Out" periods. Close all extra tabs, turn off my phone, and commit to a two hour period with only focusing on what I put on my list.

      I agree it's hard to get focused at times but once I get in a groove, hard to stop grinding.
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        Originally Posted by Shane F View Post

        I do what I call "Black Out" periods. Close all extra tabs, turn off my phone, and commit to a two hour period with only focusing on what I put on my list.

        I agree it's hard to get focused at times but once I get in a groove, hard to stop grinding.
        This is great advice, having Facebook open is the biggest killer. Give yourself a block of time each day, work out exactly what you want to get done and just do it (Nike got that one right). If you keep to your schedule you will stay focused.

        Being an entrepreneur doesn't mean being disorganized it means you make your own schedule.
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    That's why you need to watch as many Eric Thomas videos as you can.


    I used to watch these videos every morning. I have watched these two videos so many times that I have become completely brainwashed. Literally I hear his voice in my head every day motivating me to workout and work on IM until my eyes bleed.
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      STOP EVERYTHING... for just a moment.

      Close your eyes, and remember a time in your past where you went all out and took the MOST action, not making excuses. Remember the feelings and emotions you felt. The sights you saw, the noises you heard, the movement of your body as you were taking action.

      ...and the feeling of accomplishment as you start to see results manifesting...

      Take a snapshot, and step into that power...

      ...then open your eyes, and take action...now...

      Thank you for connecting with me, I really appreciate everytime you respond or have a conversation with me. (hint: I'm an introvert, lol) --- http://attractivesponsor.com

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      Originally Posted by Brando95 View Post

      That's why you need to watch as many Eric Thomas videos as you can.


      I used to watch these videos every morning. I have watched these two videos so many times that I have become completely brainwashed. Literally I hear his voice in my head every day motivating me to workout and work on IM until my eyes bleed.
      Dude! Another Eric Thomas fan that rocks!
      I've got him on my mp3 recordings, listen to him on my workouts, walks and rough time.s

      For the Original poster- Taking action is a result of decision. The habit of keeping those two joined together helps me. Never make a decision without following it up with action -even imperfect action. As long as it's action.
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      Originally Posted by Brando95 View Post

      That's why you need to watch as many Eric Thomas videos as you can.


      I used to watch these videos every morning. I have watched these two videos so many times that I have become completely brainwashed. Literally I hear his voice in my head every day motivating me to workout and work on IM until my eyes bleed.
      I can vouch for ET and his stuff man. I have been following him from the last 2 years and seriously there is no other motivational speaker as good as him. His stuff is so powerful, you can literally hear his voice in your head whenever feeling down and out
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    Make a to do list each morning. Limit yourself to the top three things that are a priority for you to accomplish that day then schedule a time for each task to be completed and stick to that schedule like super glue. For example give yourself maybe a strict half hour or hour if you feel like you need it on social media.

    But write down exactly what you intend to accomplish with your social media time and keep that next to your computer to keep yourself on task so your time is not wasted.

    I have found with me if I put more than three things on my daily to do list then I get over whelmed and I have never been able to finish more than 3.

    At the end of the day if I only finished two then the third item gets bumped to the following day's to do list.

    List your items by priority, that is, the most important thing you want to accomplish on top and so on down.

    This works great for me!

    Hope this helps and have a wonderful day!

    ~ Jen P :}
    a.k.a. "The I.M. Sweetie"

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    It's very common. I was also into your shoes for years, until I made my business plans and goals. Now I do have long term goals and a things to do list. I just stick with it. I do force myself to stick with my goals and action plans and tweak it as and when required.
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    I know exactly what I want, I have BURNING DESIRE to get it, and I 100% believe with absolute certainty I will get it.

    If you have trouble taking action you don't want it bad enough, or yo don't believe you can accomplish your goal.

    If you cant take action and stay motivated on your own, you shouldn't be in business for yourself.. a job where someone bosses you around all day is a a better fit for you..
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      Originally Posted by nicholasb View Post

      I know exactly what I want, I have BURNING DESIRE to get it, and I 100% believe with absolute certainty I will get it.

