Are you thinking too positive to the point that nothing is happening with your life?

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This happens to most people,
especially those who label themselves
"optimistic" (me included).

There's a bit of misconception when it
comes to saying "think positive"...
This makes other people push aside
the negative to stay "in the flow"...
however, we aren't created for this kind of thinking.

I have nothing against LoA... If you use it
in the right way, you'll reap your rewards.

I mean, Dude, wake up. LoA isn't about
having to be "in denial". Instead of just being
optimistic by thinking positive and say
"everything's gonna be alright" and expect
the universe to just align that to you
just because you thought about it, you need
to react or act positively.

Again: Don't just think positive, react positively.

For instance, when something bad happens,
most people who are doing LoA the wrong way
would say to themselves "Stop thinking about it,
it might worsen.."

My suggestion is to face that problem and acknowledge it in its face value
and instead of just saying "it's gonna be alright" or any similar
positive self talk, say "everything may not turn out fine,
I'm stuck, we're broke, but I can do this".

It's not enough to say "everything's gonna be fine" because it may not be.
This kind of positive self talk may just cause you to be lenient
with your progress. What I labeled the "weaker" way may work for others, but for those
who aren't successful with LoA, then this might be the
missing secret sauce.

1. Wake up and acknowledge your problems in its face value. Be true to your self.
2. Remember that circumstances may be negative, but you are not.
3. Conquer them all without fear because you know that you can do it.

I know it sounds a bit confusing.
Hope you get my point.
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    if you live in a part of the country that gets hit by tornado.

    build a tornado shelter ..and have enough insurance to replace your house in case of disaster .

    if you put a happy face sticker on your fuel gauge it's the wrong kind of positive thinking .

    before my diagnosis and understanding of bi polar disorder ..i swung from the deepest of negative thinking and made my biggest mistakes or at least the most expensive ones when i went manic positive ...

    typicly if i am thinking positive i am probably about to make a costly mistake unless it is built on methodical preparation..and the positivity is a sign of real progress .

    but if i have to get hyped up and motivated ..not so good
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    You either react to life or life reacts to you.

    Sound learning, definite planning, and proactive (not reactive) action is the way to success.

    I do get your point, but what you explained isn't positive thinking, it's called procrastination. Positive thinking by definition means thoughts that lead to a positive or beneficial change in your life.

    Visit for proven advice and techniques to elevate your mind, body, and self-image.

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    Very good post! A lot of people forget about the action part of LoA. lol You would think its common sense but i guess not.
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