      If you have trouble taking action you don't want it bad enough, or yo don't believe you can accomplish your goal.

      If you cant take action and stay motivated on your own, you shouldn't be in business for yourself.. a job where someone bosses you around all day is a a better fit for you..
      Probably a bit harsh but thats the truth of it

      Procratination and lack of focus are not a disease or something you either want it and put in the hours or ar%e about and achieve nothing.
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    Every morning I prioritize my tasks and allocate the amount of time I will give myself to complete them. Imagine that you have someone looking over your shoulder when you are working. For every minute you waste you don't get paid. That has helped me stay focused. Hope that helps.
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      Originally Posted by AllieB View Post

      Every morning I prioritize my tasks and allocate the amount of time I will give myself to complete them. Imagine that you have someone looking over your shoulder when you are working. For every minute you waste you don't get paid. That has helped me stay focused. Hope that helps.
      Do you use any apps
      No signature right now
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    Get a job at McDonalds or Walmart. Commit to staying there for 90 days and then quit. Then go back to online marketing. Then every time you feel like flaking off, think of all the fun you had working for peanuts.
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      The solution to this problem has two steps:

      1. Ask yourself whether what you are doing is something you like or not. Because you can use all the tips in the world, but unless your work comes from within, nothing will work.

      2. If you pass the first point, then a simple strategy to remain focused is to divide your work into small parts, the first part being so small that you can do it without even thinking about it. This sets you in motion and motivates you to take on bigger things. Soon' you'll find yourself totally immersed in work.

      Hope that helped.
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    What do you mean, "...before I know it I'm stuck in social media." Are you saying that you're working on a project then get sidetracked and check out your Facebook and Twitter, then decide to come check out Warrior Forum to see what threads you missed?

    Whatever task you're doing, do you need internet connection? Try to turn of the internet, tv, and set aside one hour a day for certain projects. Oh, and turn off your phone!!!

    Also, why do you think you're getting distracted????

    David Hunter | Duke of Marketing

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  • Originally Posted by Newbie123 View Post

    Its driving me nuts! I'm doing a task and before you know it im stuck in social media, I want to stay focused.
    Unless you are heading to SM to promote product or a recent blog post...stay away.

    If it's that tough to stay away...set some goals, then give yourself a reward (of checking out what's happening on social media) once those goals are met.

    Hold yourself to simple goals at first and build them up to hard to attain goals. I understand that Sm can easily become a time suck, but if you begin setting goals for yourself you may have a better chance to avoid getting sucked in.


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    I tried simplifying my life by reducing the content I receive using social media. I once sat and looked at everything that I receive. Then I started removing/unsubscribing anything that I somehow liked but didn't require. Action is required and I agree to others here.
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    I like to get my most dreaded tasks out of the way first thing in the morning.

    Before that I should mention that I structure my day the night before and work only on profit pulling activities, but I schedule in about 30 minutes during the work day for self development.

    So after doing my most dreaded activities I do tasks that are easier, so as my day progresses it gets easier and easier. I've found this keeps me much more productive and motivated throughout the day and it's what's led me to grow my business as fast as I have.
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    I used to stay up till 3am in the morning to get inspiration and motivation from "make money" infomercials. Don't need that motivation right now tho. I've created a schedule for business and my life, and i love it.

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    Success is a habit. If you habitually avoid work then you will... habitually avoid work!

    Break the habit pattern by doing these things.

    1. You NEED to have a plan. If you don't know where your going, then you don't know what to focus on.

    2. FOCUS is key. Only focus on doing one task at a time. Don't think about what you've just done or what your going to do. Just on the task you're doing.

    3. Don't move onto another task until the current one is done.

    4. Break big tasks into micro goals. e.g. lets' say you're going to edit a video. Break it down into easily identifiable tasks such as activating editing software, loading video file, adding credits, cutting fluffs, etc etc. By doing this you are setting yourself up to succeed, not to fail. Each micro goal is another success. All big tasks should be broken down like this.

    5. Don't sit for too long. Break your time at the computer into 25minute chunks then get up from the computer and do something else for 5 minutes. Don't surf Facebook! Go and do something completely different. Play with the dog, go for a walk, listen to a song, - then get back to your task.

    6. Use surfing social media (if that's what you really want to do) as a reward for completing a task. Reward yourself with a defined period of time on social media - say, 30mins. OR you can go on a social media "fast" for a week!

    7. Follow this program for 40 days and, if you stick to it, you will break the habit of avoiding work. 40 days is the magic number. If you can do anything different for 40 days you WILL change your habits.

    One word of warning. For those days when you find yourself repeating old habit patters you don't want. When you catch yourself, just stop doing whatever it is the moment you catch yourself doing it, and move onto doing the thing you know you should be doing. Repeat this as many times as necessary.

    I got this program over 10 years ago from a life coach I worked on a product with. I can't count the number of times I've used it to my benefit. This program worked for me several times. It's worked for countless others, and it will work for you. You just need to commit to it for 40 days.

    Good luck.

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    If you don't know what to do, it’s really better not to take action because if you will do everything the wrong way, you will waste time and spend money without having positive results. You will also feel frustrated.

    First of all, learn how to make a marketing plan and achieve one goal.

    With time and practice you will understand how to do things, but first of all you need knowledge. Read many posts in this forum until you will understand the basics.

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    You probably need to work on your mindset and your discipline. If social media is getting in the way then you need to figure out a way to get rid of it. Block social media sites on your computer, deactivate your account, or shut off the internet.

    Do whatever you have to do to stay off of social media. Buy some books on mindset and focus. If you don't fix this problem you're going to struggle with building your business.

    I used to have a similar problem so what I did was I began watching motivational videos, reading books on success, and practicing self-discipline until I started to change. Now I barely even login to my social media accounts.
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    what do you guys do/ use to stay focused?
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    All good tips and I will do some planning and write up smaller tasks, Thank you!
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    Shut off all your distractions. Its the only way to do it.

    Wake up and work for the first 3 hours without checking email, social media, any of that stuff. Only after you have done x amount of hours of work can you then come back and check it. You'll get more done in those 2-3 hours than most people do in a whole day, maybe even week.
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    You should read some mind refreshing posts from Zen Habits: zenhabits

    Then you should focus on few things. The important things, what matters that most.

    Categorize your things in 3 like:

    #1 Productive Tasks
    Reading, Learning, Writing, Recording, Helping people, Building etc

    #2 Automation
    Posting on blog, Uploading online, Creating ebooks, Email autoresponders

    #3 Time Wasters
    Chatting, Scrolling down Facebook, Just reading WF (not taking action etc) Reading news, Reading the NEXT BIG HYPE

    The idea is to do #1 & #2 and minimize #3

    I think that will help!
    Tamal Anwar C.
    I transform old outdated 1990s/2000s websites
    into a fresh site of present time
    Learn How
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    Keep yourself focused.
    Don't visit any other sites, just focus on your work.
    Boycott phone calls, outings and fun unless you have finished your tasks.
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    Shane F said it all, focus a certain period of time on a single task. I know it's hard to focus sometimes, but that's the only way to really get things done ;-)
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    I have 2 words for you. ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER.

    If you're not able to focus, you need someone to help you. A friend, a partner. I serve as an accountability partner for others, and my whole e-mail list is MY accountability partner...but hey, I do things a bit differently.

    Sure, to-do lists are great, black out periods, etc.... but it'll all be hard for you to stick with and follow.

    Do yourself a favor, and get an accountability partner. Feel free to PM me if you don't know the term or want more info, I'd be glad to help.
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    want it bad enough and you will get what you want.

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    It is hard to stay on track, maybe you should put some targets.

    For example yesterday I start a challange with myself: TWO WEEKS => 100 new product reviews, I have only 2-3 hours a day after work, and have a 4 months old girl, who does not like me to look my computer.

    Yesterday I wrote 6 product reviews, it seems it will be difficult to reach 100 reviews but, what I'm sure is, after 10 days I will have some extra pages making me some extra passive income.

    So you must take action now not tomorrow!
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      I like the numbers focus here, adds order to your mind. Smart!
      Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Keep your reason WHY handy to move into persistent, focused action.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    In my opinion, a broadband connection is one of the biggest distractions. I prefer to wake up, get a cup of coffee, then start work on the HARDEST task in my list.

    Starting with the hardest task, eating the Biggest Frog as Brian Tracy would say, helps ok ensure you do the most impactful task for the day.
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    First discover your why and use that to keep your focus and take action.

    Working on why you want this online business is absolutely crucial, if you don't have a why and I mean a deep why that really pushes you up that ladder, then you are not going to achieve your financial goals.

    I can tell you now, no matter how strong your will power is, it won't keep you going or push you to get there! Neither will money keep you going, money will never motivate you, even if you think being a millionaire is going to absolutely push you to success, this won’t happen.

    So before you go any further, ask yourself why you want to do this... it can be family, travel or just reaching goals... you decide!!!
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    The best way to stay focused and do the things that move you forward is to sit on your bed right before you go to sleep each night and map out what you will do the next day. Once you do that, you will get more things done and faster.

    Don't let distractions take you "off the highway" to do things online that don't move you forward.
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    The faster you take action, the faster you reach success.

    Let that sink in.
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    I was exactly the same I would write a to do list on my whiteboard. It would have all sorts of things on it. Work out, write a blog post, create new product, ect. I would be so pumped about what I was going to accomplish tomorrow.

    Then I wouldn't do any of it. I would become so overwhelmed by my list, I wouldn't know where to start. So I would find myself on twitter, playing video games, or just surfing around doing nothing. I wasted years doing not doing anything. What finally worked for me was doing one thing only.

    I wrote one thing on white board to accomplish the next day. All I worried about was that one thing. I almost never didn't accomplish my one daily goal. Usually after I accomplished my one goal I kept going and accomplished more than I ever would have. Don't put pressure on yourself it doesn't work and your work suffers. And don't make your one goal huge, like create an entire new product and the sales page. Try writing one paragraph of your new product. Give it a shot I bet you will get more things done then you ever believed you could.
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      Hey man just keep going, find what works for you and smash it, I had the same problem with staying focused. Once everything starts falling into place it will motivate you like you wouldn't believe!

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    It might sound unrelated but get enough sleep. If you're feeling tired then you're not able to focus as much as you should and then it's easy for your mind to get distracted.
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    Its hard taking the first step but when you do you keep going forward. An object in motion remains in motion.
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    What I like to do is to make a list of the top 3 things I need to do the evening before. Then decide which one among the three is the most important one that you absolutely must do.

    Then the first thing I did in the morning after I wake up (and wash up) is to do that one task. Make it the very first thing you do right after you wake up.

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    Taking action, stay focused and being Proactive are so difficult when there is so much to learn and absorb along with so many things to distract you.
    Always when you start working on the computer turn your phone off, ensure you have a room away from family so you can focus and not be deterred by loved ones. It’s a bit secluded and harsh but if you do this and at least make two productive hours out of it rather than many hours floating from the computer to other things resulting in even more hours of none productivity.
    Make a To Do List each day in the morning of just 3big tasks you can achieve in one or two hours work. Once you start staying focused for 1 hour each day you can try to extend your work period so managing your levels of concentrations rather than being solid for hours without results.
    Make a Goal and focus on something financially you would like to achieve print a picture of it and put it on the wall or on your fridge so you can regularly see it and it reminds you what you are working for.
    I had a Big problem with this also but I feel through my strategies I have improved greatly.
    I hope this helps for you too buddy!
    Good Luck
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    i didn't read all of the replies above but the main idea is that the focus comes only from you. if you get distracted by social networks , movies and such, then in my opinion you are not ready or not really like what you do ...
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    It is very hard to stay focused especially with all of the distractions that surround us. As hard as it is you are going to have to force yourself to turn off all of those distractions. I am talking about the TV, Facebook, Email and even the warrior forum.

    This is a great place but it is very easy to get lost and keep reading instead of taking action. I was a victim of this for the longest time and I had to make time to take action and I haven't looked back.
    I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying.
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      focus is tied to motivation i stay focused because i am motivated.
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    To stay focused you need to make taking action a MUST instead of a SHOULD.

    Ask yourself what will happen if you don't stay focused and do that thing that is going to move you closer to your goals. Who else will it affect? Who will you let down? It's not just you it's affecting that's for sure!

    Focus comes from motivation, and from being sick and tired of failure!

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    Firstly don't feel too bad about it because it's something that most people struggle with.

    People don't take action, because we don't have big enough reasons to. People think they are lazy , but its just that they don't have compelling enough reasons to act.

    For example if I thought not taking action re my diet would simply mean not losing some weight, I may not bother to take action. If however I thought my inaction would mean that my right arm would be chopped off I would immediately take action and start dieting, no problem.

    So Write down all the fantastic things that will happen if you continue to take action and accomplish your goals, really feel how amazing it would feel.
    Write down what it will cost you to not follow through, once again feel the pain of failing and all that it would mean to you.

    Give yourself compelling reasons to act.
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    Is your niche social media? Perhaps it could be. If that's what you enjoy doing, find a way to monetize it.
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    • Profile picture of the author daviddifranco
      If I ever find myself getting distracted while I'm supposed to be working on something important, I simply quit my Twitter desktop app. Doing so makes that much of a difference in my focus.

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    It's all about motivation and focus. Everything has been said here but I had some motivation issues this week and I got myself working. (finally)

    It's a great idea to put what you want to get (a car, a phone, a house) and such at a place you can conveniently see. I use a notebook for my to-do list because it's too distracting to put on my phone. I always make sure to write what I the most important thing I want to get on the right side of the page. So that, whenever I open up my to-do list, I see the reason why I'm doing this in the first place. I also exercise because the most hardest thing to do for unmotivated lazy people is exercise. If you can pull this off, you can sure ass hell pull off the rest.
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    Turn all social media off. Put your phone in another room. There are also programs that block certain sites for a time limit that you set.

    But you should work on breaking this habit without the aid of a program. Keep your goal in the back of your head and remember what you're working towards. From there you wont even care about social media and all that other junk.
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    That's why is very important you work on a niche you have a passion on. so that you can spend more time doing what you love and at the end you still make money out of it. I closed all the tags/pages that are not needful at that moment. Lock myself inside and most times separate myself from others so i can be focus.
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    8 ways to prevent distractions :

    1. Make and post a list: There's no point in making a list if it ends up under all of your unopened mail at the end of the day. Post it right where you will see it every time you look up, answer the phone or turn to your computer. By keeping it within your field of sight you can also keep it top-of-mind.

    2. Shut your door: I know this seems like the opposite of good management practice. Aren't you supposed to be available to employees when they have a problem? Well, if you aren't focusing on your business they will definitely have a problem -- finding another job. Right now as an entrepreneur it's company first, employees second. And maybe if they can't reach you they will take some initiative and solve their own problems.

    3. Stand up when someone comes into your office: This means that your visitor can't sit down and most people will get tired of standing and leave when their business with you is done. If someone is particularly long-winded despite standing, come around your desk and walk them out the door and down the hall. Then excuse yourself and head back to your office.

    4. Limit outside attention grabbers: How often do you check email, Facebook, your cellphone? Do you take your own calls or leave that to a front-office person? Can potential suppliers get instant access to you when they walk in your office door? Every one of these is pulling you away from your main business. Schedule specific times to address these outside issues so that you have uninterrupted time to do your real job.

    5. Get to the bottom of procrastination: Putting something critical off may be a matter of emotion rather than distractions. Are you afraid that you don't have the skills to accomplish something important to your business? Do you feel that you don't have enough information to do a good job? Are you nervous about the next step after your current project? Really spend time with a pencil and paper looking at the reasons why you aren't tackling something and then figure out how to fix them.

    6. Take small bites: This is anti-procrastination advice but it's true whenever you have a hectic work day and don't seem to get to those large projects. If you get started, you can accomplish more than you think with an extra 15-20 minutes every now and then throughout the day. Don't wait for large blocks of time to get started or you may never get to it.

    7. Clear your desk: if you're ready to dive into a large project, clear your work area of other smaller duties. It's so easy to catch sight of something that will only take a couple of minutes and stop working on the big stuff to address the little things. Don't let visual distractions cost you important focused time.

    8. Just do it: Close your door, turn off your phone, clear your desk and get started. Put a sign outside your office door with something like, "If it's not bleeding, burning or quitting, tell me tomorrow." If you remove all excuses and distractions, you may actually accomplish some of your main business goals even sooner than you expect.
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  • Profile picture of the author minirich
    If it is just about getting distracted when you should do research.
    Then try this goolge crome plugin.
    It is configurable and you can limit the time you can spend on a specific site.
    So you can decide how long you spend on Facebook, Twitter, dig, Technorati or what ever is eating your time.

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  • Profile picture of the author namktqs
    I think you should think about what happen if you don't do it or lose it.That is bad feeling you must face. And for more easy with you is you need find the way that fit with you to do.One mindset is you should save your energy to do many things at the same time. So you can focus more if you follow that.
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  • Profile picture of the author Avocado Plugins
    The easy and feel-good answer for this would be "just stick with it and it will come to you" or "just believe in yourself and you will be able to focus" or "you are the only one that can make yourself focus" etc

    In reality the answer is this - nowadays it is extremely hard to focus. Most people are just like leafs in the wind. Never know where they want to go and what they want to do.

    The way to get real focus is to go through some emotional trauma. Yes. When this happens you become very introspective and only then are you able to find the reason WHY you want to do what you want to do.

    This on its turn brings in more motivation and with it more focus.

    Remember this - all the people on the top had to get bruised a bit to be where they are right now.

    Focus is not cheap and you have to earn it. People might disagree but I have experienced this personally so opinions mean nothing to me.

    Hope this helps.
    Let our lean, healthy and shredded WordPress Plugins make you more money... start here.
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  • Profile picture of the author JacobS
    Once in a while I remind myself that I could be doing anything in the world (working, reading a book, spending time with friends and family -- anything!) but I'm wasting time on facebook or reddit. That realization usually gets me away from social media for at least a few weeks.
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  • Profile picture of the author fsiegel
    This is a very common problem. Even for myself, there are times that I get too distracted by social media and other things that I don't get very productive. To avoid this, I try to allot certain times in a day for non work stuff. I close every non work related tabs/windows and focus on work and when I get too burned out, I go check non work related stuff.
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  • Profile picture of the author brucetracy
    I feel I have to totally shut off from one part of my online life (basically social media) so I can take action. This doesn't just apply to work but to be productive in general as well.
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  • Profile picture of the author RVS3
    Get LASER FOCUSED on your goals. If you aren't able to focus, its because you don't have something in your life that is compelling enough, fun enough, and adventurous enough to focus on.

    We need something that drives us. A Magnificent Obsession to work towards that gives us purpose and meaning.
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  • Profile picture of the author Awesomeinside
    There is a great video from Art Williams on youtube on taking action.

    Name of it: Art Williams: just do it... He says if you want to be successful you shall do it even if you are not "in the mood"

    Hope it helps!

    "Never, Never, Never Give Up" /Winston Churchill

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  • Profile picture of the author tobyjensen
    The common mistake that you and everyone is making on this thread is answering your question. There is a better question to ask instead of trying to get everyone to guess what motivation you need. Your question did that. Nobody did anything wrong - it is just a basic mistake.

    I believe your real question is, "Who will take a few minutes to get to know me so I can find what will really motivate me to produce results?" But can anybody REALLY help another. You may be surprised in my answer below that even though completely written for someone else can be easily adapted to what you need.


    Getting started is the hardest part?

    They say getting started is the hardest part. What are your best tips to start taking action?

    Do what you really want to in a way that is comfortable. Interesting, invigorating, fascinating, supportive, relaxing, enjoyable all equal comfortable. I simply can't stress this enough. Work sucks. Turn work into play by doing what you really want to do. There are so many ways to exercise and physical things to do.

    This is probably one of the most profound insights I've ever found in motivation. People are already motivated (or you would be dead) is another way to look at it.

    Questions are your most powerful tool. These are questions you ask yourself not necessarily of others.

    On one end: Where do you want to be? How do you want to get there? Get a plan that will work. On the other end: what is it costing you? How does it hurt? Involve both sides to motivation (pleasure and pain) in a constructive, healthy, responsible, and appropriate way. Finding this pleasure/pain balance for yourself is the most tricky part.

    Some people like to work out by themselves while others see that as torture and pain. Maybe just making a commitment to show up to the front desk of a gym would be enough that you could do? Then have the front desk clerk learn to recognize you and entice you into the gym or have your trainer come get you. I don't really know here because I don't know you but I think you get the idea. I am just picking out random things to illustrate different points.

    Aside from working out is eating healthy. That seems to be about 90% of losing weight if this is part of what you want. This is a completely different thing. If losing weight is more important than getting in shape then just forget about exercise for now. Truly. Just forget it. Focus everything on enjoying some kind of healthy food. Learn to cook naked in the kitchen with your girlfriend? I have no idea. Wait, that is a bad idea because of hot splashes. (Are you getting the idea here?) Find something that interests you.

    As far as goals in general: you have to tie rewards to the level of goal you achieve.

    A small goal = a small reward

    A medium goal = a medium reward

    A large goal = a large reward

    Too large a reward for a small goal means, "You are done" to yourself. Too small a reward for a large goal means, "You won't ever make it" to yourself. Take care of yourself.

    Now look at what is getting in your way. Embarrassment? Lack of friends? Depression? Money? Boredom? Opportunity? (too busy) What is it? This is the introspective look at getting in shape. These are the road blocks. Here is a short little cartoon that can get you started here>
    What gets you out of bed in the morning on the weekends? I suggest using some version of that to get started. Then, why do you finally go to bed on the weekends? And add that as well. Trust me, eventually if you keep tinkering around to find how you are already motivated you will find it. This is the key. Once you find this you can turn up the volume (leverage). Without knowing how you are already motivated turning up the volume by trying to motivate yourself is a waste of time. So many wonderfully interesting ways to get into shape. Have some fun. Try different things. When it clicks and you hit home - gold. You never go back. You are in shape and enjoy it.

    Toby Jensen - Invest in what works this time

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    • Profile picture of the author edham
      For the facebook stuff:

      I've struggled with social media surfing before too, i was mindlessly scrolling down just to see every mundane thing my so called "facebook friends" were posting. If you really think about it, you only care about 10% of them, and their posts. So why u bother checking every bulls*t video or random stuff others posting? It made no sense to me, so I did 2 things :

      1. Insalled the plugin called News Feed Eradicator. Yea, it hides your news feed and give you some motivational quotes to get your shit done. Of course you can still reach your news feed from your smartphone, maybe you can use it to reward yourself.
      2. Made a group on facebook called "close friends". That way, I can reach their new posts,videos,photos etc. without searching for them one by one. You will see how many new stuff they did in the left column.

      So now I don't have the urge now to mindlessly scroll on facebook (i still do sometimes from my phone, but i think thats okay), but I can still get to know about my friends if I want to.
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